Reviews For Animal Magnetism
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Title: Animal Magnetism Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
*snicker* I love the overly cluelss/innocent Aragorn. Any regular guy would have just told her off and bolted, but not Aragorn, he tries to explane everything, as if the world actually works that way. ;) good story!
Date: Nov 29 2007 10:31 am [Report This]
Title: Animal Magnetism Reviewer: Nieriel Signed
hehehehe this was funny and smoothly written ;) Good work.

Author's Response: My first reviewer! Thanks. Glad you liked it. I had great fun writing it. I lover (relatively) clueless Aragorn. *Snicker* I have more stories (only two) over at FF.Net . I'll probably post them here when I get around to it.
Date: Jul 02 2006 09:21 am [Report This]
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