Reviews For Courtly Love
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Title: Courtly Partings Reviewer: tinara Signed
It was very intersting to read as it touched a topic I seldom see. It's intriguing to see this experienced cocky Arwen and shy, innocent Aragorn. Both have obviously expectations the other can't fulfill - especially as Aragorn seems very set in his view of those matters. And it his his reluctance that I'm not really sure how to feel about.
Of course he's a bit scared, especially with this event of the woman he described, but he was on the road with the rangers and a switch of roles would be fair play. If roles were switched, nobody would understand if Arwen refused to sleep with him as it's the "normal way".
Very thought-provoking.

Author's Response: Thanks! I always thought the age difference between them would have mattered a great deal when they first met. Arwen as cougar, snicker snicker.
Date: Jan 20 2010 06:45 am [Report This]
Title: Imladris Reviewer: Ariel Signed
Very compelling! I look forward to seeing what you do with it! (and good for you, Aragorn!) *snicker*
Date: Apr 10 2006 07:51 am [Report This]
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