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Title: In The Dark Reviewer: little old me Signed
Wow. Your descriptions are so moving. I noticed several themes/ ideas here that were in Tolkien's letters; it's great to see them used in such a touching story. It's sad to think that Frodo saw Sam as an innocent, but not himself, although I agree he probably thought that, given his words in the Scouring of the Shire.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, I think the poor fellow started seeing himself as tainted when he woke up in Rivendell and finally convinced himself that he was at Amon Hen. It simply made me want to protect and comfort him even more. Thank you for reading!
Date: Apr 19 2006 08:45 pm [Report This]
Title: In The Dark Reviewer: gythia Signed
Date: Mar 31 2006 09:23 pm [Report This]
Title: In The Dark Reviewer: Tathrin Signed
Lost among the elves, huh? Well, don't worry--we may be tall, but we try not to look down on anyone! ;) Seriously, welcome to the site! It could probably use a bit of hobbit-sense to keep it from flitting off to the

Author's Response: Hobbit sense I have - and I will try not to be too boring with it. The fandom is made up of many different types and fancies and every one of us adds to the richness of this universe.
Date: Oct 31 2004 02:17 am [Report This]
Title: In The Dark Reviewer: Tathrin Signed
That was really good! Very insightful. The way you present Frodo coming to his decision is very nicely done, and all the most bittersweet because we know that inevitably he fails--but you didn't give that away, and that adds a nice element of realism. The fatalism was very true to character as well, I thought, and you didn't overplay it melodramatically. All in all, a powerful and exceptionally well-done study on poor Frodo!

Author's Response: *Tucks her wooly toes under her skirts and blushes bright red.* Thank you for reading and also for responding! I am just getting to know my way around this site and am feeling a bit lost among all the elves - so it is nice to see I can provide something of interest amid such elegant company! Thank you!
Date: Oct 19 2004 07:12 pm [Report This]
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