Reviews For Dark Forest
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Title: Door to the Vault Reviewer: bodobodot1 Signed
I love the way you wrote Legolas!
Date: Jul 19 2006 02:41 am [Report This]
Title: Door to the Vault Reviewer: fremmet Signed
this is so fantastic! poor gimli, he only wanted to help legolas open up, to draw him out and help him get his mind off the sea longing! now he must be feeling like he is about to be swept away by a tsunami! and legolas is in so much pain. how can he ever resolve all this guilt over his mother's death and his fury over his father's inaction? i fell the only one he hates more than thranduil right now is himself. i will not say hurry for each chapter is worth the time it takes for you to write it. such beautiful and masterful writing! i look forward greatly to the next installment.
Date: Mar 01 2006 12:14 am [Report This]
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