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Title: Drag me to Hellsing Reviewer: Irial Signed
Hello again Melda! It's been a LONG time I know! Anyways, just wanted to let you know I've thoroughly enjoyed the previous few chapters, especially seeing Gandalf get into trouble over not closing those portals!! Also props to you for picking Hellsing! I only just finished watching this so had to laugh when I saw Alucard's name pop up haha.

Anyway, thankyou for continuing to entertain absent folks like me! ~ Iri
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Title: The Key to everything lies within the chamber pot Reviewer: Irial Signed
Aaah never a chapter passes without mishaps that results in unending hilarity! ~ Iri

Author's Response: I do my best, my dear, I do my best. After all, wasn't it Yoda that said 'There is no try, there is only do.'? Don't tell Marie that I just quoted Star Wars. She hates that trilogy with a deep and unending passion...something like her feelings for vampires that sparkle or Justin Beiber.
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Title: One head is better than none Reviewer: Irial Signed
What awaits them? Why I'd guess a little bit of everything! Wonderful thus far my dear Melda I applaud you ~ Iri

Author's Response: Thank you! I bow to your applause and you must know how much this means to me! It's good to have you reading again.
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Title: It's Fine Dining With The Best! Reviewer: Irial Signed
Jack probably nicked one of those bottomless pit bags from someone from Hogwarts (you know the one Hermione carries around?) and filled it with bottles of rum from every single canon he encountered. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it! Another hilarious albeit short chapter! ~ Iri

Author's Response: That is an excellent theory!
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Title: We're going to The Picture Show! Reviewer: Irial Signed
Oh good gosh! Is Snape going to survive these places? I thought some of the worlds they visited last time would surely give him a heart attack. Now he's in the Rocky Horror Picture Show? That couldn't possibly end well!!

Author's Response: I know. Just wait until you read the rest of the chapters with the Dr.Frank-N-Furtur mixed to wreak all kinds of havok upon Snape's poor existence.
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Title: Nothing bad EVER happens on a pirate ship! Reviewer: Irial Signed
Hello again! *sings* I know where they're going!! I'm glad to have found this, it's been forever since I've been online but I really enjoyed Part 1 of this. So glad there's a lot uploaded I'm looking forward to hours of entertainment! ~ Iri

Author's Response: Hi! :D Missed you, Iri. I am so glad that you are so engaged in the series. It really makes my day. And I hope I follow through on the hours of entertainment.
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Title: Simbarella, Simbarella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to maul a fella Reviewer: Elena Forester Signed
Hehe. I want to stab things now. P.S. How come you get a lioness and a turtle and I don't get to have a tiger named Benji? BTW I wanna hear the end of that story about the FBI and the shopping cart. I'll bet it involves Tortuga :)

Author's Response: You will hear that story soon. As in as soon as I get finished with Number Two and move on to Number Three
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Title: We Support Safe Innuendos! Reviewer: Elena Forester Signed
Haha No promises but I'll try to draw you something!

Author's Response: I can always count on you, E- <3
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Title: Sporks Are Put to Better Use in This Chapter Reviewer: Elena Forester Signed
Lol don't give him ideas, Mephistophelees. And Beezel, be nice! Furthermore, why was only Prego sauce used? What about Ragu? Rinaldi? Or even generic?

Author's Response: Because I could only remember the name of Prego.
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Title: Demon Pox, Star Wars and other dreadfully uncomfortable things Reviewer: Merciful_Faelwen Signed
Continue posting please!

Author's Response: Of course. :D I'm posting another chapter tonight due to E-'s badgering.
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Title: BEHOLD! And we bring unto you a great joy! MARIE IS FOUND! Reviewer: Elena Forester Signed

Author's Response: You freaking should be. *Grumbles goodnaturedly*
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Title: Marie, myself, and I Reviewer: silvermoonwolf Signed

Author's Response: Happy you like it! Thanks for the review. :D
Date: Feb 04 2012 10:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Marie, myself, and I Reviewer: Elena Forester Signed
Woohoo! Go Melda! :) Thank you for the new chapter, and I gotta love my part in the disclaimer! Yes, I did get an account. You left yourself logged in on my computer, so I could've wreaked havoc, but it seemed unethical...

Author's Response: I love you. :D I'm glad that no havoc was wreaked. And I'm proud that you decided to make an account. Now you don't have to review from afar!
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Title: Wham! Bam! Punch! Onomatpoeia! Random slow-mo Fighting sequence! Reviewer: silvermoonwolf Signed

Author's Response: Happy that you like it. I suppose that this turns it into a series, now. :D
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Title: Welcome to the Madness, Mr.Anderson Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Hihi, more hostile tensions! After this they all probably need some time off from each other ;-) Or Alucard will kill Edward, Jack will kill Austin, Ellie might kill Alucard out of self defence, Gimli will break down and have a screaming fit because of his concern for Marie, Gandalf will die of a headache and the hobbits will watch it all eating popcorn or something...
Anyway, loved this chapter, "Three points make a plane", honestly ;-) ... and I am just studying graph theory in university ;-)
Also liked the Agent Smith / Elrond confusion at the beginning. It's really strange to try and reconcile those two personae...

Author's Response: Exactly! And they were practically filmed at the same time, too. Which makes it even weirder. It's just like the fact that the greatest wizard of all time played one of the most amazing villains of all I'm a big nerd...
Date: Jan 24 2012 10:55 am [Report This]
Title: Judas Priest! Reviewer: Massanie Signed
He is not creepy ... he's being ... well, something different, not exactly charming, but ... uhm ...
Anyway, I had the sudden image of them landing right in front of Count von Krolock's castle (from The Fearless Vampire Killers). Herbert and Abronsius would sooo fit into the general madness of this story. And I certainly don't mean that as an insult ;-). But for now I'm glad that the canons entwine more tightly now with the open portals. I think it's a good chance to deepen the interactions between the characters. That would be really nice, especially for someone like me who is not so familiar with many of the canons. And I can completely understand your wish to further this series, though I also hope you'll be continuing your work on the story with Nimwen and Haldir. Nice chapter and whatever you choose: have fun writing! ~ Massanie ~

Author's Response: It has been a while since I wrote a chapter for Nim and Haldir, hasn't it? Hmmmm...I think I'll write another one just for you! :D Anywho, thanks for your continuously unending support!
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Title: Drag me to Hellsing Reviewer: Massanie Signed
"My wife [...] completely insane"
The funny thing - besides it being true - is: she would not even take offense!

And dare I say it: I always found that sparkling thing ridiculous! Wonder when Edward and Alucard are going for each other's jugular (nice saying, when referring to vampires :D ). Hope Alucard wins, I dislike Edward ... sparkling vampires, honestly!

Author's Response: You're right! She'd probably see it as a compliment. And personally, I despise Twilight and all related paraphranelia with my entire being. Alucard is the VAMP! He's definitly going to be at odds with Edward for a while, especially since burning or tearing him apart won't work like it would for our /dear/ Mr.Cullen.
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Title: Our destination is Perilous Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Ooops ... well, they cannot expect Gandalf to simply know things like that ;-)
So basically there is a whole portal-SYSTEM between a dozen canons? Sounds like fun :D

And don't worry about the reviews, most readers are mostly lazy: I was, too, until I noticed how much a review means to an author when I started posting myself...
I really like this story, it's different than everything else, you know; and the read count tells you that it is indeed read by many people, doesn't it?
So take heart and continue writing, at least for yourself ... and me!

Author's Response: Thanks for the pep talk Massanie! :D I really needed that. I'm glad you think that the story is so unique. On that note, I'm planning a third installment. It's going to be a shorter sort of story, maybe not even twenty chapters, about the time that Marie and Gimli spent together before they were married. It's going to be called Gimli Meets the Parants. I can't wait to write that one, too.
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Title: The Apocolyptic consequences of the demise of Fandom Reviewer: Massanie Signed
That's someone taking her duties seriously: 'My best friend is missing! She's not going to be able to deliver the mail!!!' ... But they are making progress now at least.
Nice chapter! And once again: I like the chapter comments ;-)

Author's Response: Thanks again for your lovely support, however, you seem to be my only reviewer so far...hmmm. I wonder where everyone else went..? I now have the next chapter up and I'm getting ready to post the thirteenth.
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Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes.... Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Awwww ... I *do* care, and I *did* come! ;-)

Great chapter, it just so happened that I was listening to "The Rum Tum Tugger", while reading this ... some coincidences... had a nice effect to read about Mistoffelees here while hearing him sing "the Rum Tum Tugger is a terrible bore" :D

But I really hope they find Marie soon (poor Gimli and Marie), though I guess there are worse canons to be in than The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I would have nothing against being stuck there for some time, you know? Quite interesting. Hmmm, actually the league has some parallels to Marie's group of canon characters, I mean they *are* a collection of famous novel characters, too, after all.

I am slightly confused about Ryuk though, I gather he *is* real after all? No hallucinations? God, I'm starting to think I should read up on some of those I do not know...

Author's Response: Ryuk is a shinigami (a god of death) and only someone who touches the Death Note (aka the black notebook that Snape picked up) can see him. The others can't see Ryuk, so they think he has an 'imaginary friend'. It would be helpful for you, I suppose to google the cannons that you don't know. And you're right about the League! I would love to spend some time stuck there as well, it's a cool place to land. Marie was pretty lucky (despite Snape always griping about her bad luck) to have ended up there. :D It's pretty awesome that you were listening to that song. I <3 CATS.
Date: Jan 12 2012 09:29 pm [Report This]
Title: Noted Insanity Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Nice chapter! Though I must admit that I don't know L, Near and Mello and thus it was a little bit confusing...

Shouldn't Snape know better though than to sniff at fumes as a potions master? I mean it's basically the first rule one learns in chemistry ... he should be sooo embarrassed! ;-) I'd never stop teasing him, he's so much fun when angry!

Author's Response: Oh, I guess you've never heard of Death Note... And yes, he's very fun when he's angry. Just ask Frank or Marie. They have some Snape stories that would have you rolling on the floor for hours. :D
Date: Jan 11 2012 08:33 pm [Report This]
Title: The Key to everything lies within the chamber pot Reviewer: Massanie Signed
You know, I *love* Snape. Honestly that acid personality and dry humor ...

And thanks for letting Caspian where he belongs! That way Snape doesn't have to become a murderer (I have no doubt that he would have killed him some time in the near future. That prince is just too damn Griffindorish!)

And I pity Gandalf with his seasickness: I suddenly remembered that one can only travel from Valinor to Middle Earth (and back) by ship. That would have been a horrible journey for him, both ways...

Author's Response: Yeah, Snape would've ended up exploding in Caspian's face sooner or later...and yes, I'd imagine that Gandalf would have terrible time of it when it came to sailing to and from Valinor. Hopefully next time he'll remember to bring his pills!
Date: Jan 11 2012 08:10 pm [Report This]
Title: Ocean or not an Ocean...Hobbit feet or not Hobbit feet...that is the question! Reviewer: Massanie Signed
poor Snape...

But Caspian? Hmmm. I didn't read the books nor watched that movie - the four siblings really got on my nerves. And with Caspian I somehow achieved that effect only by watching the trailer.
I hope they don't take him along...

Author's Response: Yes, poor Snape. He just has such a hard time expressing his feelings in a positive way. Oh, and I'm not much for the Pevensie children either, but sometimes I cater to my audience and add in some movies/books that I've watched/read that I don't particularly like (for example, Twilight), but I tend to abuse the characters from those Canons in some ways. For example, the fact that Marie hates Edward is an expression of my dislike for the series (I'm sorry if you like Twilight, but I'm not a fan for several reasons). So Snape's bashing of Caspian is just one of those times that the characters speak for me. You know what I mean?
Date: Dec 10 2011 07:07 am [Report This]
Title: One head is better than none Reviewer: Massanie Signed
awwww... I would have liked them to spend some more time in Sleepy Hollow. They didn't meet the scary Stepmother!

But a nice chapter nonetheless! I like the idea of three Johnny Depp's interacting with one another.
You know: it would be very interesting if they started to accidentally take some of the evil characters along to wreak havoc in another canon!

Up to read the next chapter...

Author's Response: That was the reason I had to take them out of Sleepy Hollow quickly. I won't give away details, but they did set loose an unwanted guest into the Canon-verse...
Date: Dec 10 2011 06:56 am [Report This]
Title: Close Encounters of the Headless Kind Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Sleepy Hollow a perfectly decently place? Huh, yeah, as if...
And: another Johnny Depp character? You seem to collecting them: Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow, Ichabod Crane ... ;-) One simply must that actor in every role!

And Sleepy Hollow is really a fitting extension to this story, although I'm starting to have problems with keeping track of all the characters and linking them with the right movies or books ... ;-)

Author's Response: I know, right? It's a terrible place. But that's the running joke. Gandalf's always misjudging things. ;D And I'm glad you like this canon. It's one of my favorites.
Date: Dec 05 2011 07:52 pm [Report This]
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