Reviews For A Tangled Melody
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Title: The Gift Reviewer: Illwynd Signed
Hi! I really like what you've got so far on this story, I hope you'll be adding more? No, I don't think Aredhel could qualify as a Mary Sue, all your OC's seem to be really good characters... You seem to have a really good handle on the little details that make for a great story, and I like your POV char. voice, very familiar and suited to Aredhel... and it's nice to see another Gondor-lover (apparently) giving us some good tales! Keep writing! (hehe I have to chuckle over this... after a review from Miss Cam, you get a review from a nobody like little ol' me? hehe :)

Author's Response: Thanks! You're my second reviewer! You get a chocolate-covered Elf as a reward! Anyway, any review is welcome so tell your friends! Because I'm a review hog! Namarie! Loremaster
Date: 06/06/05 - 09:58 pm [Report This]
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