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Title: Chapter 40: Like The Dove Against The Falcon Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I understand what Erestor's trying to do, but I also knew that he wouldn't be able to stifle who he really is in order to chase some dubious happiness. I'm glad he didn't go along with it as readily as he thought he might; he's a strong character. I really like the way you wrote this; Erestor's dilemma and confusion really come through clearly.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Erestor is indeed torn between his logic and his pride: on the one side he knows that it is plain stupid to defy Fiondil when the only thing he could possibly achieve is pain, humiliation and a loss of the few privileges Fiondil might have given him. On the other side his pride demands of him not to give in, to stand his ground so that his family won't prevail over him.
And Erestor is priding himself so much on his logic that he would never have thought that in the end his pride would have been the victor between the two. I guess that's what is causing his confusion.

I am glad you like it still, I am always trying to keep Erestor realistic, and I guess everyone in his situation would have wavered for a moment.
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Title: Chapter 40: Like The Dove Against The Falcon Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
hmm...I swear I left a review when I read this yesterday...Well I'll try again! Now some one need to burst in and stop the damn bonding and take that slimey piece of orc....sorry--got carried away. Now, since I would hate for the twins to become kinslayers and Erestor already has more guilt than he can handle, I happily offer my Erkenbrand or better yet, Lady Cynwen to do the job. You know how they feel about creepy, perverted, abusers of the young and innocent!! Now there had better be some happiness coming around the bend or....well, I don't know...I will think of something! *wink*

Author's Response: ;-) great idea! I'd take Cynwen ... much scarier ;-) if only she was born yet ... *sigh*

And keep in mind that Fiondil is no sane elf, not really. In his eyes he was trying so hard all evening and Erestor simply ignores all his efforts, repaying him with contempt. If anyone asked him he would deny that he ever abused his husband and he would *believe* that to be true. Yes he sometimes punished him, but that was all for Erestor's benefit in the end, his husband is much younger after all and still needs to learn his place.
I guess that's what makes him so creepy, you never know what triggers him and when he'll let an infringement go (like he did when Erestor blackmailed him into letting the twins go).

But I'm working on the rescue-thing ;-), just give me some time! And *please* don't do something you'll later regret after the next chapter ... it's not worth killing off some of your wonderful protagonists to get back at me! I promise!!!
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Title: Chapter 38: Welcome Home Reviewer: Melda Signed
And you should be :D Stories get so boring when they're no longer fun to write, don't you think? That's why I usually do comedies, they're entertaining for both the reader and writer.

Author's Response: Very true! A story won't be worth reading if the author didn't find it worth writing.
But I found that I suck at humor... my attempts at it have been nothing but pitiful at best, so I stay with angst and my awkward attempts at romance for the moment ;-). I love to read it though...
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Title: Chapter 38: Welcome Home Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
Wow, I really like this scene :) Fiondil is really messed up, and this chapter shows it well. He loves Erestor, enough to defend him against his father, but he doesn't care what Erestor himself wants. It's really interesting, and I can't wait until the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, chérie!
You know, that was exactly the reaction I was hoping for: that certain understanding of Fiondil's love for Erestor paired with the knowledge that this love is twisted in a sickening way, making him disregard everything about Erestor that doesn't fit into his future plans for him.

So glad you liked it :). But I'm sorry to say that I won't update before Tuesday as I need to stall for a little bit of time ... my beta still has the last chapters of Scarred Fate and I need more time to write Gates of Dawn ;-). So it's only two updates per week for now, sorry about that...

Thanks again for the nice review CherieMaria!
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Title: Chapter 38: Welcome Home Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
You are making almost hard to hate that elf! Almost! Though it would be interesting if he did in fact have a change of heart and learned to honestly love Erestor and they stayed married---just a little twist thought, but I know that wont be the case---perhaps he will sacrifice himself to save Erestor? hmmm...things to ponder....

Author's Response: That would indeed be interesting. But I guess it wouldn't work out. I had a friend once who had no conscience whatsoever in regard to people who were not part of her inner circle of friends. Such behavior shows in the mimic, inflection and gesticulation even when the person manages to not openly voice his or her indifference towards the feelings of others.
I found it hard to bear after a while. I don't think Erestor could.

And you probably don't know how happy you make me: I so tried to portray Erestor's conflicting emotions towards Fiondil and make them comprehensible!

Thank you for the nice review, Gwaelinn!
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Title: Chapter 37: Havoc In The King’s Halls Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
Gandalf: he's more than meets the eye. I love this chapter; Thranduil is reasonably skeptical, what with the lack of an explanation, and his relationship with the Noldor. Very realistic :)

Author's Response: Glad that you think that way. I really tried to keep Thranduil in character. And to be fair: the story that he is being told is more than a little bit unlikely...
I just had so much fun writing this chapter: imagine how frustrated Thranduil must feel :D

And Gandalf is certainly more than meets the eye, but I always thought it was part of his charm and part of his strength. He is constantly underestimated ... he killed a Balrog, for crying out loud! ;-) ... or at least will kill (that's still a future event after all in my AU).

Thank you very much for your nice review!
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Title: Chapter 37: Havoc In The King’s Halls Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
Hot Damn! Thran is in trouble (as is everyone else) Awesome chapter and I loved how Gandalf tried to be diplomatic but finally had enough. So cannot wait for more!! *smirking the rest of the day from this* ~G

Author's Response: Yeah, the whole incident is just on the brink of becoming a political disaster what with the fragile relationship between Greenwood and Rivendell. Ah, but I love a good chaos! ;-)

And I am glad you liked Gandalf in this chapter. I guess his behaviour is the result of 400 years of pent up grief that is suddenly transformed into boiling rage, added to the shock of being a father without knowing it and the instinctual protectiveness towards his son... that is a huge amount of energy channeled into one single goal ... quite frightening with him being a Maia and all...
;-) Thranduil had no chance.

Thanks for the review!
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Title: Chapter 36: The Mad Scene 2 Reviewer: Melda Signed
I'm more than happy to have helped you once again! You know that saying 'Great minds think alike'? That's probably what's happening here:D By the way, this chapter really showed how desperate and unselfish Erestor is, which is really great. :) Oh, I was wondering....have you ever heard of the band Tokio Hotel? It's totally off-topic, but my bestie Amy is a huge fan (I've heard a few songs and agree that they're really good, but I'm not majorly into them) and I was hoping to get her an autograph for Christmas. If you come across anything on the net, could you please tell me? I'd really apreciate it!

Author's Response: Hey Melda,
Thanks for your review. Erestor is really desperate right now, never having anyone to tutor him in the ways of prophecies he made some major mistakes that now cost him dearly...
And it's right: you seemed to somehow guess the finer mechanisms behind the personas and relationships in this story all along, which kinda made me wonder sometimes if I was too obvious. But maybe it's just "thinking alike" :D

And as for the autograph, I sent you a mail ;-)
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Title: Chapter 36: The Mad Scene 2 Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
Awesome chapter!! And no, the twins are not behaving dishonorably--for the life of an inocent is more important than a vow made under durress and blackmail!

I love erestor's cousin--his rather dememnted warped sence of love...he truely loves Erestor (at least in his mind)--sick! Looking forward to more and remember our deal...Sons of Rohan is not done yet so Hesgar is not entirely 100% safe.....*wicked wink*

Author's Response: I am very glad you see it that way. I normally dislike it when the protagonists in a story value honor more than a life. To me it seems like a highly *wrong* way to set one's priorities.

And I really am honoring our little deal: I saved Landroval and the twins! ;-) Now it's only Erestor who is in dire need of saving and I am coming to that ... in time. But don't do something rash, okay? Because it's going to get worse before it gets better ... ;-)

And the cockatrice (I love that nickname ;-)). Yeah, I like him, too, in that rather strange way ;-)
I guess with Brandon as a father he never really had a chance to turn out right. And there is no doubt about him loving Erestor, with everything in his being - body, mind and soul. They are just not soul mates and the cockatrice is too egoistic and ruthless to be understanding towards Erestor or not hurt him when it is meant to keep Erestor in line or when he thinks it would benefit himself.

Thanks again!
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Title: Chapter 35: The Mad Scene 1 Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
What sort of seer isn't at least a little bit mad? Loved the chapter, and I particularly loved Erestor's bout of protective crazy :) He's no victim, our Erestor

Author's Response: So true! I always tended to pity the seers in mythology, always thinking that it must drive you crazy to see the catastrophs that are still lying ahead. Much easier to take them as they come, I guess.
And "bout of protective crazy" is a really good description of what happened here ;-) Erestor certainly is very protective of the half-elves and Glorfindel and would go to great lengths (and use insane methods if necessary) to protect them. I think someone headstrong enough to become Elrond's chief advisor could never be a willing victim, let alone let his lord's family take on that role.

Thanks for your nice words!
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Title: Chapter 35: The Mad Scene 1 Reviewer: Melda Signed
That was really action-packed! Oh, and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

Author's Response: Thanks! I hoped to pep up the story a little bit while everyone is journeying to Mirkwood and at the same time I kinda thought that Erestor was not the type to just give in without a fight, especially when those he cares about are at stake. Both reasons added together and resulted in what I had originally called "The Last Ruse". But then I remembered your proposed chapter title "Diary of a mad darkling" and realised just how mad he must appear during this scene and changed the chapter title to "The Mad Scene". So it really is inspired by you once again, thanks for that ;-)
Makes me wonder, though, how you realised so early that Erestor is somewhat insane...

And: Happy Thanksgiving to you also!
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Title: Chapter 35: The Mad Scene 1 Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
Well done my dear, well done! Love the tension, the deception, the challenges! Hoping for more soon!


Author's Response: Thank you very much, Gwaelinn! And I am going to update soon, probably on Friday, so hang on! ... and give me another chapter in the meantime, will you ;-) ?
It seems to me our stories, yours and mine, keep a very fragile balance of angst and romance to my current (re-)reading hours ;-)
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Title: Chapter 34: Bring Them Down Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
Yes, vengeance is in sight! All that we need is for Erestor to survive without further harm coming to him or the twins while reinforcements arrive. Although, I'm wondering if that is at all likely with the way this story is progressing--not that its a problem; angst with a small side of fluff, that's how fanfiction should be :)

Author's Response: Hehe... just wait. I am not there yet, though the final showdown is fast approaching now. It really feels like getting all your pawns into the right position for a final masterstroke. I hope that does not sound conceited, it's not meant to ...
And about further harm ... ah, well ... you know me ;-) they are going to survive ... most of them at least; I don't enjoy killing protagonists ;-)

And in regards to your last sentence: thank you very, very much! That really means a lot to me. And I really, really hope that you'll think the same once this story is finished.

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Title: Chapter 34: Bring Them Down Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
Don't I know it! The only one's not directly pissed at those Silvan elves are the Valar though I am sure Manwe will be pissed about the Eagles. Now I have no such pledge to protect the first born, so I would be happy to bash a few elvin sculls together!
Nice update ;)

Author's Response: Yeah, Erestor's abduction did not go quite as planned. They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, as the saying goes ;-)

For elves such a situation is even more dire as they quite literally forfeit their life. They might not even be allowed to return to Aman when the elves finally leave for the west. It is a bit shortsighted, I guess, but history shows us that greed makes people act that way...

Thanks for the review, I am glad you liked it!

PS: you are welcome to do some bashing, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one tending to violent "head-cinemas" ;-)

Author's Response: Yeah, Erestor's abduction did not go quite as planned. They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, as the saying goes ;-)

For elves such a situation is even more dire as they quite literally forfeit their life. They might not even be allowed to return to Aman when the elves finally leave for the west. It is a bit shortsighted, I guess, but history shows us that greed makes people act that way...

Thanks for the review, I am glad you liked it!

PS: you are welcome to do some bashing, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one tending to violent "head-cinemas" ;-)
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Title: Chapter 33: Lalaith's son Reviewer: Melda Signed
As for the pairing..hmm...I think Haldir and Lindir should be up next. And, as for this plot twist. I'd have to say that it wasn't unbelievable. I mean, there has been a pairing of an Elf and a Maiar before in Canon, so who's to say it can't have happened again? I thought it surprising, but not absurd. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! You're right, there was still Melian ... I have to admit that I didn't really think of that ... still it's not that common in the LotR fanfiction world and I was not sure how you all would react to that. So I'm glad about the positive feedback!

And your guess is duly received, you'll see in time ;-)
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Title: Chapter 33: Lalaith's son Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
Good update. Did not see that coming till just before it actually came out! Boy is Brandon in Trouble!!

Author's Response: Too right! Now he has literally two realms against him (Greenwood not even included as Thranduil is not aware of the situation yet) and a very angry Maia, not to mention the great eagles...
And I am delighted that I managed to surprise you! Not only because it's good to stay at least a little bit unpredictable, but also because I was somewhat afraid that I'd overdone it or that it was too clichéd or far-fetched.

Thanks for the review!

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Title: Chapter 33: Lalaith's son Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I love it! That's an excellent plot twist; I didn't see it coming by a longshot. I can totally see Erestor as part Maia :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

You wouldn't believe how glad I am that you don't think it too far-fetched. But I think the past happenings in Scarred Fate should be more clear now. Especially Erestor's healing ability and gift of foresight.

I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters! And I hope your work for NaNoWriMo progresses well.
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Title: Chapter 32: Duty Reviewer: Melda Signed
Yes, I'm still reading! Sorry I haven't been on for such a long time! I really apreciated the little graceful nod you gave me for my suspicions! I would like you to know that as soon as I saw that, I did indeed do a bit of a Yay-me jig...just a bit. :D I still love the story, I just have a lot of..real-world probs, you know how that place works ;)

Author's Response: Welcome back then ;-) Don't worry, I know how that is. Life just has a habit of getting in the way. Glad that you are still reading, and that you still like it even though it is getting more brutal with every other chapter. Anyway, I am currently writing your happy end and have now just finished the first well deserved NC-17 chapter that did not earn that rating due to violence ;-) It's the first slash scene I've ever written and I find myself nervous to send it to my beta, let alone post it ... I am not going to reveal the pairing, though. Want to make a guess in hope of getting the chance to do another 'Yay-me jig'? :D
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Title: Chapter 31: Vows Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I'm glad the twins weren't upset when they found out that Erestor loves Glorfindel and Elrond. I can totally see the madness in Fiondil, but it also seems like he genuinely care for Erestor. I can't think the other elves in their company appreciate that, though.

Author's Response: Correct at all points! ;-)

It is a special situation for the twins I guess. They have firsthand evidence of Erestor's devotion for their family and furthermore they somewhat pity him and at the same time they respect him greatly. And after what happened in "The Bitter Glass" between Elrond and Glorfindel it is probably easier to accept Erestor's love for their parents.
And Fiondil loves Erestor with all his heart, as much as he is able to love someone. That doesn't mean that he is not obsessed with him to the extend of madness or that he is not cruel. And for the other Mirkwood elves Erestor is merely a weapon. Not thinking of Erestor as a being with feelings placates their conscience and facilitates the justification of their deeds. That Fiondil cares so much for their captive so openly makes that impossible.

God, so many words for what you already stated so clearly ;-) Sorry for my rambling...

Thanks again for your review!
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Title: Chapter 30: Mind Games Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I have to admit that Erestor's cousin is really creepy, especially while he's sitting there, caressing him--eew! As someone who writes on a regular basis, I can totally see the potential to further the plot if they really do bond, but I hope they don't. I hope Elrond hurries...

Author's Response: creepy, yes, I guess that is the best one-word-description for him. He is not evil, you know, not really. He's a madman and ruthless and selfish and certainly cruel, but not evil in the true sense of the word. He merely has no ethics whatsoever...
And before bonding comes marriage ;-) so here I go again, as long as my laptop is still among the livig...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I hope your work is progressing the way you want it to!
Date: Nov 05 2011 12:58 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 30: Mind Games Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
If You had better have a REALLY GOOD plan if Erestor actually bonds with that slimy sorry excuse of an Elf! Great chapter though...liked the length as it kept the story flowing. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: I am working on it! I promise I have a plan, and it IS starting to get to it's end: finally the knots start to unravel and I am getting all my chess pieces into their proper positions.
For me as a writer the really fun part has just started. Some of the following chapters have now been waiting for months to be shown to another pair of eyes...

And I am really glad: my cockatrice seems to get the reaction I wanted him to get. Just wait for the next chapters...

Thank you again!
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Title: Chapter 29: Stratatgem 2 Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
now you know what I think of twists and turns! Just keep it all organized :) You're doig a great job...just remember our deal...;}

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's just: I am getting somewhat nervous again as my little showdown approaches and I am not sure if I overdid it and I find myself constantly worrying if I overburden my reader's patience... (you can just ignore my little rambling attack again, you know, I get them once in a while ;-) )

And our deal: I will see to it that Erestor and Elladan are happy in the end, so you'll see to it that Hesgar comes out happy, okay? I'm afraid I can't promise something else. But I'm not above begging for him ;-)
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Title: Chapter 29: Stratatgem 2 Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I'll wait as long as necessary as long as this story eventually gets finished. Right now, I'm using it as a sort of reward: if I finish my daily wordcount, I'm allowed to check for updates:) As it stands, my work won't be published yet, but I hope it will someday... sigh But I remain hopeful!

Author's Response: My best wishes for you, then!
And I am very honoured that you use my story as a reward. I will finish it as promised, though I'm somewhat stuck with the sequel at the moment. I'm still thinking about how to make Elladan happy for Gwaelinn's sake ...
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Title: Chapter 29: Stratatgem 2 Reviewer: CherieMaria Signed
I have to admit that I didn't see that one coming, though looking back I suppose it should have been more clear :) I really look forward to the next chapter and any more twists you see fit to throw our way. For now, I should probably get offline; I still have a lot of writing to do for NaNoWriMo, and I seem to be procrastinating :D

Author's Response: Then I am very much relieved. I hoped to achieve that very mixture: giving the chance to see it but not making it too obvious. Though the seven weeks of waiting probably didn't work in your favour. You would have seen it coming then, I'm almost sure
I wish you success for NaNoWriMo (I have to admit I didn't know that, had to look it up ;-) ) and I really appreciate it that you took the time to comment, especially on such a short chapter.
Will your work be published somewhere?
Date: Nov 02 2011 11:29 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 28: Greenleaf Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
*smiles contentedly* Thank you :) Of course it goes without saying that I want Erester happy, too but I am guessing that is a given~

Author's Response: You are very welcome! And yes, I will see all of them happy before Gates of Dawn is over. Promise.
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