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Title: Finding Reviewer: Katerinna Signed
On the contrary, it is a very good start. I would suggest a beta, however. There are a few small mistakes. I only mention this because you asked. Please don't think I'm trying to be rude. I await more of your story.
Date: Apr 10 2008 10:16 pm [Report This]
Title: Finding Reviewer: Ria Signed
Sounds like a great setting. I've always wondered how they dealt with the remaining orcs in the resettling of Ithilien . . . plus Shelob's still there. Many adventures are possible for Fey.
Editorial note: Faramir should be poring over documents, rather than pouring. They're homophones.


Author's Response: thank you so much for reviewing. Poring, not pouring, right. thank you, i'll change it now. Again, thank you. Helen
Date: Apr 22 2006 02:53 pm [Report This]
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