Reviews For Fléoden
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Title: The Truth Reviewer: Anais Signed
Elves don't cheat on each other. Ever! They are bonded for life and it's only very rare that they leave each other. I can only think of two as a matter of fact.
Tolkien stressed over and over again that Elves have only one mate for their whole lives. Cheating is somewhat far-fetched and you might really want to explain why Talathiel would do something like that.
Make sure to proof read your work. There are some errors.
Date: Aug 04 2005 11:59 am [Report This]
Title: Daughter of the Prince Reviewer: Anais Signed
I doubt that modern words like "OK" would be used by Middle earth characters. Try to stay in character.
Have someone read your work and correct your mistakes. You have a bunch of completely unnecessary commas such as "are you, angry?"
Date: Aug 04 2005 11:53 am [Report This]
Title: The Truth Reviewer: HHS Signed
You know what,she's one smart little girl.All she said about being a parent(biological or not))is so true in real life.BTW,why did Elldan sleep with her if he knew that she was married?Was it a fling or did he feel something for her?

Author's Response: U will see. And yes, Fléoden is very wise..
Date: Jun 20 2005 05:00 pm [Report This]
Title: Daughter of the Prince Reviewer: HHS Signed
I can't stand it when an innocent child is being punished for something that wasn't her/his fault.Maybe if Legolas' wife told the truth,Fleoden would have been loved by Legolas.As for Legolas,he better not hurt her.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your comment. I agree with you...i don't like a child being punished for what is not their fault. I will take your comment into account and write the next chapter soon! (and don't worry, Legolas would never hurt a child in one of my stories)
Date: Jun 18 2005 09:40 pm [Report This]
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