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Title: The Lesson of Angelette PaleSilverHair and Melody SingsALot Reviewer: Anais Signed
Festering pimple on the behind of Arda, MelodySingsALot, great winged platypuses, walking vomit...

Your imagination is *needed*. We need to clone you or something. Make mini-Cams to ensure that you really do take over the world.

I'm still dying from laughter. Hee!
Date: 24/10/04 - 10:24 pm [Report This]
Title: The Diary of Jessica Fint, Legolas-Luster Extraordinaire Reviewer: Anais Signed
The names, oh the names...Snow. More Snow. Do not like snow. Purple goes well with orange. Wheee!

Discovering Tolkien's LotR, $30
Realizing more ME books other than LotR exist, $200
Deciding to write fanfic, painful
Reading Camilla's stories, priceless!

Psst, you kick ass!
Date: 22/10/04 - 07:15 pm [Report This]
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