Reviews For Family Bonds
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Title: family bonds Reviewer: Daewen Signed
Very good. I love that Estel returned to normal.
Date: Oct 27 2009 02:20 pm [Report This]
Title: family bonds Reviewer: Alatariel Signed
Ah... poor Estel. I think it was really good, I love stories about a younger middle earth version. You did a great job! (Just a few spelling errors, I was kind of confused at the beginning)
Date: Oct 21 2005 05:32 pm [Report This]
Title: family bonds Reviewer: elessar_telcontar Signed
it is a funny story but I don`t think the real estel would ever act like this. And elves would never bully the heir of Isildur only because he is human... You should think it over.
Date: Oct 07 2005 03:54 pm [Report This]
Title: family bonds Reviewer: Ranger of the North Signed
Awww tell the little guy it's okay. Here's another ranger who got called names growin' up tithen mellon. And please continue. Maybe toss me a review? *smiles*
Date: Sep 24 2005 09:41 pm [Report This]
Title: family bonds Reviewer: Anais Signed
Interesting subject matter. I liked this but since you have quite a few spelling and grammatical errors, I strongly suggest that you get a beta reader.

I am not sure if Aragorn would ever call Elrond "ada". Yes, Elrond did bring him up but Aragorn always knew that Arathorn was his father because Gilraen (his mother) always made a point of him knowing that, his heritage, etc.

I enjoy reading your stories but you might want to pay attention to these little things. They will make your stories a lot better!
Date: Jan 10 2005 11:17 pm [Report This]
Title: family bonds Reviewer: Camilla Sandman Signed
Oh dear. To put it bluntly, you have a lot of grammar hiccups in this one. For instance, "*YOUR A NO GOOD HUMAN!*" should be "you're". Your is possessive, as in your house or your story. You're is short for you are, as in you're writing this story. Furthermore, you're missing a lot of punctuation, especially in quotes. œI spoke with Glorfindel today he said œHe told me about the bullies should be "I spoke with Glorfindel today," he said. "He told me about the bullies." There's a quite a few like that. And "Sir" is not really a term that would be used in Middle-earth, "my Lord" would be more appropriate. This website requires you to follow certain standards in spelling and grammar. I suggest you get yourself a beta. There's plenty who offer to beta over at the forums here, or you can look elsewhere. It will help your writing a lot, trust me.
Date: Jan 10 2005 08:42 pm [Report This]
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