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Title: One Reviewer: Tathrin Signed
Whoah...that was, I didn't know my eyes opened that wide. My throat's tight with the emotions you've conjured up. *swallow* I can't believe how sad that was...It's one of those can't-even-feel-like-crying sads, where you just sort of sit there with a lump in your chest and stare...

Author's Response: Yes, I am quite mean to poor Gimli and Legolas. *looks down in shame*
Date: Oct 17 2004 10:48 pm [Report This]
Title: One Reviewer: Anais Signed
I was crying when I finished reading this. C'etait magnifique! It was raw emotion and...and...and...I want to say so much but somehow, I think you already know everything I want to say.
Date: Sep 16 2004 09:28 pm [Report This]
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