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Title: Ashes and the Flame Reviewer: gythia Signed
Hi buddy, this is another of those that I had read before and liked. I also find it sad that Frodo didn't get to enjoy the rewards of the peace he made by getting married and having kids and living to a ripe old age like the other hobbits.

Author's Response: Man, you have read a few of them! I have some catching up to do I see! That was my pet heartache when I first finished the books. Even before I saw him as hotter than blue blazes, I always thought that was such a tragedy. It's a common theme for me and shows up a lot in my fics. And you were talking about personal demons? LOL!
Date: Mar 31 2006 08:05 pm [Report This]
Title: Ashes and the Flame Reviewer: Camilla Sandman Signed
A very interesting story and I love how you have it from Aragorn's POV, thus leaving the reader to speculate how Frodo felt. I couldn't quite imagine Aragorn writing a diary, but it does work within the story. A nice read.

Author's Response: Ah! What a pleasure to have a review from someone whose stories I have enjoyed so much! Thank you! Yes, I rather had to come up with some way of allowing Aragorn to address this thing - and the journal seemed the most feasible, seeing Isildur seems to have kept one (at least, to write down the writing on the ring). I am glad the device 'worked' for you - and that you enjoyed the story. You have given me quite a few hours of enjoyment too! Ariel
Date: Jan 15 2005 09:00 pm [Report This]
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