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Title: Chapter 54: The Trial Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
Ah, finally had a chance to finish this!! Really liked it and it looks like Erestor is in for some help and support whether he wants it or not! Look forward the next story--when you are ready!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Yeah, I know, it's been 3 months since I finished Scarred Fate but I feel somewhat stuck at the moment and not sure how to proceed. Already 'Gates of Dawn' is longer then 'The Bitter Glass' and I'm not sure at all how to get to the turning point I wish to have.
But I'm making some progresses at last...

You are right though: Erestor is faced with some things he never thought to face (eager help and support amongst them) and is not really ready to accept them... that's actually fun to write ;-)

Glad you liked it and I hope you'll bear with me a little longer...

~ Massanie
Date: 04/11/12 11:52 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 22: Wolves Are In Disguise Reviewer: peamaps Signed
Oh dont apologize, its your story and a great one!!

Author's Response: Thanks!
I was just a little bit nervous at that point of the story: there were so many twists and turns already and I was somewhat afraid that I would grate on your - my readers' - nerves.
Nice to hear that some like and enjoy what I worked so hard on ;-)

But it's going to get rather violent from now on, I hope it won't deter you!

Enjoy and thanks again for your review!
Date: 03/09/12 12:38 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12: Dearest Friend Reviewer: peamaps Signed
What an amazing and intriguing story, I've been sitting here for hours reading, just got up to dinner. Fascinating like a book. Erestor was giving me the creeps, now it's a little more clear.
You put together two passions of mine: lotr slash and mystery, I surrender to it :D

Author's Response: Wow, thanks!
But don't pull an all-nighter like I usually do when I find a story that I like ;-)

And Erestor giving you creeps, yeah I can see why ... though I hope you didn't really think him involved in a conspiracy against Elrond and Glorfindel?

Anyway, I'm glad I managed to get your attention and I really hope you'll enjoy the rest of it.
And I hope I still have one or two surprises in store for you with the coming chapters!

Thank you very much for your review!
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Title: Chapter 54: The Trial Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I really understand why Erestor wouldn't want to be there to hear the verdict, but I feel like Elrond and Glorfindel should push a bit more, even if Erestor is still fragile. However, I assume there is pushing to come in the sequel? :) I'm glad that this isn't just a story, but a trilogy, because I'll be very sad when its over. This is one of the most well-written, coherent fanfictions I've read in a while, and I hope you keep writing even when this is over.

Author's Response: A valid point. I thought for a long time about elves, about their personalities: I wondered what it would really mean to live thousands of years, so see the world fading around you but to always have the *knowledge* of infinity. What would it mean if you knew that the consequences of your actions can't be undone once you acted, but that the action itself could literally be delayed endlessly until you are ready to foresee all the consequences?
While that is certainly not true for all circumstances, because there really are those that require immediate action, I think it is true often enough to train someone into extreme cautiousness, especially when handling someone really unpredictable. I therefore had Glorfindel and Elrond behave so reserved. They are both very old and know what can happen if one acts too rashly. And they both don't want to confront Erestor when he is so unsettled in the lands where he suffered the most in his life and are waiting for more privacy in Imladris.
But there is a lot more pushing, growling, exploding, snarling and shouting going on in the sequel what with Erestor expecting to settle back into his comfortable and familiar routine and everyone else not quite so willing to let him ... I'm going to have fun ;-)

And I thank you very, very much for the kind words! This is the first longer story I've ever written, the first that I have let anyone else read and I therefore think of it as my debut work of some kind. And I was trying hard to make it special and original, though I was very nervous sometimes how the individual chapters would be perceived. Your positive feedback and that of Melda and Gwaelinn was really heartening and encouraged me to continue writing; I have already the next project in sight and started to write a little bit whenever I hit dead ends with The Bitter Glass, but I don't want to reveal too much right now ;-) It's going to be an Erestor/Elrond pairing...

Again, thank you for your continuous support and I hope your own projects are going well!

~ Massanie ~
Date: 01/15/12 10:30 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 54: The Trial Reviewer: Melda Signed
I'm proud of you, Messanie! This was a great story and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you very very much!
You were the very first to offer me encouraging words for the first chapter of The Bitter Glass and the very first to review for the last chapter of Scarred Fate, really fitting!

But I'm afraid that you'll have to wait a little bit for the next story. My beta already has the first chapters but I'm going to need more time to think and write.
I really hope you are content for now with the ending of Scarred Fate.

Again thank you, your words really meant much to me!

~ Massanie
Date: 01/11/12 03:20 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 50: Blunder Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
I like your Thranduil...he certainly is not bery diplomatic in The Hobbit! Great update and just what I I can see a happy ending thought there is still a LOT of baggage to sort through!
Date: 01/08/12 03:20 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 52: Awakening Reviewer: Melda Signed
Yay! No more violence! I love you, Massanie!

Author's Response: :D I promised, didn't I?
Gods, you had me laughing!

But though Gates of Dawn is not planned to contain violence I am actually planning another story that will also have some violence, though no abuse... I guess I cannot really write something without at least a tiny bit of angst ;-) ...
Date: 01/07/12 01:34 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 52: Awakening Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
Sorry about your internet connection; mine got messed up recently, and those can be a pain to fix, so I sympathize fully. And hooray for no more violence! So near to the end, I'm glad there will be a sequel :) I liked the beginning scene, and I like the interaction between Este and Erestor. I also enjoyed the bit with Elrond and Erestor; it was nice bit to read after he was attacked.

Author's Response: ;-) Glad you approve!
I myself liked the gentleness of the beginning and the end, as a contrast to the previous chapters. In fact, the end - even though it was very short - was the reason for me to keep sticking to an Erestor/Glorfindel/Elrond pairing and not switching to Erestor/Elladan and rewriting the whole story. I think Elrond and Glorfindel are so steady and more patient in the face of Erestor's stubbornness but at the same time they won't take everything from him, not excusing every misstep he makes. They are, in my opinion, more fitting to balance him out and ground him without letting it drift into an unequal relationship. Hmmm, I think I'll stop here and not tell more... ;-)

If you are so glad about the lack of violence, then I am rather pleased to tell you that I don't plan to include anything like that in Gates Of Dawn ;-). Though I was surprised to see that the more violent chapters - like the rape-scene - have been read significantly more often then the other chapters; I wonder, why that is...
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Title: Chapter 51: Consolation Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I'm glad that Erestor and Celairdúr were able to continue with their brotherly rapport even in the face of the circumstances and years and half-lies between them. He's just the sort of support Erestor needs. I'm a bit surprised that Erestor accepted Gandalf so easily, but perhaps their relationship later won't be as simple as its beginning was. Erestor still needs to heal, mentally and physically, after all. I feel bad for Elrond; it was kind of him to stand aside for the others, but I can't imagine he's enjoying the wait, what with his newly found feelings :)

Author's Response: Some good points ;-)

For me the Silvan elves serving under Thalion were always aware that Erestor was hiding many things and they accepted that from the beginning on. After all he never really told them what happened. Yes, they thought that he had been raped and though it didn't happen, it almost happened, and he never lied to them about anything else, he only concealed certain facts, facts that they might not even have believed, had he told them; and some facts revealed in Scarred Fate were unknown even to him.
After they literally adopted him in their youth and got him into safety, they never ceased to think of him as a brother, though they knew even then that he was not telling them everything. I just like the idea of friends being the family you choose for yourself, and you never turn against family, come what may.

And Gandalf always struck me as the more optimistic type, therefore his rather optimistic interpretation of Erestor's behavior. But really, Erestor only accepted the fact that his 'father' had turned from an abstract scheme into a concrete person. Though he will allow a certain amount of interaction (because he understands that it would be easier in the long run), he will certainly not want nor permit meddling of any kind into his private life. He consoled Gandalf, that much is true, but he is a compassionate being, after all. In the Bitter Glass he tried everything to give Elrond time with his hurting family and he was upset enough by the deaths of the three soldiers of Celebrían's escort to immediately learn about their background and life and beat himself up over their demise.
But you're right, of course, after rereading the chapter Erestor seems to take everything a little bit too meekly. Given time I'll probably rewrite that.

And you're right about Elrond, too: With Erestor hurting it will be hard for him and Glorfindel to keep their distance and they will have to be careful or they will simply let others push them aside ... not that the twins or Arwen would allow that ;-)

Thanks for the insight, chérie!
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Title: Chapter 50: Blunder Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I like your Thranduil; his mistakes make him seem more human--err, elven?--and he seems to genuinely care about the consequences of his actions. This is most certainly not the way I'd want to find out about my father, though, and I completely understand the conclusions Erestor drew when he learned about Gandalf. Yeah, in my opinion, the Maia really dropped the ball on this one. I'm just waiting for Erestor to snap and go off on someone. After all, he's in a really fragile mental state right now, and should be allowed a breakdown or two :)

Author's Response: Yeah, the circumstances were certainly far from ideal, especially since Erestor had to endure far too much bullying in his life in Imladris and doesn't take kindly to public humiliations. And that's what it was for him. But Gandalf meant well at least...
And I won't say something about explosions, rants and vapors, I think it's much more fun having them come unannounced and unpredictable if at all ;-)

And I'm also glad you liked Thranduil. To be honest it didn't occur to me that I might portray him in a less then favorable way until I posted this chapter, and as I didn't mean to bash him I was a little bit concerned... So I'm actually quite relieved I'm not offending some Thranduil-fans ;-)
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Title: Chapter 49: Waverer Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
Awww, I love Lindir. His little story arc is a good, fluffy, counterpoint to the Erestor-angst :) I like the lightness of this chapter, and I hope Haldir and Lindir end up together soon

Author's Response: Thanks!
I thought so, too. Normally I don't like to have multiple pairings in stories, simply because I have my favorite parings and when I want to read about them, I want to read solely about them. But Scarred Fate really would have been too oppressing without it, I guess.
I am glad you like it!
Date: 12/31/11 08:24 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 48: The Other Version Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
You can always tell when someone enjoys writing something, because its fun to read :) When I'm writing and I have a lot of characters and plotlines to deal with, I like to make little lists and charts of the plot changes that happen, and I highlight the characters' names. I also write out outlines for each of the viewpoint pieces sometimes (If I have teh patience). It helps me organize my mind when I have difficulty keeping things straight. It might also help to make a cause and effect chart. Of course, that's all just me; I tend to be really OCD about my stories :)

Author's Response: Thank you very, very much, chérie!

I indeed did an outline for Scarred Fate but only because I needed to keep track of the different traveling routes of the different parties. I never really thought about using that for Gates of Dawn. Simply because all of it is going to be playing in Imladris and I didn't really think it could help.
Actually now that you mention it, a chronological cause and effect chart seems to be more suitable to keep track of a story that centers around the relationships between people. I'm definitely going to try that, thanks!

And you're right: one really notices if an author likes his story or is unsure about it. Probably if someone tried, they could easily identify those situations in Scarred Fate.

Thank you again for the advice, it was much appreciated!

~ Massanie ~
Date: 12/28/11 07:45 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 48: The Other Version Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
The way the different groups of Erestor's protectors interact is interesting. I feel bad for Erestor, having to wake from a traumatic event like that surrounded by so many people, all of them arguing. I don't really think Erestor will appreciate the way Gandalf is hovering over him; he'll probably have something to say about Gandalf's absence in the past. Nice chapter; I can't wait for the next :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Yeah, I know, especially Celairdur is behaving like a real prat right now, but they all have their reasons.
And Erestor will certainly have his problems with the new found protectiveness of his fellow elves, never having anyone look after him like that. Gandalf will have a hard time as well, trying to take a place in his son's life, a son that right now does not even know the identity of his father...

I dearly hope that you'll have as much fun reading all of this as I have writing it. The only problem that I have is that there are so many parties to consider, that I'm afraid I cannot do justice to everyone: Gandalf, the twins, Elrond and Glorfindel, Galadriel, Legolas, Thranduil, Thalion and Celairdur, Lindir and Haldir, even Faelon and Brandon... it just seems so much right now and I'm not sure how to handle all of them.

It's not really a writer's block as such, but it seems to hinder me nonetheless - in fact I have so many ideas that I don't know how to link them and additionally I don't want the story to lose itself in meaningless conversations and incidents.
Sorry for whining ;-) ... but still: any good advice from another author?
Date: 12/27/11 07:26 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 47: Princes Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
Really like the way this is going! especially like the tension and the concious desision that Glorfindel had to make lest he be a kinslayer. Happy Holiday yourself! I, too, am taking a post break until after Christmas.

Author's Response: Thanks!
But on the other hand: Glorfindel was the most experienced soldier and he had the chance to free Erestor then and there. He knew the consequences of his indecision. In the end it was Legolas, who in comparison to Glorfindel is very young and inexperienced, who had to do the killing and Erestor would have been dead had Legolas had the same issues.
And even though at this moment he didn't know of Fiondil's insanity he was aware that these elves were ruthless and resolute in their actions and certainly not beyond extreme brutality. Their past line of actions proved that.
In a way Glorfindel failed in his duties as protector and it was only a piece of luck that this did not result in Erestor's death.

Of course it is understandable and no one would fault him for that, but the fact remains and deep down Glorfindel knows this.
Date: 12/24/11 02:37 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 47: Princes Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I feel a bit bad for Legolas, but I have a feeling that this experience will make him a better prince in the end. Have a nice holiday, Merry Christmas/Happy Yule/Happy Kwanza/Happy Hanukkah/etc!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Yes, I think it's a valuable lesson to realize that principles are all well and good but that there are situations where you have to reconsider everything you believe in, that there is a grey area to every rule. But for now he is a relatively young men with a lot of duties and expectations placed upon him who has just killed another elven being and who has to play host to some of the mightiest elves in Middle Earth who were wronged grievously by soldiers practically standing under his very command.
I guess he's doing fine considering all this. I'd be so over-challenged!
Date: 12/23/11 06:37 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 46: Galadriel’s Prophesy Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
There's no such thing as too sappy after something like what Erestor was just through! I'm glad they saved him finally, but I wonder how he'll act now that everyone knows everything about him and his past. I hope he opens up more when he realizes people love him :)

Author's Response: Thanks!
And yes, after all that I put him through he really deserves some love. But remember that he is not used to affection, let alone love - apart from Dírhael who died quite early in his life, and from Lindir who never really let close because he always thought he would die and he tried to protect his only friend from the pain that would bring him by keeping his distance at least somewhat.
He's not going to like being coddled...
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Title: Chapter 43: Screams In The Dark Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
hmmm... how did I miss these chapters? Well, cool I have some great reading material for tonight! This chapter was great and I would not want to oppose Glorfindel right now...

Author's Response: Me neither. I mean Glorfindel killed a balrog and Fiondil is just a comparatively young elf...
Fiondil really had no other choice but to seek refuge in flight. Have fun reading! I'm taking myself to bed now... ;-)
Date: 12/21/11 09:13 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 45: Spiders, Snakes and Slayers Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I did like this chapter, and very much :) However, I do not like spiders, and am glad that Gandalf squished them. Regular spiders are bad enough; who needs giant ones? (shudders) Things just keep piling up on poor Erestor. I hope there's at least a bit of fluff in his future

Author's Response: Ugh, yeah, I can emphasize with that. Totally! I myself am slightly arachnophobic and we have those wolf spiders in Germany. They are really large and THOSE DAMNED THINGS SOMETIMES JUMP YOU IF YOU GO NEAR THEM!!! Aggressive little monsters... Unnecessary to say that I never ever get close to the few that sometimes happen to come into the house, but gods, do I hate them! And with Erestor: He's going to survive, of course ;-), so don't worry. And there are three young peredhil who know of his love for Glorfindel and Elrond ;-) they will see to it that Erestor's going to end up happy...
Date: 12/21/11 05:08 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 44: Trysts Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I'm going to go ahead and say I'd like to see an update every day, because I'm looking forward to seeing this plot arc to its conclusion, even if it means taking a bit of a break. I will also freely admit that I am utterly addicted to this story, and will be content with whatever you choose, as long as you do continue. Great chapter, by the way; I'm glad the different groups have (somewhat) come together, and are closing in on Erestor :)

Author's Response: Very well, daily updates it is then!
I'm delighted that you like the story so much, at least all the weeks and months writing it have been worth while :)
Date: 12/20/11 08:56 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 43: Screams In The Dark Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
Wow. Great chapter, horrible, horrible cliffhanger :) I'm really glad they're coming for Erestor, but I feel really bad for both them and him that they saw him like that. I will wait for the next update with bated breath

Author's Response: :D Thank you very much, I am glad you liked the chapter. And this time the cliffhanger was done deliberately, I admit it freely ;-) Still I don't want you to suffocate, so I'll give you the next chapter now just this once. And you can choose, by the way: do you want me to update daily until this mess is at least half-way sorted out and then take a two or three weeks break or do you want me to keep updating only twice a week? Thanks again for reviewing, chérie!
Date: 12/19/11 04:08 pm [Report This]
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