Reviews For Free of the Tyrant
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Title: The Steward and the Wizard Reviewer: Noldo Signed
Good indeed! While there are a couple of minor grammar hiccups, this was on the whole very, very enjoyable.

I do have a suggestion - could we see a little part of Saruman's thoughts in the first scene? I'd like to see something where he mentally moves from A to B, and decides to come down - what you have here isn't really consistent with the character I see in the book. A little more elaboration, perhaps?
Date: Nov 19 2004 06:03 am [Report This]
Title: A Fool's Realization Reviewer: Adoralyna Signed
I love this concept. I always wondered what would have happened if such a crucial moment had gone differently. Nice work!
Date: Nov 19 2004 04:54 am [Report This]
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