Reviews For Heart's Joy
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Title: Complete Reviewer: Ria Signed
Hey, add this to my Valentine's Day challenge: it's perfect!
Date: Aug 02 2007 06:24 pm [Report This]
Title: Complete Reviewer: Brassen Signed
I usually don't care much for slash, but this was well-written. I actually liked it! Great job!
Date: Sep 25 2006 01:44 pm [Report This]
Title: Complete Reviewer: JastaElf Signed
Aww, my dear, you already know I adore this story... thank you SO much! As many others have said, it is STUNNING and wonderful that this is your very first story ever... and I feel so honoured that it was written for me! Thank you so much for this gift of your work! The characterizations are marvelous, the sex is delightful, and you really, REALLY know how to set a scene. I look forward to whatever marvels come next from your pen! Thanks again! {{{hugs}}}
Date: Mar 07 2006 04:07 pm [Report This]
Title: Complete Reviewer: Ceana Signed
What a delightful surprise! A first time fanfic that is beautifully written. I'm quite speechless, except to say I absolutely love the way you write. More, we must have more stories from you. Need plot bunnies? I eagerly await your next story. Nicely done.
Date: Mar 07 2006 10:57 am [Report This]
Title: Complete Reviewer: Anarien Signed
Well youve heard it before, so it wont come as a surprise when you hear it again from me: I cant believe this is your first fanfic attempt! Nicely done! And hot to boot! I love the pairing and the characterization that goes with it. I feel a need for more of these two and wish you would do more. You are very talented and you should see if you could launch more bunnies. Proof of your skill: I could feel Elronds eagerness and his surprise. You drew out the moments wonderfully, Rivergirl, and I felt myself gasping with anticipation just like the Imladris lord. My real hope, in the end, was that the distance Elrond put on Legolas at the start remedied itself with Legolas assertiveness in the end. Elronds position makes it hard for him to let loose, but I think if Legolas needs anything it is not more surety from Elrond but just signs of his affection. So what do you think? More? Ill look forward to your next brilliant stab at the fanfic world.
Date: Mar 04 2006 06:52 pm [Report This]
Title: Complete Reviewer: Ces Signed
I read this once before just a couple of days ago and again just now. What a wonderful love story between Legolas and Elrond. I would never know you were a first time author. I hope you write more stories between these two. You captured the essence of what lies between the two of them perfectly.
Date: Mar 04 2006 06:06 pm [Report This]
Title: Complete Reviewer: erobey Anonymous
I am so happy to see your first story here! I absolutely love this, and my most favourite part is Legolas writing on Elrond's skin his eternal vow of love. This was so beautifully writen and a wonderful tribute to the spirit of Valtentines Day. Thank you for sharing it!
Date: Feb 20 2006 04:01 pm [Report This]
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