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Reviewer: Lady Leia Signed [Report This]
Date: 26/10/11 - 11:01 pm Title: 31 A Job Well Done

I am not quite sure what to make of Orthorien. Something tells me not to trust him and think him "bad" but I guess I'll have to wait. I also wonder what was in Feredir's past that he knows him. I could imagine competing for the same elleth, since both are quite the charmers.

I think it a very happy thing that many different people see that Feredir feels for Terrwyn. Maybe they can convince him to see it himself. I really, really love that he said not ot going back to the border and rather would like to sta with Terrwyn until she is released, for good or bad, that remains to be seen.

Author's Response: Orthorien is sly like a fox. Some people like that and some don't, but he enjoys the chase. Feredir is still coming around. He is very fortunate to have such an understanding Captain. Glandur has always been very fair. I think Ter will be surprised to see Fer again.

Reviewer: Sakuras Signed [Report This]
Date: 22/10/11 - 12:17 am Title: 30 The Injured Traveler

The new elf should get better and out of the healing house before Feredir gets back from the borders. Or there will be some serious tension. :-)

I like the maternal concern of Limil for Terrwyn. It is very sweet.

Author's Response: Well, Feredir will not be too happy that's for sure. Oh, and I've got another pic to send you. I think it is the best Feredir yet. Thanks again.

Reviewer: Melusine Signed [Report This]
Date: 20/10/11 - 09:13 pm Title: 29 Found

Terrwyn and Feredir's relationship is coming along nicely. Glad he found the butterfly for her. That should go a long way to take it even further. I know better than to think it's going to go smoothly however.

Author's Response: You know how it is. Love is never easy.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed [Report This]
Date: 18/10/11 - 07:13 pm Title: 29 Found

Wow what an amazing chapter! So much to love. I adore the healer and his wife. Isn’t Limil the auntie every girl needs? I can so see why Curuven loves her. It is beautiful the way the way Terr and Limil have the heart to heart talk. So much now becomes clear about Feredir. Adolescence is difficult at times for any child, let alone one with a condition, if it can be called that, which sets them apart and cannot be hidden.

I love the way they long for each other, doubt themselves, doubt each other. Oh dear! Feredir’s dream is so subtly hot. I adore your het love scenes. Ok and also your het smut!

Feredir is so funny, waking and wondering if anyone heard him say he loved her. Typical man at this point, be he human or elf.

Author's Response: Curuven and Limil are madly in love aren't they? And Limil is just the kind of person Terrwyn needs at this point. I'm so glad Fer and Ter come across this way. They have many faults right now but that longing is always just below the surface. Ah, Feredir, what more can we say about him. He's aloof at times, considerate at others. Whether he's being stubborn or showing his vulnerability, he's always sexy. Gotta love him.

Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed [Report This]
Date: 18/10/11 - 06:32 am Title: 29 Found

This was a nice chapter. Light and hopeful. Fun...Ah, stimulating! lol
Curuven and Limil are great. They add humor and a lightheartedness to the story.
I can't wait to find out what happens in the next several chapters!

Author's Response: Curuven and Limil are fun to write for. That scene was inspired by my husband and I making chili sauce. 16 years of marriage and I just found out that he doesn't know what a simmer is. Oh well, I guess I'll still keep him, LOL.

Reviewer: Lady Leia Signed [Report This]
Date: 17/10/11 - 10:34 pm Title: 29 Found

Hello there,
wonderful chapter. Atleast now both admitted that they love the other, now they only have to confess to each other and somehow I have the feeling that the butterfly will play a part in that. I know it is always said that elves are very perceptive, as are Limil and Curuven but maybe Feredir's human half is strong in this, as he didn't see Terr's love for him as the others did.
I will patiently wait where the butterfly will journey now

Author's Response: Hi Leia. I think you bring up a good point about Feredir's strong human side. It does seem to interfere with his elvish intuition sometimes and it probably did so here with Terrwyn, along with his arrogant pride. Nice insight! I'm glad you are ready to wait patiently . . . that's all I'm sayin'. lol

Reviewer: Lisse Signed [Report This]
Date: 15/10/11 - 03:39 pm Title: 28 Cooks and Books

You know I hate to mirror Duchess comments but the description of the vase and esp the desk, beautiful. I can see everything. Also, I liked the way Terr and Fer are beginning to admit their feelings for each other in a round about way, their hands touching until the tips of their fingers finally part as he leaves to do the Captain's bidding. Btw, never get tired of Captain Glandur!

Another brilliant chapter from an outstanding author! I am always impatient for what you will come up with next.

Author's Response: I think the touch of their fingertips might have been their first real genuine feelings, you know the ones outside of lust and need. And what more can we say about Captain Glandur. He is one of a kind.

Reviewer: Sakuras Signed [Report This]
Date: 13/10/11 - 10:29 pm Title: 28 Cooks and Books

I can't believe this, my internet was down for some time and there are five more chapters! Thank you so much.
As for the main characters - they've just managed to get along and now they are separated. You are quite a tease.
And finally, what became of Terrwyn brother, I wonder?

Author's Response: Good to hear from you again. Yes, I like to make sure I update regularly. Glad your internet is back. I don't know what I'd do if I lost mine for a long period of time. Well, don't worry about these two. Good things are on the way and I promise not to tease much longer. Well, maybe just a little more.

Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed [Report This]
Date: 13/10/11 - 04:11 am Title: 28 Cooks and Books

For some reason, Limil reminds me of Geillis Duncan. I mean, without all the scheming! Maybe it's just that part where she makes casual conversation about the vase and then invites her into her own personal room. I like her though, Limil, not Geilis, and enjoyed her story. I love those little tidbits about supporting characters. I bet she's got lots of stories to tell!!lol
Your description of the vase is wonderful. Very, sort of elvish in it's description. I can actually see it.
Your descriptions of the upstairs rooms and Limil's study are very straight forward. I do like the way you told us about what her desk looked like. Very imaginative. But, my point is, yes, it's straight forward, but it also tells us alot about Limil and Curuven. It's character description, showing through telling, not just setting the scene. I think you've said before you don't like setting the scene or find it difficult or something to that effect, but that's why it is important to do so. Yes, you're right, the scene, in this case, does become the characters.
You've built up the tension right at the begining of this chapter so that we're compelled to keep reading!
Okay, so you know all this talk about elves... I always roll my eyes and groan at the hard core elf lovers. Really, I just don't get it (to each their own though!)... But! You write almost solely about elves and yet, I read your stuff almost exclusively. Not because it's about elves, but because there's something about the way you tell a story, or... how fertile your imagination compelling your characters are...your ability to hook me into the story...your understanding or romance or passion (the practical or otherwise)... your story development... the way you're able to convey stories about the human condition, that indefinable whatever that makes me want to read what you write. If I didn't think your stories were good, or if I started to read them and they bored me, frankly, I wouldn't take the time to read them.
I think maybe that's what separates your work from those of other writers of elvish romanance, be they het or slash. That you do the best work you can while still maintaining your perspective, not taking yourself too seriously. You're broad minded. You see the big picture and where you fit into it. Others may be better writers or have a better understanding of technique, but what they produce is sooooo boring, so uncompelling, and so lacking of understanding of the human condition (too philosphical) that I'd rather read the ingredient list on a can of soup. Just fricking entertain me for 15 mins! You always do that!

Author's Response: I don't know what else to say except thanks for all of you kind and encouraging words. OK, so I'm one of the elf lovers. The first step is admitting you have an obsession, LOL. But I've read so many fanfics about elves that are so generic, just pointing out the obvious facts. I already know all of that and I don't want to read or write about it. What I want to do is create a world where my own characters have their own lives, loves and tribulations. Anyone that knows LOTR or elves or anything else will know the rules. I'm here to show the stories that haven't been told. So I play in Tolkiens world while I do it. It's fun. It pushes me to think up my own timelines and plots. And though they are elves, they still need to act in a way that people can relate to. I'm just glad you have an interest in my stories. Your reviews, your suggestions and all the things you point out help me so much to make sure I'm staying on track and know that I'm still entertaining.

Reviewer: Lady Leia Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/10/11 - 08:28 pm Title: 28 Cooks and Books

Hello, I'm back again.
It is very sad that those two have to part for a short time.
But right now I want to be Terrwyn. I want to have access to such a library, too. I am such a bookworm.
*makes a turn back to the story* I only hope now that those information gatherers found at least something for the elves to work with because 1 Terrwyn deserves it and 2 I need happy ends =)

Author's Response: I like to imagine the things Limil must know and write about, being she has lived for so long and seen so much. Terrwyn is very lucky. And Feredir will get a dose of 'don't know what you've got til it's gone' while he's away.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/10/11 - 03:01 pm Title: 27 In Dreams

Wow that last paragraph shows Fer’s anguish so clearly. Of course he would be jealous of someone Terr thought was the epitome of elvishness. I bet she would rather have Fer than the elf from her childhood, beautiful, dark haired, silver eyed Fer! But damn what’s wrong that he would not take her? I know, I know he didn’t want to take advantage when she was so vulnerable and under the influence of Limil’s tea. And To the reader who was impatient as she mentioned in her review, get used to it. Our L8 likes to string us and her characters along. If it were me writing this Terr would have had a fling with Tad, the Rohan hottie back in the opening chapters and run away with him. Then we would not have had a story. Isn’t L8 a wonderful tease then? I’ve learned the wait is well worth it. Just keep writing for us.

Author's Response: Thank you my friend. Your support means everything to me. Well, Fer tends to not have much patience, esp. if someone is aiming a weapon at him, lol. But he picked the most inopportune time to start learning the trait. However, it will drive him to become the elf he's always wanted to be as well as the elf Terrwyn has longed to know.

Reviewer: Lady Leia Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/10/11 - 02:38 pm Title: 27 In Dreams

Those two. They always get so close and then one of them pulls back. In moments like this I am not a very patient person.
I like the idea of Feredir being Terr's personal hero. I believe he already is in a way, and deep down inside both of them know it. But we all know, realizations can take a long time to hit someone.

Author's Response: LOL. I know, that is one of the things I hear a lot of in most of my stories, but like Lisse says, the payoff will be worth the wait. I think Fer strives to be the hero in anything he does, but never for a woman before. And again, he feels the need to prove himself. That part of his personality is strong and maybe Terrwyn is the one who will even him out.

Reviewer: Farawein Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/10/11 - 07:51 am Title: 27 In Dreams

oh pretty please with a cherry on top continue. I love this story

Author's Response: As always, there will be more to come. Thanks!

Reviewer: Lisse Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/10/11 - 08:28 pm Title: 26 The Healer's Wife

Feredir continues to be kinder, and I know how it disturbs him. The healer’s wife is a lovely character. I am really enjoying this, and will miss it when it is done.

Author's Response: Feredir is fighting it, but will give in. Limil is good for Terrwyn, a motherly figure of sorts and very wise. No wonder Curuven is so madly in love with her. They seem to set a good example for Fer and Ter, love just starting and love that has had years to mature.

Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/10/11 - 06:33 am Title: 26 The Healer's Wife

No doubt about it, I can actually feel the tension there between Fer and Terr. It's electric, crackling.
The banter between the Master and Limil was great. They're like an old married couple, bickering, and nagging each other, but it's all for show. You can see that they are still in love after all these years.
Fer isn't a complete a-hole. There is some bit of gallantry to him. There's something sexy about a man chopping wood too. I don't know what it is, though. The conquoring of nature? I'm not sure, but I liked the image of Fer's sexiness, rawness, sheer power or strength (?) that I don't see written in elves much.
I really do like your more progressive view (again, progressive here is forward thinking and not the liberal progresive-ism that's normally associated with the word) of Middle earth in the Fourth Age. It is a different world, a different time, with lots of changes... for some reason it makes me think of the Enlightenment.
Lots of other things I liked, good similies, and oh! I like that part where they're discussing his scars and he pauses and says, Ex lovers! LOL We haven't see much of his playful side. He has a sense of humor!! And he gave her a pet name. You don't do that to someone you don't care about!
Terrwyn is so stoic. She has a heavy cross to bear for one so young.
I wonder if the Master and his wife will play any sort of role in Terr's life once she has to return to Rohan.
Sorry about my earlier rambling email... I had all day to think about it while I was working.

Author's Response: Curuven and Limil are fun to write for. They just seem to have this romance that never stopped, and the bickering is never serious of course. As for a man chopping wood, it's not hard to figure out what's so sexy about it. Iron muscles moving beneath smooth skin, definitely strength and wanting to know just what it would feel like to be surrounded by all that power. I could keep going on but then I'll end up taking a cold shower, lol. I'm glad you like what I'm doing with Middle-earth as a look into it's future. I don't want to veer too far off track and some of the things you mentioned in your email made me think. I knew you would be a wealth of information and it was a big help so thank you thank you. Feredir is finally relaxing some and we are just now beginning to see different sides of him. He's proud of all of his accomplishments, and I do mean all. Ter is finally beginning to worm her way into his heart, but don't tell him that. He'll just deny it.

Reviewer: Lady Leia Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/10/11 - 12:11 am Title: 26 The Healer's Wife

Hello there!
I am still following, I am always waiting for something new about Terrwyn and Feredir.
I liked Terrwyn's typical behaviour to work herself to exhaustion only to (unintentionally) bring out Feredir's caring side. I hope he will at least visit her while he has free time and she is healing.
I also like Limil and Curuven. They are so sweet together and so nice to Terrwyn as if she was the child they never had (seems to me like that).
On to the next one, if only for me =)

Author's Response: Always good to hear from you Lady Leia. Ter does seem to be just as stubborn as Fer at times. I guess that's what draws them to each other to a point. Of course, it couldn't have anything to do with a sexy shirtless elf, lol. More to come as usual and thanks for your kind reviews.

Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed [Report This]
Date: 29/09/11 - 04:03 am Title: 25 Punishment

Channeling your inner Diana Gabaldon, I see! I don't know what your talking about in the way of descriptions. You've got some great ones here. son of an orc, Terrwyn looking very dwarf like holding the ax, winded chatterbox
That whole bit about the horses and the elves and Rohan was lovely. Almost poetic.
These two sentences:For a moment, the two countries mingled together within their stare, grass plains and lush forests, the smell of open dry air and humid forest decay. They were two very different places, but both with the same feel of home.
They are wonderful! Perfect showing, wonderful description. I smell the plains of Rohan and the deep heart of the woods with the layers of leaves and damp dirt. What is it that's said about smell? It's the best trigger for memory. Smell always conjures a picture with it, so it's great for descriptions.
The tension here, their relationship, their behavior, is all very believable, very real. They feel like real people. Fully developed.
Usually the men are the pig headed ones, but Terrwyn is kind of pig headed herself.
That part where Fer comforts the baby and we see that other side of him...that tender compassionate side pulls at a girls heart! Makes me feel tenderness in return for him. That's what makes him well rounded and therefore I can't help but fall in love with him too. Which is, after all, the point of a reading a romance.
Reading your updates it always the highlight of my day!!

Author's Response: I can't thank you enough for turning me on to DG. I've been slow in finishing her book because I've been using my spare time to write. But whenever I need a break or can't write, I read her and she inspires me so much. I understand what you are saying about Fer showing his compassionate side and making the reader swoon. That's how I feel about Jamie. Fer is trying, though he's not good at it yet. He wants to give in to Ter, but like you said, she is bullheaded too and not making it easy on him. I'm glad you liked my descriptions here. It's what I try to do, though I don't think I do it as often as I like. Every once in a while, something strikes me. It's great having you along for the journey and I look forward to your reviews as much as you do with my updates.

Reviewer: Lady Leia Signed [Report This]
Date: 28/09/11 - 11:03 pm Title: 25 Punishment

Yay, a new chapter, and a nice one at that.
Well, I have to say, Feredir is kind of an idiot, but we all knew that already. Can't they be nice to each other for one whole day?
Maybe they figure out that they belong together before she has to go back to Rohan (if she ever has to)
But to be honest, I don't think their relationship would have fire if there weren't these little banters.

Author's Response: I like conflict for a build up. I've always liked reading it and enjoy writing it too. It does seem to add to the fire and makes the pay off that much more enjoyable.

Reviewer: Melusine Signed [Report This]
Date: 26/09/11 - 06:30 am Title: 24 One Last Fling

Geeze, take some time for workshops and a knitting frenzy and here I am behind again on my reading. Anyway, interesting developments. Terrwyn and Feredir seem like a good match, but I'm sure it will be a long hard road yet.

Author's Response: Hey Mel. Long time no see. Looks like you've been busy. Yes, the story is moving along. Fer and Ter are getting their act together even though they are taking the long way. More to come as usual.

Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed [Report This]
Date: 24/09/11 - 07:08 am Title: 24 One Last Fling

OMG! This chapter was fabulous! It was like a little love story within the love story. Not to toot my own horn, but I thought I was good at making up good supporting characters, but you're easily just as good! It amazes me how these secondary characters just evolve and develop on their own.

Feona is such an easily likeable, sympathetic character. The first time we met her, I don't want to say she wasn't likeable... but, hell! she was sleeping with the hero! She made me jealous and sort of uncomfortably wiggly in the backbone for Terrwyn! Feona is a very complicated person who has had alot of disappointment in her life, but she is very strong, resilient, not willing to mope about and feel sorry for herself, doesn't want other's pity. Her story is great! I would like to know more about her!

When she was telling the story about the man she loved and lost, i thought for a second it might be Rosloch. I totally didn't expect it to be Eomer and just about fell out of the chair when I read that! Although, I can see Eomer doing this kind of thing! lol It made me feel very sad for Fe and gave me that pang in the heart. Maybe that's because starcrossed love or whatever you want to call it is the hardest to accept. You know what I mean...that you can love someone and know that they care for you in return, but it can never be. Eomer does strike me as the duty before all else kind of guy.
I felt like you were writing that part just for me! lol But that's what a good writer does! Makes the reader feel like you're writing directly for or to me.

You draw our attention once again to Feredir's age. He's young--reckless, and impetuous. Sexy! He's got those rough, jagged edges but there's a tenderness to him too, in that masculine kind of way. Women are expected to be tender and loving, but is there anything that makes a girl's heart flutter more than a man in a moment of vulnerablity? Especially when that man is in bed, naked, right, yeah...
If more elves were written in the way you write Feredir,troubled, brooding, edgy, sexy, dark, imperfect, I might be able to stomach reading more elf stories.
At first, I was wondering what relevance this chapter might have to further the story. I was a little worried--if only slightly, mind you since I know you don't do this--that this might be going no where. But it was an interesting and unexpected way to move along the Fer/Terr love story. (Would they be called Ferrwyn?)How often do you get to read about he Hero's lover telling the Hero that he's in love with the Heroine?
I really liked the chapter alot. So much layered tension, so many emotions, heartache, angst, regret. Feelings that were real and relatable. Each sentence made me want to read the next and the next. I was sad to see it end!

Author's Response: I wanted to show a bit of Feredir's life before Terrwyn and even during his realization of his feelings for her. Of course there were other women and Feona just happened to be his current one. She's not the type to steal someone's man, she has plenty of her own lovers. But she did feel a special connection to Fer. I really like Feona and she definitely has a story to tell. I think hers will be my next project. I'd like to go deeper into her life, esp. with Eomer. No worries though, she will find someone she's meant to be with. Thanks for your nice comments about my elves. I was just telling a friend of mine that this is my idea of new elves in a new age. They are influenced more by men and being that Fer is half man himself, there is even more grit and brawn. They are not perfect and make plenty of mistakes, maybe don't even live by the same rules anymore. It's almost like they are removed from the ancient elves, evolved into something a little more compatible with the times. Of course this is just my own personal outlook on it. Others may not agree, but this is how I make them more believable.

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