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Title: 1. Reviewer: ArwenUndomiel Signed
This is a very good story.

I have just recently read the Silmarillion, and the part about Eol and Aredhel really caught me. This isn't really how I imagine their meeting, but I still love the way you've portrayed it. Very good story.

Author's Response: Oh! Welcome to the Silm-love. I am glad you enjoyed this fic even though it isn't how you see it (I think that was the one of the best compliments possible). Thanks for the FB. Elentari2
Date: Nov 11 2006 10:17 pm [Report This]
Title: 1. Reviewer: Elariel Erestorion Signed
How could such a excellent piece of writting such as this, written by an author with an indepth understanding of Tolkien's world not have any reviews?!?

I love it. I too found it hard to believe that Aredhel was not at first willing to enter into union with Eol. I always believed in the end she left him for the same reason she left Gondolin in the first place, she felt caged, not because she did not feel loved.

It is yet another example of the lack of appreciation that runs rampant in the lotr fanfiction community. Mary-Sue legomance stories written by author's with not enough true appreciation of Tolkien to fill a teaspoon have tens of reviews and a story such as this has none. Sickening truly.

Keep writting, this story put a star in my sky.

Author's Response: I am glad you enjoyed it, Elariel. Thanks for the FB. I will have "issues" with the not unwilling thing forever, I think. You cannot imply that an elf as dragged down to what was quintessentially rape (if Eol bespelled her to have her agreeing) and then say she wanted it too, with no further comments. Orthodoxy is one thing, implying the victim 'wanted' it is another. That, added to my love of alpha strong silent types, gave Omentie life. Being something of a wanderer myself, the idea of a wanderlust heroin made perfect sense. Voila! I hear you on the MS, too. ouch. I'm still writing, but I am still unsure of the archive stories's profile, so I am kind of lurking. Thank you again, Elentari2
Date: Apr 05 2006 11:44 am [Report This]
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