Reviews For One Day in Summer
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Title: Chapter One Reviewer: Michelle Signed
Hi! I'm catching up on the Teitho stories from last month (and yes, I *do* realize I'm awefully late...). I liked this, especially because of the what if-feel you usually have in time travel stories. What if that character doesn't die as he's supposed to? What if he survives? That's always fascinating to me - all the repercussions one small act can have. And truly, to Legolas that wasn't an earth-shattering experience. But to the girl it was all that mattered.

Author's Response: Hi, Michelle. I know all about catching up. :o) I'm glad you liked my little tale. I am also fascinated with ‘what if’ stories. We never know how many future events turn on one small act. I'm glad my idea of the main event in this story being so important to one character and net even remembered by another came through clearly. It was important to me that the woman was able to resolve that difference in her own mind and find peace about it. Thanks.
Date: Dec 19 2006 01:32 pm [Report This]
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