Reviews For My Dear Bandobras
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Title: 46 Reviewer: Nieriel Raina Anonymous
This is one of the most interestingly written stories I've ever read! Never seen a whole story in letters before, and I loved it! But it was so very sad! I adore your Legolas and think you need to find some worthy maiden for him at some point. It breaks my heart that he would be such an incredible husband and father yet is denied it. Thank you for making me cry! ~NiRi
Date: Mar 26 2007 08:32 pm [Report This]
Title: 46 Reviewer: Elaura Signed
Thank you authoress.
Date: Jun 30 2006 09:27 am [Report This]
Title: 11 Reviewer: Elaura Signed
I am sure you are weary of my flattery, but I must tell you your writing moves me to tears and laughter and to anger and satisfation as well. Such a talent you have! It is not a simple thing to move an old soldier to such emotion, but it is a blessed relief to feel it, alone.
Date: Jun 29 2006 10:58 pm [Report This]
Title: 6 Reviewer: Elaura Signed
You truly must be wrought of the same stuff as Master Tolkein. Could you possibly have conceived when you wrote of Legolas considering entry into the tournament that it would result in such close political and emotional ties with the Knights of Gondor? You have a deep understanding of the love and loyalty between warriors. I even see precursors to the Legolas of the Pottymouth series as well as the seeds of his relationship with ...owyn. Perhaps I lose myself too entirely in your fanstasies, but it soothes my soul to do so. To soothe your nerves I must tell you, although I love your world, I am merely a safe, sane (mostly) soldier in a faraway land enjoying the respite your writings give me. You have rekindled my imagination and it keeps me company. I would like to meet you someday and discuss your lovely world face to face, but I am in Japan and it is not likely. For what it's worth, I too am on the back side of 35 and have been in better health, though the army has yet to find cause to kick me out.
Date: Jun 29 2006 09:47 pm [Report This]
Title: 1 Reviewer: Elaura Signed
My dear authoress. I simply love your writings. Your Middle Earth is a joy to immerse myself in. One suggestion, please take it or leave it as you see fit. For imbeciles such as myself, who fail to notice the chronological dates which you have written your wonderful tales, perhaps you might place in the titles of your works some sequence number . . . or mayhaps even something simple such as: "Read this one first you dunce!" Simply because I had the misfortune of reading one or two out of sequence and lost a bit of the thread of conciousness as it were. My own fault of course, but when I first navigated this site I was encountering your works by title instead of by author as I now do. The only one that truly disappointed me when I found I had read it out of sequence is this one. As I am now hanging on your every word regarding The Heir of Meduseld and waiting with baited breath the next chapter, I find that I should have read this one before moving on to that one. It's a bit disconcerting reading these letters, knowing as I do that poor Bandy is now continuing in the unhappy task of searching for his Master's remains. It has taken some of the joy from reading this correspondence. On the other hand, it has given me somthing to read as I await the arrival of the next chapter in the Riddermark. Your faithful reader,
Date: Jun 29 2006 07:40 pm [Report This]
Title: 1 Reviewer: gythia Signed
The early chapters were hilarious.
Date: Jun 03 2006 09:27 pm [Report This]
Title: 1 Reviewer: So Yun Signed
WOW very complex writing style,reminds me of Le Carre and thats a compliment btw.But its good.
Date: Apr 09 2006 05:42 am [Report This]
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