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Title: The Intro Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
I decided to reread this from the beginning, because I didn't follow the story during my mad, crazy, mostly-work-and-sleep summer. I've forgotten how FUNNY the beginning is! I laughed my way through every paragragh. ... It is supposed to be humorous, right? I sometimes have a bizarre sense of funny after 9 pm. I know you've already done the next chapter, but I hope it's even funnier then this one and way funner then my fuzzy brain is curently. remembering it as being.

Author's Response: Oh neat! I reread sometimes too, especially when I get stuck. It is most definitely supposed to be funny. I kind of miss those days of short chapters and slapstick humor, but Elaura has evolved, even if I haven't.

I'm really happy you're enjoying it the second time around and Thanks a bunch for reviewing. There's a new chapter for the third book. I just posted it. Hope you like it!

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Title: Many Apologies Reviewer: Redone Signed
A-ha! I ranted too early. Sorry about that. :) And, you know, it is a glorious feeling to know that many chapters are still ahead! It is really a very enjoyable story.

Author's Response: Maybe not, but try to keep an open mind, all Mary Sues aren't hell-spawn, all romance isn't crappy or X-rated, and hopefully you'll continue to enjoy it.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Title: The tale is told Reviewer: Redone Signed
As you see, I found the story on this site! And have read all day. :) I still love it - loved it, until this chapter, that is. Legomance, what a disappointment! Besides, one chapter you had Legolas rude to her, and the next chapter you had him infatuated - no development of feelings, no explanation, no nothing. It's cheating! :) Not very Elvish at all, besides. i loved the angry Legs part, it was good, it was original, it was brill. And then, blam, next chapter you have the rote romance thingy.

Oh, and Grelvish - that is Grey Company "elvish" - ugh! Not Elvish at all. You might want to check real Tolkien elvish from sites like Ardalambion, there are others too, with tons of good, useable phrases. Other than that, in scenes where no "elvish" is spoken and no legomance, I still think this story is brill.

Author's Response: Great! Welcome! Unfortunately, if you continue reading you may have more disappointments. There's no getting around it, Elaura is a "Mary Sue" and the story is a "Legomance" it may even fall under the category of "song fic". Hence the title. In Elaura and Legolas' defense, however [I believe] love at first sight is very Elvish. Elves tend to think with their hearts and there is precedence in Tolkien's works for Elves knowing one another's hearts long before they figure out how to live together. In my defense, the story writes itself, I'm just the transcriptionist.

As far as the Elvish goes, I'm not an expert on any language, certainly not one as complicated as Sindarin [or Quenya]. I give it the old college try and with some helpful feedback I did manage to go in a better direction later on. Truth be told, Westron isn't English, but it would be a pretty weird story if we had to wait for someone to teach it to her.

I appreciate the feedback, positive or not, but don't get your hopes up if you were looking for a no-romance, grammatically-accurate fic. Sorry.

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Title: The road goes ever on Reviewer: ElflingImp Signed
This is getting interesting!

Author's Response: Thank you!
Date: Jan 28 2007 05:06 pm [Report This]
Title: The Intro Reviewer: ElflingImp Signed
That was too funny!

Author's Response: Welcome! It's always great to have a new reader/reviewer! Hope you continue to enjoy it.
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Title: Gandalf's Return Reviewer: Apteryx Signed
Hi Elaura,
I've just finished reading book one of your story, and had to register to review! Yours is the best story of its type I have read, meaning no disrespect, but it's not often an author can pull off inserting their persona into an existing story with such èlan. I enjoyed it immensely.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love to hear from new readers. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

Thank you again for the review.

Author's Response: Oh, Welcome to the land of registered users!

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Title: The Intro Reviewer: elfenears Signed
wow i love this story
being new to fanfiction i don't really know much about it but from what ive read so far yours is really good

Author's Response: Thank you! Don't worry about what you know, it doesn't matter what other people think. If you like it and enjoy it, please keep reading. If you don't, I hope you find something you like better.

Thank you for taking the time to review. Enjoy!

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Title: The Intro Reviewer: BookLuva7 Signed
Fantastic!! I loved it!! :D

Author's Response: WOW!! A NEW READER! This is exciting. Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback. I've started chapter one of book three. Book two is very short, relatively, but I expect book three to be a lot like Book one. Thanks again! Glad you like it!

Author's Response: Test. I'm checking to see if I can respond to reviews in my other stories, because I can't respond to them in Book Three for some reason.
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Title: Gandalf's Return Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
I loved the meeting with the Entwife and also the dream Elaura had when she was visited by her mother. I also liked the way that she spoke to Galdalf when he remembered little and was confused. This was a great chapter I look forward to reading the next...

Author's Response: That was definitely something I know about. My dad had several seizures and brain surgeries, he always woke up from them confused. It was easy to write.

My mom and I have always wondered what happened to the Entwives, I think Tolkien had intended to write about them, but never got around to it.

My mom has always been a big part of my life and I figured Elaura's mom would be too . . . here's a little secret, my mother really had that dress! When she read the chapter she asked me why Elaura's mother couldn't have been in flowing robes . . . LOL!

I'm looking forward to getting the next book up, it shouldn't be long, but the army is getting in the way again.

Thanks for the review!!

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Title: Gandalf's Return Reviewer: Sweetie Signed
Wow!!!! I have been reading from the beginning, how can you write so well? it almost makes me want to give up! But I'm not that type of person. It's a truly cool story, keep writing PLEASE.


Author's Response: A NEW REVIEWER!!!

NEVER NEVER NEVER give up! Writing is just taking reading one step farther. If reading can take you into another world, when you write you get to create another world. Finishing this book is up there in the top ten best feelings I've ever had, well actually the top five. Stay with me and keep reading.

I love the feedback and I appreciate you.

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Title: Gandalf's Return Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
I always felt sad that the entwives had left, adnt didn;t come back. Like there was no more entlings, so the race was fading, like the elves. I like the idea that the ents were supposed to follow but forgot, and that the entwives didn't forget.
I glad shes going with Gandulf, but what wass with his fogeting? Does he fully recover?
Pretty please up-date soon? Cookies and pie?

Author's Response: Just keep in mind that an age to the Ents isn't quite the same as it is to us. They will always have time to get back together.

Gandalf got his brain a little scrambled when he died; he's wiser now and a bit more childlike. He's been renewed by the Valar. He'll have plenty of time with Elaura to bring him back, but he'll always have one foot on the other side. Nobody can see the Valar and not be changed.

I'll hold you to that cookies and pie! I love pie!

Thanks for staying with me, Wyn.

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Title: Farewell Again Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
I like the way you didn't make Elaura's & Legolas's relationship lustful; too many authors reck a decent story that way.

Author's Response: I'm glad you feel that way. That's the best thing about writing, you get to make things the way you think they ought to be.

Thank you for reviewing. I hope you like the next book. Your reiviews have really kept me going. I never thought I could ever write a book and now I'm really looking forward to the next one.

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Title: Drinking, Sparring, and Crying; not necessarily in that order Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
Yeah! I'm so happy you up-dated! It's going great! I can't wait to see what happens in Rohan.

Author's Response: Great! I can't wait either! Thankd for the feedback!
Date: Oct 21 2006 07:50 pm [Report This]
Title: Gandalf's Return Reviewer: Brassen Signed
I love how you included the Ents in this chapter. It was great!

Author's Response: My mom has been wondering what happened to the Entwives ever since she read The Lord of the Rings the first time. She's given me a lot of ideas throughout this book and I've been thinking about that one since the beginning. I'm glad you liked it, I get a strong feeling Elaura will meet more Ents and Entwives.

Thank you for reviewing, I hope you like the next book as much.

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Title: Farewell Again Reviewer: Fawlen Signed
That was a very sad chapter it must have been difficult to write and i really liked all the songs in this and the previous chapters i eagerly await Gandalfs arrival thanks Fawlen.

Author's Response: It was, but for some reason the next one was even harder. It's finally finished, though. Hope you like it. I'm starting on the next one now.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Title: Drinking, Sparring, and Crying; not necessarily in that order Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
Haha! i find it funny to imagine the fellowship passed out due to too much alcohol!!! - Especially Legolas, - he is always in control and never lets that guard down, its fun to read that he has, I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: It seemed to me that they were all due for a really good time. I wonder if Legolas will have a hangover? Thanks for the review, keep reading!
Date: Oct 19 2006 02:06 am [Report This]
Title: A Wager with Arminas Reviewer: Brassen Signed
I really missed reading this story while the site was down. I really enjoyed the new chapters! Keep it up.

Author's Response: I'll bet I missed my reviewers at least as much! Thanks for the feedback. It was hard writing without it.
Date: Oct 18 2006 04:08 pm [Report This]
Title: A Wager with Arminas Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
Really, truely, verily I say unto you, you should consider publishing your works, not only are you my favorite author, but your story is the most well-writein fanfiction I've ever read!

Author's Response: Thank you!!! Maybe when I'm done with this one, I'll try an original work. Thanks for the review!
Date: Oct 17 2006 07:47 pm [Report This]
Title: An Even Dozen Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
Aww, i love the the way you describe her eyes as haveing the light of the Two trees in them. Really, have you ever considered writeing, as a carrar not just a hobby? I've been reading since I was four and I think you're quite good!

Author's Response: I am considering it. Being in the army is beginning to take its toll on my old body. Thatks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
Date: Oct 17 2006 07:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Many Happy Days and Nights Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
Gimli really is a genius, I like the way that he is making Elauras life as easy as he possiby can with his clever gadgets! I am also plased that she is getting better! I look forward to reading more...

Author's Response: Don't you just LOVE him! I'm not handicapped myself, but I know a few soldiers who are and like they tell me, once something happens, there's nothing you can do except accept it and move on. It's frustrating, but there's no point in giving up. After all, with modern prasthetics (or Gimli's genius) sometimes you can even do things better than you could before.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Date: Oct 08 2006 06:56 am [Report This]
Title: Many Happy Days and Nights Reviewer: Fawlen Signed
I can't wait for her to start her journey to Mirkwood i know there will be some danger and adventure of sorts but i will miss Rivendell also.Thanks Fawlen

Author's Response: It's coming, I'm already writing it, well I'm writing it in my head. I've got the next three chapters going on in my head at the same time, It's getting confusing.

Thanks for the review!

Date: Oct 08 2006 01:55 am [Report This]
Title: Many Happy Days and Nights Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
When does the Fellowship leave?
Do they have rubber in Middle Earth? I feel like Elaura & Legolas's relationship moved too fast, like they skipped the friendship part.
Please Keep updating!

Author's Response: They leave very soon. I'm having a little trouble with the next two chapters, I think it's because I'm not feeling well and so I'm not getting a warm fuzzy about posting them.

Elaura's slippers came with her and their soles are the only rubber in ME that I know of. However, the only reason they might not have it is because rubber trees are a tropical plant. Otherwise it would be possible.

Yes, Legolas and Elaura are moving fast, but there's a few reasons for it. One is that they have both been waiting their entire lives for love. Elaura has been in love with Tolkien's Legolas since she was a little girl, too. Legolas has a lot of love inside him as well. He is also a wood elf of a different generation so to speak. Although Legolas' age is never really made clear by Tolkien, it's not likely that he is much over 500 years old. He is relatively young and he is impetuous, Tolkien made that part of Legolas' nature pretty clear. In comparison, Arwen is 2710 years old by the time she meets Aragorn and she had been practically raised by Galadriel, one of the oldest of the Eldar left in Middle Earth. Either way, the usual age for marriage among the Eldar is 100, according to Tolkien in his essay "Laws and Customs of the Eldar," published in the book Morgoth's Ring, History of Middle-Earth.

So, for whatever reasons, Legolas and Elaura are WAY overdue for true love and they are running with it. Not to worry though, Elaura will stick with the one-year "official" engagement, even though by the time they leave Rivendell union will just be a formality.

Thanks for the feedback! Stick with me, I'll probably post two chapters today.

Date: Oct 07 2006 09:21 pm [Report This]
Title: Many Happy Days and Nights Reviewer: Brassen Signed
Loved this chapter! I like how you portray Gimli to be so creative in this story. He comes up with some very interesting devices! :-)

Author's Response: Gimli IS a genius. There isn't anything he couldn't make with wood and metal, I'm sure of it!

Thanks for the review, keep reading!

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Title: The first day of the rest of my life Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
"If you cook, they will come." !
I loved that! Thank you for writing!

Author's Response: It's so true, too. Especially about males. All you need is good food and good beer and you always have a party!

Thanks for reviewing!

Date: Oct 07 2006 12:08 pm [Report This]
Title: Home Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
Awww, *sniff*
True love...*sniff* just like in the stories...

I love you, Elaura!
...As in a sisterly way.
I hope that you're able to continue to update as quickly as you have. Thank you!

Author's Response: I'm working on it. r/l gets in the way unfortunately, they seem to think I've still got to do the soldier thing to get paid!

Thanks for all the reviews and feedback it's really helpful!

Date: Oct 07 2006 11:59 am [Report This]
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