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Title: Singing Into the Wind Reviewer: erobey Anonymous
well of course i dearly love this story! i know i demanded a difficult pairing but i just could not resist, intrigued to see what would come about from it. Something truly wondrous tobe sure. my second most favourite aspect of the story deals with Lindir telling Aragorn of his anscestors, not the historical perspective as he must surely have know, but who they were as people, what Lindir knew of them, what he loved about them, how Aragorn was like them. My most favourite moment in the story is when the calling of the windchime opens Aragorn's eyes and heart to what has been a part of his life all along - the abiding love and friendship of this beautiful and gifted elf. And I adore that Elladan, who is my favourite twin, got to use the line I requested! beautiful and so kind of you to do it for me.
Date: Mar 08 2006 05:25 pm [Report This]
Title: Singing Into the Wind Reviewer: rivergirl Signed
Jasta, I don't think I've reviewed this yet. Like you, this was not a pairing I would have ever thought of. But it worked out so sweet and sad and lovely. I love the humor in the beginning, especially the part about how *long* Lindir's earlier masterpiece was, and everyone having to sit silently through it. That cracked me up. But then the story turned so poignant and sad and sweet. I loved it. Especially the line: œI know, Estel replied. œHush¦ if once is all we have, then let it be so, but let it be perfect. Then him riding away in the end. Inevitable and sad, but somehow not sad after all. Very well done. And the mention of the windchime in the epilogue, ohhh, that was nice. So, wonderful swap fic, Jasta!
Date: Mar 07 2006 10:06 pm [Report This]
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