Reviews For The Last Wood Elf
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Title: Grimbeorn Reviewer: Irial Signed
Katala and Legolas have become fast friends haven't they? I can't help but melt at their cute innocence.

How very sad that Folvar and Sefa (Sefa especially) have to say goodbye to Legolas after all this time.

I like that you've come up with a very valid reason to move Legolas into a new chapter and what a spin - Legolas in Rohan? This should be VERY interesting! (Mind you not that you EVER don't come up with a great plot or twist or reason for doing something, which is all part of why reading your work is so amazing) ~ Iri

Author's Response: Legolas in Rohan ... that's what started it all. My friend and I were talking one day, and she said something to the affect of 'What if Legolas grew up in Rohan.' We were talking about Eomer and Theodred and Eowyn I think. Anyways, as soon as she said it, this plot bunny exploded, and well ... here we are.
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Title: Friends Along The Way Reviewer: Irial Signed
A beautiful and simple farewell for our friend. The talisman was a nice gesture and a nice symbol of Legolas growing up a bit more. It's great to see Legolas making friends, especially having just lost the closest person to him.

How cute is little Katala? And another important step for Legolas in the growing up phase.

L8, you write Legolas as beautifully as a child/teen as you do an adult! I love how you can just get into the heads of your characters. I can see traits of him from your other stories but portrayed much more youthfully. Quite the talent as I've said before I'm sure, but it always deserves to be said again. And again :D ~ Iri

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Irial. I really hoped little Legolas would be believable. And in having Elhadron die, it kind of forces Legolas to take a few steps closer to adulthood. He's still with the woodsmen, and they will take care of him now, but as far as being an elf, Legolas is on his own now.
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Title: From Dreams to Reality Reviewer: Irial Signed
Oh geez L8 you're making me teary ALREADY?? Poor poor Legolas!!

By the way your Orcs creep me out. Seriously. They're creepy. I think I'M going to have nightmares about them! Very well and vividly described!

...Gosh.. still teary. Poor Elhadron! :( ~ Iri

Author's Response: I know. I hated doing it, but I had to. I liked Elhadron too, but this will help shape Legolas into the person he will become. Thanks for your comments about the Orcs. Anytime I can get a reaction like yours, I feel like I'm doing my job.
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Title: Guidance Reviewer: Irial Signed
I'm very glad that Elhadron diligently teaches Legolas their history, lore etc! What a shame if all that knowledge was lost!

And bravo to young Legolas for his first kill (show-off *cough* *cough*)

It's great to get the feel of the woodsmen and how they live and it's lovely that Sefa gets another 'child' to nurture ~ Iri

Author's Response: Well, with Legolas, he will eventually go to Rohan, and right now, the woodsmen are his influence. So I wanted to make sure Elhadron taught him as much of his elvish heritage as possible. I want Legolas to be well rounded in the ways of men and elves.
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Title: Nightmares Reviewer: Irial Signed
Awwwwww little Legolas in a nightshirt?? That's sooo cute, I just wanna eat him!! LOL!

Ahem. Sorry about that bit of silliness! :D But another touching part of that was Legolas curling up with his 'uncle' and twirling his hair the same way he used to with his father - what a sense of trust he's placed in Elhadron!

I LOVE the banter between the woodsmen and you've introduced a nicely rounded ensemble for them with each character being a different age, marital status etc - this makes it all very believable and relatable. ~ Iri

Author's Response: The hair twirling thing is something that my daughter used to do as a baby and then a toddler, usually while I was nursing her. One arm always came up around the back of my head and twirled a lock of my hair. Funny thing is, her father does that too, and still does from time to time, lol.
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Title: Woodsmen of the North Reviewer: Irial Signed
I absolutely adore how you've described meeting the woodsmen from Legolas' tiny point of view - actually the sentence 'seemed to touch the sky with his red head' made me laugh so loudly I scared my cat half to death! These woodsmen sound like a great people - I'd certainly feel safe around them!!

Glad to see our two travellers safe for the moment! ~ Iri

Author's Response: I have to admit, it was fun writing these woodsmen. I guess there's really not much known about them, so I got to do a little bit of oc stuff here. The brothers were the most fun, the kind of guys I'd like to hang out with.
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Title: The Burning Of Mirkwood Reviewer: Irial Signed
Hello there!! I had already started reading this previously but got side-tracked (life- you know how it is) so I decided to start all over again. And so the barrage of reviews begin anew :D

To begin - what an intensely emotional and action-packed opening chapter! And I do love the little background you give us to set the scene and the tone for the story. I love Thranduil and Legolas as you know so my heart absolutely broke with Elhadron's when he realised it was all over. And I love the history here between Lorien and Mirkwood - this will play very nicely in later chapters I'm sure.

Thankyou for introducing yet another amazing tale for the rest of us to devour :D ~ Iri

Author's Response: Hi Irial. Hope it's as enjoyable the second time.
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Title: Chapter 33 A Reunion of Sorts Reviewer: EnchantessM Signed
Please, please, PLEASE don't you kill Haldir too! Bad enough PJ did.

Author's Response: I've tried to stick closer to book verse rather than the movie, but sometimes following movie verse helps my own story flow a little easier. But to ease your mind, I am not killing Haldir. I personally never liked that part and saw it as useless. But hey, even PJ had to alter the story to make his version work. Keep Calm and Let Haldir Live... lol.
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Title: Chapter 32 Lothlorien Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Awesome. Thanks so much for the update. I an still really enjoying this story. Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Thanks. More on the way soon.
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Title: Chapter 29 Rohan's Redemption Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Awesome chapter! I'm loving the way this story is developing.

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch!
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Title: Chapter 28 Written In Sand Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Wow, I was wondering when Legolas would learn of his true heritage. Can't wait to read more. Great chapter. Thanks for the update.

Author's Response: Hi Luvbukz. Yep, the cat's out of the bag. Finally!
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Title: Chapter 27 A Horn Shall Sound Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Hi :) thank you so much for updating. As always I've enjoyed reading your update. I must mention your opening paragraph. Your description was amazing. I could actually taste the filthy, oily smell. Ha ha ha I actually coughed as if to clear my lungs of the stench. Great stuff. Great to have you back.

Author's Response: Hi there. As you can see, I'm finally back home and slowly getting back into writing. I had to read the last 5 or so chapters to familiarize myself with this story. It's been so long since I worked on it. Things seem to be going well for my folks, and I think I have them talked into moving to where I live so that I can take care of them. Anyways, I'm glad you liked the latest chapter and that it made you choke, lol. This really was a fun chp to write. Another one on the way soon. Thanks for sticking by.
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Title: The Burning Of Mirkwood Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
I'm really sorry to hear about your parents. I hope all goes well. Take care of what's important in your life and don't stress too much. Your readers will always be here. Thanks too for your dedication to your writing. We'll be here when you're ready again :)

Author's Response: I'll be home in just over a week and the first thing I'm doing is posting. Thanks bukz, for waiting.
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Title: The Burning Of Mirkwood Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Hi. Really missing your updates. Hope all is well. Looking forward to more of this story.

Author's Response: Sorry it's been a while. I promise I will get back to the story. Unfortunately, I've had a family emergency and I'm currently helping my elderly parents. My dad is my mom's only care giver and he ended up in the hospital for an absess on his foot. So I've been with them, taking care of my mom and visiting my dad in the rehab facility. Luckily, tomorrow he comes home, but I'm still here for another week and a half. I've got to get home care set up and things like that so I can finally go back home. So hang in there with me. I promise not to abandon this story. I've just hit a bump in the road. Thanks for asking Luvbukz. It's nice to know someone's out there.
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Title: Chapter 26 Without Words Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Hmmm, and the plot thickens. I love it. Can't wait to see where this development leads. Thanks for another chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for keeping the reviews coming. More on the way soon.
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Title: Chapter 25 The Entwood Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Lorien - nice. I like the twist in the tale and am very excited to see how that works out. I'm also thrilled about having the ents involved. I like the ents and there really isn't much of them, or about them, in the trilogy so that's cool (even if it turns out to be brief its still great).

I know how things can get hectic during school breaks so thanks for taking the time out to write and update. I'll be twitching with anticipation till your next chapter's published.

Ps I know that most fanfic authors write purely as a hobby but I can't help but admire your work. I was wondering if you have any published works or if you've ever considered getting your stuff published? I hope I'm not over stepping its just that, for me, as a fantasy writer i think you're really talented. I'd have your books on my shelf alongside Tolkien, Terry Brooks and Ursula Le Guin. Just an errant thought.

Author's Response: I don't think I've ever written Fangorn Forest or the ents before, and I found it to be refreshing and fun. You're right, there's not a lot about them so it left a lot open to imagination. You are too kind with your comments, and it would be a dream come true to become a published author. I constantly think about an original story that I could possibly put out there, but nothing has really clicked yet. So in the meantime, I'll keep practicing with Tolkien fanfic. I really appreciate your support, and knowing someone enjoys my work so much just makes me more motivated to step out and try writing my own story. So thank you again, Luvbukz.
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Title: Chapter 24 On Open Plains Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Thanks for the update. I'm still hooked :) I was wondering... Since this isn't a typical, follow the course of the books story, will Legolas be finding his way to Elrond and the fellowship or do you have something else in mind?

Author's Response: Sorry it took a little longer to update, but it was spring break at my house and that left me with very little time for writing. I'm back now, and hope to have another chp by the end of the week. Well, to answer your question, Legolas will not be going to Imladris. At this point in the story, the Council has already taken place and the fellowship has split up. However, Legolas will meet what's left of the fellowship, in my own twisted way, and he will eventually go to Lothlorien. That's about all I can say for now, since I haven't written most of it yet, and sometimes things change. But it's definitely Lorien, not Rivendell where Legolas will end up.
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Title: Chapter 22 What Lies Beneath Edoras Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Oh my... It truely pains me to read about Legolas in such a degrading, unforgiving and altogether wretched place. Poor elf. That the devious worm seems to be getting his way (for now at least) really grates my gall. I know things will get better though so I'm hanging in there with you as always :). Looking forward to your next installment. Can't wait to see where this is headed and what's in store for our tortured elf. Thanks for the update and thanks for not deserting your readers. We deeply appreciate it.

Author's Response: Things are always darkest before the dawn, you could say. And Grima will get his sooner or later, probably later. I'm glad to see you're still hanging with me. And no worries about desertion. I never leave a story unfinished. I hate that kind of thing myself and know how disappointing it is to never know what happened. More on the way soon. Always good to see you Luvbukz.
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Title: Chapter 21 The Blacksmith Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Oh no Legolas... How could he allow that vile woman to trap him like that... And her... Has she not a shred of goodness in her that would not even think twice about hurting this wonderful elf. Super despise that worm right now and wish I could teach that woman the real meaning of pain for bringing Legolas' good and respectable name and into question. Oh, can't wait to see all the worm's plans and desires go up in flames.

Author's Response: Now you can see why Grima chose Rota to do the dirty deed. He knew she would be irresistable to Legolas, and she would get the job done.
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Title: The Burning Of Mirkwood Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Been reading The Two Towers, again, and got to the part when the three hunters meet Eomer and his riders. As he spoke of himself and HIS eored I was immediately taken back to the scene in your story when he spoke to his men and formed a bond with them securing their allegience.
It struck me then that not only are you a talent writer but you also see things in stories that others might miss. Myself for one.

Whether intentional or not, its a lovely filler. It give me a new or deeper understanding of the love and loyalty between Eomer and the people of Rohan. It makes total sense now why they could follow him so easily as if he were always meant to be King.

Thanks for that.

Author's Response: I cannot tell you what a great feeling you've given me. I've always liked Eomer's character. What a strong, honorable, and confident man he must have been. And yes, I intentionally wanted to show that bonding with his men, as well as his love for his people and country. I've always thought that the Rohirrim were the most proud people. They are a young and growing country compared to other places. They have a lot to prove and need strong leaders. I'm so happy I could spark something with my writing. What a huge compliment you've given me. Thank you so much ; - )
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