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Title: Éowyn, my fair one Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
This is beatiful and terrifying at the sane time espically the last line of "O shall I teach thee how to fear?" is abseloutely chilling. This is brilliantly written and I have always got the impression from Grima thought he thought he could teach Eowyn much though she was always too high for him to touch and anything between them was always in his mind which over time left him quite bitter which is hinted at this,

Author's Response: Dear Anwyn, Thank you very much! I'm glad the last line had its intended creepy effect. Tolkien presents Grima as a very deluded and dangerous, resentful character - I'm pleased this poem matched your interpretation of him.
Date: Sep 15 2008 03:12 pm [Report This]
Title: Éowyn, my fair one Reviewer: elven lily Signed
Wow! I didn't know Grima had a poetic side! This is rather disturbing in a funny way...
Date: Jun 26 2007 08:42 am [Report This]
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