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Title: Chapter Twenty One Reviewer: Pammie Signed
The reaction to the necklace by Legolas reminds me a bit of the way Pippin was mesmerized by the palantir. Yet it doesn't seem to speak to him, just prevent him from thinking of anything else.

I liked how touched and worried Aragorn was and that he risked physical harm and maybe death to try to reach his friend. I hope that the knock on Legolas' head sends some sense into him, some perspective away from the necklace. Aragorn's tunic better be elf-proof! ha ha...

Author's Response: I hadn't thought of Pippin and the palantir, but you are right. Interesting perspective. Ricard has it right about why Legolas is so enraptured. Legolas and Aragorn definitely have a great friendship going. Let's hope the necklace doesn't split that apart. Aragorn does need an elf-proof tunic. Legolas isn't done with it yet. I can say no more right now. :o)
Date: May 23 2006 08:16 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter One Reviewer: Elarinya Signed
Please please please update! If not on please update here! I want to know what Legolas does next! Chapter 21 is very good btw. :)

Author's Response: I will be posting Ch. 21 here tomorrow, but you seem to have read it already. Glad you liked it.
Date: May 22 2006 08:45 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter Twenty Reviewer: Pammie Signed
So, the elf and the ranger mean nothing to Treco? I beg to differ! I am thrilled that at last Allaura doesn't have the upper hand, and has lost several advantages, including the necklace, her husband, the dragon and her guards. I hope there isn't some magic she's capable of that will free her from the vault, at least for a while.

And best of all, even tho there is a major fly in the ointment, Aragorn has found Legolas. What he'll be able to do to help rid Legolas of the enchantment remains to be seen, but I have a feeling that the returning dragon may hold a solution towards that end.

Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Well, at least Treco is trying to convince himself they mean nothing to him. I think he's lost that battle, though. Allaura *has* lost a lot. Losing the necklace being the most important one and the one that will drive her to not only get it back but get revenge, as well. Yes, Legolas has been found, but as you say, what Aragorn can do for him remains to be seen. Let's hope he is able to do something. Treco's part in all this is a mystery, at this point. Thank you.
Date: May 12 2006 09:24 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Twenty Reviewer: XoGiggles Signed
didn't expect that coming ^_^

Author's Response: Oh good. I like to surprise my readers, because I hate being too predictable.
Date: May 10 2006 03:56 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter One Reviewer: Imradris_Elf Signed
This is an awesome story: cool plot, a dragon, mystery, and lots of angsty angstness... (shivers) (laughs) But that's a good thing. Keep on writing, Ican't wait to see the rest of the story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it. Angst is always a good thing - for the readers, not for the characters. :o) Keep reading. Maybe I'll have an update posted by the time you catch up with the story so far.
Date: May 02 2006 03:20 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Nineteen Reviewer: Pammie Signed
Dragons must be more into self-preservation than self-sacrifice! LOL I was sorry to see him go, because he could have been such a help to Aragorn. I do think tho, that he's either not going to be able to ignore his guilt or send someone in his place to help the Ranger and the elf.

Somebody better get to Legolas soon, and deprogram him! The necklace must be very powerful on it's own, not to mention what can be wielded with it in Allaura's clutches.

I know what Allaura has in mind for Leggy, but wanting to "keep" Aragorn too, that is scary!

I hope the red dragon returns to help save these 2. This had enough suspense and questions to make me want more soon!

Author's Response: Treco, like all dragons, care only about their own needs and wants. We'll see if this one can go against the grain, so to speak. Legolas definitely needs some intervention. The necklace is indeed powerful. Allaura was completely taken over by it, but she wasn't all that nice to begin with. It may be scary, but can you blame her? :o) Good. I like it when my readers are anxious enough to want a quick update. There will be more soon.
Date: May 01 2006 10:28 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Eighteen Reviewer: Elarinya Signed
I can't remember if I reviewed or not... so I guess I'll do it anywho! hehehe... well I really like this story and I was wondering when you were gonna update it here. I've already readthe next two chapters on but I'm not a member there so I can't review there. Well I guess I just wanted to tell you that this is one of my absolute fav fics

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it. It's always nice to hear that a reader considers one of my stories a favorite. BTW. you can review at without being a member. Just type in your name at the top of the review box. However, you have to leave your e-mail address to get a reply. Thanks again. I hope to hear from you again.
Date: Apr 28 2006 09:58 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter Eighteen Reviewer: Pammie Signed
I am happy to see a new update, and that at last Treco and Aragorn are free, for the moment.

I also am happy that Legolas has escaped Allaura. How soon she will regain her control is the question of the moment. But she is without 2 key elements that aid her mastery--the necklace, and her male guards and husband. I don't doubt she has some sort of backup tho, or trick up her sleeve without the power of the stone.

It was frustrating that Aragorn and Legolas *just* missed one another. I'm awaiting that reunion, and the outcome of Treco's decision regarding the guards!

Author's Response: They did manage to get loose. How long that lasts is something else. Unfortunately, Legolas is not free of the blue stone. It remains to be seen whether Allaura can regain control. Being without those two things will certainly be a hindrance to her. But as you noted, she may have some tricks to play. Near misses like that make me crazy(er). The reunion may not be what you're expecting. Ah yes, the guards. We'll have to wait a while longer to find out about them.
Date: Apr 12 2006 10:48 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Eighteen Reviewer: Alatariel Signed
No! Yow just how to toture us, don't you... I hate you! :) Heh heh... excuse me. Excellent job! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Torturing readers is the goal of my evil plot bunny. Blame it on him. I hope it's a nice kind of hate. :o) Thank you. I will update before too long.
Date: Apr 12 2006 08:41 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Eighteen Reviewer: tinara Signed
Hi! I wonder how Aragorn is to help Legolas - if he finds him - to break the influence of the necklace. And what will Treco´s part be in this? Tinara

Author's Response: Hello. I wish I could cure your curiosity, but then that would spoil the rest of the story, wouldn't it? Just stay tuned for further developments. :o)
Date: Apr 11 2006 06:34 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Eighteen Reviewer: XoGiggles Signed
how could Legolas do that..
keep updating!

Author's Response: Legolas is totally obsessed and will do anything to be alone with the necklace. More will be coming.
Date: Apr 11 2006 02:05 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Seventeen Reviewer: XoGiggles Signed
hey i've been reading this story for a while and i dont know if i ever reviewed ornot but i want to tell you that i really like this story and i hope you upate soon so i could read on..

Author's Response: I'd rather get a late review than none at all! I'm certainly glad you are liking the story. I will update before too long, so you can continue reading. :o) I hope to hear from you again.
Date: Mar 29 2006 11:04 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Seventeen Reviewer: Pammie Signed
I am happy to see Aragorn's alliance with Treco at last, even if the dragon is reluctant at the moment! It will be hard to wait til your next update to see what befalls the guards!

I liked that we got both sides of the story too, and the power struggle between Legolas and Allaura. She has a small inkling now, I think, that this quest of hers to have an immortal at her beck and call was poorly thought out. I thought for sure he had the upper hand when he grabbed her, but the moment was lost when she played the psychological card on him, and he was distracted enough by a distant memory of a friend in danger that the new addition to the equation was introduced. Even tho Ricard chose not to help the elf at this point, I think that he may be a wild card in the game. (esp. if he runs into a ranger and a dragon who need his help!)

I can't wait until the next update!

Author's Response: I thought it was about time that Aragorn and Treco worled together. They needed each other to get out of their situation. It will be a while before we know what happens to the guards. I can't explain right now, but you'll see in time. I think I may surprise you. Allaura was totally unprepared for what happened with Legolas. That was a definite advantage for him, but he, in turn, wasn't prepared for the appearance of Ricard. That poor man is so afraid of Allaura after what she's done to him, he can't function outside of her realm of influence. Or can he? We'll have to see about that later on. More soon.
Date: Mar 29 2006 11:03 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Sixteen Reviewer: Pammie Signed
Excellent place to leave us! I am concerned still for Legolas, as it isn't clear yet whether he intends to take the necklace for himself, or if he just wants to get it away from Allaura. I think that maybe there is some residual hold on him, he seems so intense! Yay for Treco and Aragorn's reunion. Your last sentence is quite enough for me to want to see a new chapter ASAP!

Author's Response: Glad you think so. I'm concerned, too. I can tell you he is totally obsessed with the necklace, so you can say he wants it for himself, whcih means he has to get it away from Allaura. Obsession brings out intensity for sure. I thought it was about time to get Aragorn and Treco together. I will update soon.
Date: Mar 10 2006 01:40 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter Fifteen Reviewer: Pammie Signed
At last we have the reason for Allaura's capture of Legolas and Aragorn, and a very fascinating story concerning the necklace. I am so glad that Legolas didn't succumb to Allaura's intentions for him. It was pleasing that she couldn't make the stone work on him like she expected. But she intends to wait him out, til he wakes up, so he's not out of danger yet. I think Treco DID hear Aragorn, and is not only trying to free himself, but now wants to help the man who helped him. I hope this is the beginning of the end of Allaura's cruel reign over man and elf and beast!

Author's Response: Glad you were fascinated by the necklace's story. Legolas reacted quite differently from what Allaura thought. She isn't too happy about it not to mention confused. It's never happened to her before. No, Legolas isn't out of danger yet, and only time will tell whether he can gain control or whether Allaura's will can prevail. Having Aragorn and Treco together is a good thing, but they have their own problems to solve first. We shall see how close we are to Allaura's downfall, if she falls at all. You never can tell how it will end.
Date: Feb 21 2006 12:23 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter Fourteen Reviewer: Pammie Signed
I find some measure of comfort in the fact that we now know that Treco is in the castle as well as Aragorn and Legolas. He is in the same predicament, taken against his will and held prisoner. Poor Legolas, I feel for him as Allaura works her evil on his sensitive soul. I also fear for whatever awaits him in between the times she uses him for whatever her purposes are. I hope there is some way for Aragorn to get in touch with the dragon, and join forces to save their elf friend. Looking forward to your next update.

Author's Response: I'm glad you find the presence of Treco conforting. I happen to agree with you. Yes, Legolas needs our sympathy. Allaura's evil has affected him quite badly, and it doesn't look like things will get better anytime soon. Perhaps the ranger and the dragon *can* get together and plot some kind of rescue. Then again, maybe not. :o) More soon.
Date: Feb 03 2006 11:37 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Fourteen Reviewer: Alatariel Signed
Um... yeah, Legolas is not exactly alright, now is he? That's just freaky... It would be cool if Estel could just break the necklace, but then Legolas would most likely turn on him, wouldn't he? Oh well, fun to predict. Guess I'll find out soon enough, please update very quickly!

Author's Response: Not really. It is freaky, I agree. I imagine he would turn on anyone who even tried to destroy the necklace. Allaura would, too, and she's in a position to do some real damage. You will find out, so hang in there.
Date: Feb 03 2006 09:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Thirteen Reviewer: Pammie Signed
AW! What a cliffhanger! This is getting very exciting, I've been waiting for this showdown for a while now. Please update soon, so we can see if Legolas is indeed Allaura's match in wits and strength of character.

Author's Response: I'm glad you find it exciting. As for the showdown, I think you'll be a bit surprised at what happens in the next chapter. I don't think it will be what you're expecting. At least, I hope not. I don't like to be predictable. Soon.
Date: Jan 21 2006 10:27 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Thirteen Reviewer: Alatariel Signed
Please update soon! Really,really,really soon! Saes let Legolas be okay, and please update soon! (A lot of pleases...:) But I'm serious! This is a really good story so far, great job!

Author's Response: Goodness, you are serious, aren't you? As for Legolas being okay, well... I will update soon, and you'll see what I mean. Thank you.
Date: Jan 21 2006 05:31 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Twelve Reviewer: Pammie Signed
I wondered at all the big noise and shaking going on above the dungeon! And suspected the (or at least "A") dragon. I hope at last he can repay the kindness Legolas and Aragorn showed him in the wilderness! More soon, please!

Author's Response: Your suspicion was right on. Treco will make an appearance soon. Kindnesswill be repaid, but probably not the way you may think. More soon.
Date: Jan 08 2006 07:13 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Twelve Reviewer: Alatariel Signed
Oh no... I hope they are okay...yay, Treco's here! Please update soon!

Author's Response: I hope so, too. :o) Treco was bound to turn up sooner or later. It won't be long now. I will update soon.
Date: Jan 08 2006 02:04 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Eleven Reviewer: Pammie Signed
So glad you updated, and even tho Aragorn was taken and taken advantage of, I feel Allaura will have met her match when she tries for Legolas. Looking forward to more! Thanks for a good read.

Author's Response: You may be surprised what happens between Legolas and Allaura. More I cannot say at this time. :o) Thank you for liking the story and, of course, for reviewing.
Date: Dec 28 2005 07:58 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Eleven Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
When does the dragon come in? A thought: Aragorn Dragon Rather simaler.

Author's Response: Treco will return soon. I never thought about those two names being similar, but they are, aren't they?
Date: Dec 27 2005 07:33 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Eleven Reviewer: Alatariel Signed
Okay... well. I glad you updated...Is Estel going to be okay? And please don't let her do anything to Legolas, Saes. Please update soon!

Author's Response: I wanted to get another chapter posted before the new year. I hope Estel will be okay. Allaura has her eye on Legolas, and I don't think she'll let anyone get in her way. I'll update again before too long.
Date: Dec 27 2005 02:27 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter Ten Reviewer: pitfired Signed
Definatley enjoyed this entire fic thus far, please continue, i must know what happens next!

Author's Response: I'm glad you are liking the story. I will definitely continue, and if you stick with me, you will know exactly what happens next.
Date: Dec 05 2005 10:22 am [Report This]
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