Reviews For Dry Leaves
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Title: Dry Leaves Reviewer: oblotr Signed
I believe that this is how all fathers feel at "losing" their daughters. Very touching, and your descriptions are lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'd been touched by Elrond's pain in ROTK and this story just seemed like a natural thing to write.
Date: Oct 23 2004 10:57 pm [Report This]
Title: Dry Leaves Reviewer: White Wolf Signed
This is very good. I love the description of the dry leaves and the impending "death" of Imladris. Even though we all knows that Elrond will be happy in Valinor with his wife, his sadness here is very poignant.

Author's Response: I actually wrote this at a very dark time for me too, and so it was easy to see things the way he does in this story. Looking back on it, I'm very proud of it. Thank you for reading!
Date: Oct 21 2004 01:49 pm [Report This]
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