Reviews For A Whole New World
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Reviewer: Wiccan_Vamp_Violet Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 20/05/05 - 10:18 pm Title: Chapter One

i really like this story its cool!and um i think its cool that you made the rivendell elves have black hair but their hair color is really dark brown are light brown , but i think its cool what you did so keep up the good strory and yeah i m a major legolas fan as well so yeah but its cool how he has a thing for her b/c normally the real legolas in the books isnt some one to fall inlove he says he never wants to marry are fall in love , but its cool so plesee update reall soon , I MIUST SEE WHAT WILL HAPPENs! and yeah magneto and gandalf , lol both are ian mclellen same person , i think thats funny! well bye

Reviewer: night_lavender23 Signed [Report This]
Date: 13/04/05 - 01:22 pm Title: Chapter One

I really like this story. I think it's well written and i'd like to read more. Good humor :)

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