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Title: The Dare Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
I rather think Legolas would look hot in a tiny mini-skirt. d;-)

I am sure you can write the fic, just don't post it as a response to the challenge. Challenges make me want to faceplant the keyboard, to be honest. They are like demands, especially if it is stated 'No slash, no sex, no NC17.' Sorry? You want us to write this for you, for nothing, and then stipulate what you won't allow? WTF? O_O Ha.Ha.Ha. Ummmm....No.
If people truly want a fic with certain parameters, they will write it themselves. I've only written to spec twice, for a fandom auction, but the bidders read my work and know what I will write :)

Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, I don't know this, but it sounds a lot different to the usual crossovers.

Author's Response: Legolas would so look hot in a tiny mini-skirt! (Although white isn't his colour according to my friend, Beregond5! ;)) I just randomly wandered into the challenge section at some point gone midnight. Never a good idea, some plot bunnies are vicious and the protest "I need to go to bed," doesn't work with them. Thanks for your advice! hugs I know I can always rely on you for down-to-earth straight-talking advice! Krod etc. is a really good comedy that was on the BBC sometime last year, or possibly the year before. It was a sort of spoof of general fantasy adventures and basically had an inept hero trying to save the land. For the crossover it should be quite amusing and fun to write. (Quite easy as well, surprisingly, although I have to make Legolas into a bit of a slut (It's for comedy purposes, I'm sorry Legolas!)).
Date: 19/03/11 - 02:10 am [Report This]
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