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Title: Chapter One Reviewer: Enigma Signed
Hello!! I just read your story, and I think it's got potential to be really good! I like the fact that Tara isn't like, 'OH!! ELF!! I MUST GO WITH HIM IMMEDIATELY!!' She sounds like a sensible sort of girl. I like her very much.
I want to know what happens next. I was sort of surprised that Tyalagen learned the Common Tongue so quickly, but, he is an elf. What does that mean, by the way? Or is it just a random made-up name? I really liked it, either way. I feel as out of my depth with all the Elvishness as Tara! I like how, because Tara does not understand what is being said, you don't translate. I like that a lot. All in all, I want more!! Please up-date soon.
And now, the names! Tara! I read on your bio that you like all things Irish . . . well, ta tu ag caint faoi an cailin deas Eireannah!! (that means that you are talking with an Irish girl) Yep, I am Irish myself. In my current fan fiction, (written about two staunch Irish patriotic girls) they begin talking in Irish and about Ireland in the next few chapters or so, if you want to check it out. And, if you don't mind my asking, just what exactly about Irish things do you like? I always get really curious when people tell me they love Irish stuff.

Wow, this is a really long and rambling review. Is it even a review any longer? I think it's safer just to call it a ramble. Anyway.

And, for the record, I don't think you made any errors with formatting or spelling or anything. Kudos to you, and keep going!! I'm all curious!!
Date: Feb 12 2008 07:13 am [Report This]
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