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Title: Civitas Mundi Reviewer: MartaL0712 Signed
Ai, Dwim, these are all wonderful. Not sure how I missed them, but I'm glad I finally got around to reading them. The heart of "Civitas Dei" is philosophizing at its finest, great word play but very in keeping with the tone of an ainu. Some of the turns of phrase, specifically "in difference, in-difference, indifference" and "height in abasement, abasement in height" reminded me a bit of T S Eliot, which is not a bad thing. Specifically "THe Hollow Men". It's the only way I can see it even being possible to cover this moment in the legendarium in less than 100,000 words if at all - the fact you boiled it down to 100 is phenomenal.

Author's Response: Hi Marta, I could've sworn we've talked about these before somewhere, somewhen, but I could be thinking of another drabble cycle, too. In any case, yeah, you caught me, "Civitas Dei" is my self-indulgent piece where I put together vocabulary from about three different philosophers, not all of whom would be happy to keep each other company on a desert island. Thank you for your thoughts on this one! Dwim
Date: Apr 22 2006 01:45 pm [Report This]
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