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Title: Middle Earth Barbie Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
Another brilliant read, I look forward to reading the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'll be working on it this weekend. Thanks so much for staying with me. Your reviews really keep me excited about the story.

Author's Response: Test. I'm checking to see if I can respond to reviews in my other stories, because I can't respond to them in Book Three for some reason.
Date: 15/11/06 - 05:03 pm [Report This]
Title: The Red Lady Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
A great chapter! I liked the way the men thought Elaura was a witch! I guess she stands out a bit and with all of the skills she learned from the elves and dwarf, she is very different! Coffee! - Yuck! I much prefer tea, now I would miss that if I could no longer get any, so I kind of know how she feels. I loved this chapter, and look forward to reading the next which I plan to do right now.

Author's Response: Elaura was highly motivated to learn when she got to Rivendell and her instructors really were the best in the world. You can't go wrong with that. I hope she finds some cream and sugar soon so she can share it. Black coffee is definitely an acquired taste.

Thanks for reading.

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Title: The Battle for the Deep Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
Wow! that was one action packed chapter! it had me seated on the edge of my seat! I really hope Elaura is going to be okay, I am so glad i don't have to wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I wish I didn't have to wait! 8-) I've been away for a few days, but I'm going to get back to writing this weekend if I can. Thanks for the feedback!
Date: 15/11/06 - 02:39 pm [Report This]
Title: Meduseld Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Elaura's spat with the Rohirric warrior! I bet no-one unerestimates her again!!

Author's Response: When you can't beat them with speed or strength, use strategy, especially if the other guy is getting emotional. Elaura's still got some weaknesses, though. Thanks for the review!
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Title: Through Fangorn to Rohan Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
This is another great chapter, I liked the way the ents communicated with Elaura. It was a very powerful experience, i liked the way that you put into words so well what they felt when they had to watch their loved ones become mutilated in front of them and there was nothing they could do, that must be terrible to experience. I look forward to reading more. I really hope that they do work together to right the wrongs of Saruman. Fantastic!

Author's Response: A promise is a promise. Elaura seems to be making a lot of them, I hope she manages to keep them all. Thanks for the feedback!
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Title: Fire and Fangorn Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
Treebeard! I think he is a fantastic character, very interesting! I liked the way that Elaura and Gandalf practiced the mind-reading/blocking techniques! I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: I don't think it ever really worked for her . . . although she did manage to aggravate the heck out of Gandalf with her songs! Thanks for the review!
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Title: Middle Earth Barbie Reviewer: Sweetie Signed
You have finished it! Book two is done :) PARTY!!!

You did well with the Saruman/Elaura confrontation, better than having her stare him down!

Does Elaura get to tell the fellowship about Fanfic? That would be a hilrious conversation :) lol:)

I liked that song, I learnt it in german once, it's so sweet.



Author's Response: Thanks! I've been in Korea for a few days, but I'm planning to get back to writing ASAP. I don't think I'm going to have her try to explain fanfiction . . . the idea of her even mentioning slash would probably get Elaura tarred and feathered. LOL! Thanks for the review!
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Title: The Red Lady Reviewer: Sweetie Signed
YAY!! She finally got her coffee :)
*does a little dance*
I love it myself, but don't drink it that often. Good old Saruman, he prepared everything very well.

I loved the: "and you and Legolas thought the term "bull headed " was just an expression!" That was great!
Now she just has to deal with Saruman :)
Legolas is loosening up a bit too, I think he is accepting Elaura more.

The red lady huh? So we have a blue lady (Tuniviel) THREE white ladys (Eowyn, Galadriel and Elwing)
and now a red lady.....

If I was in ME I would be the pink lady :) or maybe the purple one....
*laughs at mental image*

Keep it up, I really enjoy your story, its a highlight of my day.


Author's Response: Mmm, coffee. I think I need some right now. Elaura is going to wait until she can lay her hands on some sugar and cream before she shares her bounty with her friends . . . after all she wants them to LIKE it and it takes a while to develop a taste for black coffee.

Elaura doesn't really want to deal with Saruman, but she won't have a choice. She and Gimli definitely have a stubborn streak in common, but she isn't as interested in seeing Saruman as Gimli is.

I can picture you in ME dressed all in pink and purple. Very royal!

Thanks for the review!

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Title: The Red Lady Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
Awww, I don't know what to say. In reviews, one wants construtive critism, but I can't come up with any, but... please, please! Keep Writing!

Author's Response: I don't mind . . . I get a lot of feedback from other sources and every little thing helps! I'm glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for the review!
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Title: The Battle for the Deep Reviewer: Sweetie Signed
euhhh what a disgusting song! But the rest of the chapter was, great! She just had to hurt herself with that thing didn't she! Poor girl, I bet Legolas really freaked out then! And now I know a little more of what he saw in the mirror, the suspense continues... you better update soon! :)


Author's Response: Sorry about the song, Elaura's personality tends to change when she fights. I think Galadriel was right when she said Elaura has some orc-blood in her. Oh well, we all have our demons.

Legolas has spent too many years caring for "his people" generically. It's a whole new thing for him to care about Aragorn, Gimli and Elaura especially. He seems to be learning how to love particular people, not just Nature in general.

I'm writing as fast as I can. 8-) Thanks for the feedback.

Date: 06/11/06 - 08:33 pm [Report This]
Title: Meduseld Reviewer: Sweetie Signed
Go Elaura! I kept on imaging myself cheering on the sidelines :) I make a better cheer leader than warrior! Porr Legolas, He is really getting stressed out.

I love the poem, I learnt it when I was 10, I like the fact that it almost makes sense, but not quite.


Author's Response: It makes a whole lot more sense to Elaura than ever before. I think sometimes she expects to see the Cheshire cat.

Legolas will have to stay stressed out for a few more chapters, though he's not so worried about orcs . . . it's the men who follow Sauron and Saruman that bother him.

I think you're a great cheerleader! I enjoy reading your reviews, they help me stay motivated, thanks!

Date: 06/11/06 - 08:29 pm [Report This]
Title: Meduseld Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
I laughed all the way through!!
YOU are my number one favirote author on this site. Incedently, have you ever read anthing by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes? I think you would like her book "Hawksong".
Pretty please keep updateing!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll be sure to look up that story. Glad you are enjoying this one. You had me worried when you said you were leaving the site.

Thank you for the review, I'll write as much as I can today.

Date: 04/11/06 - 05:08 pm [Report This]
Title: Meduseld Reviewer: Brassen Signed
Everytime I read a new chapter I always notice the lovely details and descriptions! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! Will do.

Thanks for the review.

Date: 04/11/06 - 08:32 am [Report This]
Title: Through Fangorn to Rohan Reviewer: Brassen Signed
The part about time being an emotion was so awesome! I've never looked at time as such before and now I've got a new outlook. Thanks for that. And thanks for continuing to write this story. It is truly amazing.
Bee (Brassen)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm on a new shift and it's harder for me to find time to write, but I won't stop until I'm dead or the third book is finished, I promise.
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Title: Fire and Fangorn Reviewer: Brassen Signed
All the music verses in this story are great, Elaura. Loved this chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! Most of them carry some personal meaning for me, I spend a lot of time finding just the right ones. Thanks for the feedback!
Date: 01/11/06 - 06:15 am [Report This]
Title: Through Fangorn to Rohan Reviewer: Sweetie Signed
Finally, you have updated! Now i'm really curious, what did Legolas see in the mirror? Ahh! It's going to drive me nuts! And here's a big hug and some e-cofee (+Chocolate!) to make you feel better about your bad month!

God Bless


Author's Response: YUMMY! That helped more than you know. I love hugs and mocha coffee.

I really am sorry about the time lag. This army thing is really starting to get under my skin . . . but I'm all better now. Thanks for the review and keep reading.

You know how that mirror goes, it's all in how you perceive it and it's ALWAYS a big hairy secret.

Date: 01/11/06 - 02:22 am [Report This]
Title: Goodbye, Galadriel Reviewer: Sweetie Signed
Cool, you have started the next book! I can't wait to see the "three hunters" reaction! :) Keep on updating,and I will keep on R&R :)


Author's Response: Thanks! I look forward to your update. I'll be writing more this weekend. I've had a rough week. Thanks for the feedback!
Date: 23/10/06 - 09:17 pm [Report This]
Title: Goodbye, Galadriel Reviewer: Brassen Signed
Yay! Book Two! I love it so far.

Author's Response: Thanks! I appreciate the review . . . I've had a really bad army week and I didn't want to write while I was in a bad mood. I'll update this weekend, I promise!
Date: 23/10/06 - 02:27 pm [Report This]
Title: Goodbye, Galadriel Reviewer: Devonshirelass Signed
This was fantastic, I enjoyed reading this, especially the farewell bestowed upon Elaura and Gandalf, I also liked the way that he read her mind so effortlessly! - How I wish I could do that too!

Author's Response: GLad you liked it! Gandalf will probably learn there are times when you shouldn't let on that you can read people's minds even if he can't help doing it. I know if I could, I wouldn't tell people about it. But then again, he's still very honest and innocent from being reborn. He'll readjust.

Thanks for the feedback!

Date: 23/10/06 - 04:58 am [Report This]
Title: Goodbye, Galadriel Reviewer: Susan Signed
Ah, the answer to the question that I keep on forgetting to ask, which was "What do you mean by Book 1, Book 2, etc.?" So there will be three books, then? And Book 1, 2, and 3 of this tale will cover the same time frame covered by Book 1, 2 and 3 of the LOTR trilogy respectively?

Wow, you're already on the second book! *APPLAUDS VIGOROUSLY* Congratulations!

And I better get cracking on writing my reviews for the last few chapters of Book One.

It strikes me as rather rude that Gandalf is reading your mind without your permission. I mean, it'd be a different story if he said "It's not my fault -- other people's thoughts intrude on my own", but actively reading? Or maybe that's what you meant. (?_?)

Author's Response: Yep! Although Book 1 didn't begin or end at exactly the same place because Elaura didn't come into the story until after the Hobbits and Strider left Bree and she didn't go with the Fellowship to Amon Hen.

Thanks! I was so excited when I finished Book 1 I went out and had a wondeful dinner to celebrate.

I've missed your reviews, I hope whatever has kept you away has been good news. Believe me, I know how much life interferes with reading and writing.

I don't think Gandalf realizes yet that reading people's minds can be thought of as rude. He's still in a playful mood and I think he's stretching out his mind and his new powers in all directions. I think Elaura will have to talk to him about it at some point, but rest assured he doesn't mean anything by it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, it's good to see you again!

Date: 23/10/06 - 04:14 am [Report This]
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