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Title: Part 22 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
œLet me apologize properly. OH YES, LET'S! ^^ WOOHOO! Man, If I was Lord Namo's consort,I'd be purring too!^^ Also his wife seems like an uncaring bitch, why'd they marry in the 1st place?! WOOHOO, WE HAVE A VIRGIN! ^^
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Title: Part 21 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
Thay was words and just WOW!
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Title: Part 20 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
Only now did Celeborn become aware of the fact that he was at the center of everyones attention. Countless eyes were fastened on him, hopefully, encouragingly. Even his brother was looking at him pleadingly. œAdar”œ WHOA! That's just ALOT! Celeborn looked thoughtfully at the faces that surrounded him. Thousands of fëar were looking at him with an expression of hope. œI didnt know¦ I didnt know that he is struggling so hard. I would have been scared shitless! Think of ALL THOSE ELVES! MILLIONS and THOUSANDS of them just LOOKING at YOU!
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Title: Part 19 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
1.LOVE Celeborn's fury passion! 2.If I was Celeborn, and Namo wanted ME?! Then *That* would have made my life complete RIGHT THERE! 3.WOOT WOOT *Armpump* GO CELEBORN! 4.Now that I went farther, you JUST HAVE to feel sad for Namo after that speech! 5.But you still have to side with Celeborn too,but this:œThe best¦ Dont you mean warm your bed and keep you satisfied? Unbidden, the memory of Námo melting against him returned and he swore he still felt an echo of the twitching, hot erection in his hand. Was just ABIT HARSH! 6.Erestor and Glorfindel are going to SUPER SHOCKED!
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Title: Part 18 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
*Nods* I don't blame Elrond and Haldir for being shocked! Also this was such a sad family moment kind of chap.
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Title: Part 17 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
I was so fucking off! Collofin IS Remmen reborn!? Am I right there?! I thought Remmen 2nd was going to love Collofin, BUtt Remmen the 1st is ACTUALLY Collofin now huh? Good, do you realize and conclude some stuff along the way of this story! But Remmen is dead! Oops, Remmen was in the Halls of Waiting as well. Would they run into each other? That might be awkward! Celeborn wasnt certain what to make of this development. Awkward, that's a way to put it! XD >< That's our Thranduil, poor Remmen! *Ouchies definitely!* Celeborn and Namo, am I correct? Also THAT'S OUR CELEBORN!^^
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Title: Part 16 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
WHOA! I got confused, I mean REMMEN(Thranduil's old lover) would get back together with him in the future,not Namo! YOU KILLED CELEBORN! OMFG...
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Title: Part 15 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
*Evil Grin* I have to different things that you might do in the future! I'll explain later, just let me fin...*Pauses while reading rest* I KNEW IT! Collofin and Remmen are going to get together!^_^ Still not fin...DONE! And Namo getting back together with Thranduil in the future?! I figured it out, a few chaps ago when did that chap where he helped Thranduil recover through Eomer! ONWARD!
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Title: Part 14 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
1. You were SO wrong to scare Leog like that!^_^ 2.Arwen and Celeborn cornering them?! You JUST ahve to love it! 3.œBecause you love me, said Thranduil smugly, œSo you want to take care of me. I can just see him saying it like "Because you Lovveee Me, and want to take care of meee!" lol 4.Plus Thranduil is one wicked son of a bitch! Hehe^^
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Title: Part 13 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
œBecause I like hearing you say it. Thranduil gave the elder Elf a wicked grin. œCome a bit closer, Celeborn. You are too far away. And we know where Lego gets his wicked humor!^^ Behave me ass, he's just like me! When I'm sick, I'm blunt as a bitch! Aww, Erestor is a mommy again!^^ *Here comes Erestor, and sends a Thee Glare Of Death at me!* Eheheh...*Sweat drop* Byes! *Runs off*
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Title: Part 12 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
Legolas leaned in closer to make sure his words only reached Haldir. œI have the feeling Celeborn will watch him for me. He suggestively wriggled an eyebrow, hoping his husband understood the hint. THAT'S OUR LEGO! Aww Glorfindel and Erestor are parents now?! YAY! But I want Lindir and Elrond...but who's complaning! ONWARD!
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Title: Part 11 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
XD Lmao, HOW'D I MISS the sex scene between Erestor and Glofindel?! Lol,Elrond learned his lesson. Lindir SURE does sing ALOT! ^_^
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Title: Part 10 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
*Sniff* SO emotional! *Walks off trying NOT to sob from touching,yet sad moments...*
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Title: Part 9 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
Loved it, Can I email you with my idea of what might happen? Just because nobody reviewed, doesn't meant there not reading! I don't want to be a story spolier is why! O_O
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Title: Part 9 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
Not finished with this chap,but I have THEE BIGGEST idea of what might happen! I'll tell you latz, right now sleep time for me!^^ Byes,I'll be back though! *Waving like the lunatic I am*
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Title: Part 8 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
WOOHOO! More Sex and hornyiness for me! Though I don't need to mix it with my hyperiness, STILL!^^ Hee
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Title: Part 7 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
"œI will ride you tonight, whispered Rúmil seductively, œI want to see your sky-blue eyes erupt with passion when you find release. Mithrandir nearly choked on his wine and then quickly glanced at his lover. œYou are turning most wicked, my love. œYes, and that is just the way you like me. " I have NOTHING wrong with their relationship, BUT THAT MENTAL IMAGE HURTS MY VIRGIN EYES! >.< I would have been offended if I was Erestor and demand A WEEK if pleasure *Evil grin and cackles*
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Title: Part 1 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
I made 4 spelling mistakes in my reviews,*and,>_
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Title: Part 6 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
Eh,I'm reviewing this TWICE! Unlike fanfic,you can't do that! Also Happy Late Val Day!^^ "The attraction he felt toward Éomer was growing deeper, more consuming, and for the first time since Remmens passing he felt passion “ lust." RESIST THE TEMPTATION! I was faced with it to with my Koishii(Beloved),but I knew it was temporialy and only bodily, my love with my koishii is forever!^^ *Damn,I've turned into such a sap thanks to him and this story...DAMNIT...I'm suppose to be evil! Walks off and mutters to seld...*
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Title: Part 6 Reviewer: Nayala Signed
OKIES! I haven't finished the chap yet! Though I was in the middle of the ceremony! " his breath caught in his throat, catching sight of strong features, wild, blond mane, and hazel eyes, which held a strong fire in them. The Man was dressed in the garb of the Rohirrim, so it was safe to assume he was one of the horse lords. " That is DEFINTELY Eomer! If it's not *Shakes head* then somebody needs to shot me! >_
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