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Title: Elladan's Tale: Part Two Reviewer: Rozzan Signed
5. Another good chapter. I appreciated your description of Frodo and Sam's death, it was quiet and still and peaceful and inevitable, and also the twinge of pain it causes Elrond as he thinks of children. Good to switch to the journal again and tales of life and a relationship beginning and hope after the war. I am really looking forward to knowing more of this story. keep it coming, I am hooked.
Date: Sep 13 2005 09:22 am [Report This]
Title: Elladan's Tale: Part One Reviewer: Rozzan Signed
Ch 4.MMM. very nice. I love the voice you give to Elladan. nicely done. I also like your Gilwen, that she is a scholar. The device of seeing their story through letters and her journal is interesting and works extremely well. I appreciated very much the descriptions of Elladan through Gilwen's eyes! That she remembers him so well and can tell him apart from his twin after 2 years gap, shows how much of impression he made upon her, even if she does not fully realise it herself just yet. This is a lovely start to the relationship.
Date: Sep 13 2005 09:11 am [Report This]
Title: Visit To Imlothien Reviewer: Rozzan Signed
Oh how poignant this is. A nice renuion but tinged with such nostalgia and such heartbreak too. The portraits were a beautiful idea to introduce us to the family tree and all those marvellous descendants, some of whose stories I suspect we will hear. Lovely. Nice insights into the household at Imlothien and the characters again. I felt so sad for Elrond having the hurt of losing Arwen opened up again and now his sons, and when he replies to his wife's happiness and wonder at all the great grandchildren .. that they will never see them though... I almost cried. This mortality/immortality stuff is indeed a bitter thing. Really nice chapter.
Date: Sep 13 2005 09:02 am [Report This]
Title: A Reunion in Tirion Reviewer: Rozzan Signed
I like your explanation of Galdriel/Atariel's personality change and later of her time in gardens of Lorien and the visions. I love your characterisation of celeborn, you write him very well. The description of the city and its surroundings is beautiful. At their renuion i enjoyed the echo of the first chapter with the words. "This is not true." and their implied intimacy was well done with dialogue and your explanation, a nice choice of words. I liked your depiction of Earwen and as ever your attention to names is excellent and the concise but detailed inclusion of much history and of elven races is evident. A lovely chapter that leaves me wanting to know and read more.
Date: Aug 26 2005 12:53 pm [Report This]
Title: Celeborn Arrives in Aman Reviewer: Rozzan Signed
A lovely beginning with the descriptionof the hatrbour. I could smell the sea air and wanted to be there sitting on that quay. Nice references to history, which i am coming to expect from your tales and also links with Arda, mentions of ancient elves like Olwe and also of the valar gives a sense of long ages and of place. I like your original names very much, Legolas' mothers and Elrond's house, well thought out. Beautiful image of Celebrian in the garden and then sharing there disappointment and sorrow, the simile of "tears streaming down like quicksilver through glass" so gorgeous and emotive. I also appreciate Celebrian's strength at the end, a nice peep into her character and their relationship.
Date: Aug 26 2005 12:18 pm [Report This]
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