Reviews For Boromir's Gift
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Title: Boromir's Gift Reviewer: Red 9 Signed
aww^^ nice to see something from Boromir's pov^^ he was one of my fave characters, but he went the same way my faves always do.. *sob*
but this is really well written! i wish i could write like this^^ i liked the bit with Mithrellas too^^ Elven granny~ that must be odd for him.. and i'm soooo happy you included his gift at the end! i was so peeved when it was cut from the film.. ;)
Date: 02/10/08 - 02:01 pm [Report This]
Title: Boromir's Gift Reviewer: Ria Signed
Your story is elegant, and in the larger context, sad. I've often wondered what the Avarin elves must have thought about the Noldor -- what Mithrellas says about Galadriel's resistance to change is great.
Date: 13/09/07 - 08:17 pm [Report This]
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