Reviews For Imrahil
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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Irial Signed
Oh how very clever of Legolas. And how sweet too. A beautiful intervention! ~ Iri

Author's Response: Is that the bit where he distracts Gimli and reminds him Aragorn is who they follow? Again, all of this was just there waiting to be put down- I find the best bits are when the action is 'uncovered' - it sort of writes itself. These first chapters all wrote themselves and took little time- it's later that I slowed down - not that this will affect you! I did keep folks waiting sometimes. Again, thank you for letting em know you are enjoying this Iri
Date: Apr 10 2012 11:34 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Irial Signed
There are so many brilliant phrases and word-turns in this chapter it's hard to identify them all. I love Gimli's brief slide into immaturity with the beard tails in his mouth. I also do especially like 'They had things to do, places to go, Pippin to see'. And possibly my fav quote of this chapter is again Gimli's : 'Yes, yes, everyone is very well pleased with everyone else...'. Hmmm maybe it's just Gimli who made the first half of this shine? As for the little tidbit at the end of the chapter, this is gorgeous, a moment of realization for Elladan which is very well handled. Amazing work! ~ Iri

Author's Response: Thank you, Irial. Gimli always 'speaks' to me- and I just find him such an intruiging and warm character - that habit he has of sucking the ends of his beard shows in times of extreme anxiety. I'm pleased you like the Elladan bit- as you get trhough Sons you'll see why this I wrote this.
Date: Apr 10 2012 11:31 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: ziggy Signed
Aha- yes, I have just responded to you on Faerie. Thank you for the reviews candy/lisse! (got it now!)
Date: Apr 01 2012 07:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Lisse Signed
I dearly love the elvish courtly flirting between Legolas and Imrahil. I really cannot blame Gimli for his impatience. He has a point. Legolas is a terrible tease and with that beautiful blond hair glowing gold in the sun, and his other attributes shall we say, who would not want him?
Now Elladan and Imrahil are a lovely match. I like that Elladan seems to have fallen hard for the swan prince. I would like to see more of their relationship you can be sure of that! Thank you for all the trouble you went to posting this. It is perfect!
Anytime you post it is a treat! Beautiful Zig!
Love Candy/Lisse (one and the same)
Date: Apr 01 2012 06:14 pm [Report This]
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