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Title: Wounds of Greatness Reviewer: TLvop Signed
I very much enjoyed this, especially as you drew attention to the parallels between Gimli and Frodo. I also enjoyed it because finding good Gimli fic is difficult and thus much appreciated! :).

However, the very end of the fic to me felt like it suddenly went-- a bit off-tune. From sad-and-introspective to outright melancholy, which jarred with the ending sentences of hope. I think it may have been because the phrase "I wish sometimes I was a lesser person," seems more -- melodramatic (ah, words) -- than "I wish sometimes that I'd been born with a lesser fate."

Especially as Gimli agrees with it, both for Frodo and -- it seems, given how he intentionally parallels them earlier -- himself. And saying you are personally a "greater person" than others seems less likely a thing to own to than saying you have a "greater fate"!

Ah, I hope that was helpful and not muddled. I really DID enjoy the fic lots; I am just nitpicking because I did :)
Date: Sep 02 2011 11:29 pm [Report This]
Title: Wounds of Greatness Reviewer: Narya Signed
After reading (actually, I think "devouring" would be nearer the mark) "The Official Fanfiction University of Middle Earth," I thought I'd take a look at your other stories, and was pleasantly surprised to find this. I've always had a soft spot for Gimli, and it made a refreshing change to see a Gimli-Frodo friendship story; in fact, I don't recall ever finding any others. I thought it was a particularly interesting touch that Frodo was glad it wasn't Sam who followed him out of the feast - an unusual choice to make, but the right one, I think. This isn't the kind of conversation Frodo could have had with Sam.

Thank you for this lovely, bittersweet little fic, - you've captured Gimli and Frodo perfectly - and thank you for a very enjoyable few days spent at OFUM. I haven't started with "Urple Depths" as I liked the place where you left the original, and I also noticed that "Urple Depths" wasn't completed; I don't want to get attached to/obsessed with the story in the same way I did with "OFUM" only to be left agonising over how it might have ended. Any chance you might finish it off one day, or have you permanently abandoned it?
Date: Jan 23 2009 04:13 pm [Report This]
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