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Title: The Excited Media Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Oh * insert swearwords *, I am just this minute going to bed, I am going to read this as soon as I get on tomorrow and review properly. I swear I just felt as astounded as Alex, the way you wrote of him seeing the ancient city on the tv! Brilliant!

Author's Response: Sounds good. I'll wait for your review tomorrow.
Date: 05/02/08 - 03:08 pm [Report This]
Title: Faris Reviewer: Scribetothehighking Signed
What could Gandalf possibly want with a terrorist group...? Faris and Maglor have some things in common.

This story never ceases to amaze me. Keep updating!

Author's Response: I will...and you'll find out.
Date: 29/01/08 - 07:58 pm [Report This]
Title: The Wraiths in the Rock Reviewer: Scribetothehighking Signed
You are a very gifted writer. I love this story because of its depht and reality... Please, continue updating.

Author's Response: I will. And thank you for that email. I'm very pleased to know that I inspired someone, and am anxious to read your stories.
Date: 29/01/08 - 07:56 pm [Report This]
Title: Storm and Shooting Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
“How many Men are left?” I don't know why that just jumped out at me, as I don't know why Maglor said it. But my theory has always been that orcs interbred with Men - or rather women , [ who might be able to survive it whereas Elves would die ] . Frodo mentioned a '' Squint eyed southerner '' in Bree, who looked '' more than half like a Goblin '' and Treebeard suggested Saruman had been mingling the races of Orcs and Men and called it a '' black evil ''. So that was my theory from 20 years ago; orcs bred with men and there you have it, instant orc blood; people who like destroying things, violence, vandalism for no reason, brutality, anything loud, bloody and senselessly violent.

And if Mordor was located in the Middle east that also may explain why people have been warring there for thousands of years and still are. [ No, the oil is just a coincidence! >.< ] It's the bad vibes!

Author's Response: Nice theory there. I'll have to see if I can take it anywhere, but I like it. You should turn that idea into a story.
Date: 28/01/08 - 01:38 pm [Report This]
Title: Faris Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Wow, yes am I following it! It's enthralling and so original. I don't like '' girl-from-modern-era-falls-into-Middle-earth '' stories, but having Middle-earth as a '' lost history '' and setting the story now is completely different.
There's a dormant volcano in the Elburz Mountains north of Tehran and the area is subject to many earthquakes. Although to compare a Middle-earth map with an atlas Mount Demarvend is not in the correct place to be Orodruin, it's still very interesting. The long mountain wall of the Zagros [ about 1500 kilometers north to south ] and the Elburz to the north and east do make me think of the Ephel Duath and the Ered Lithui.

On a map, it is one of the closest '' matches '' to that region of Middle-earth, if you were working on the premise that the maps Tolkien drew were either deliberately or genuinely mis-drawn. I am sure there are other places , but with those two great Sea's , the Black and Caspian also being close and possibly one being the Sea of Rhun, it * fits * well.

I just love the ancient threads from that time stretching to this Age and how it meshes so well. It's really hard to combine '' modern and Middle-earth '' without it sounding '' clunky '', but this is flawless. There's so many mysteries; I keep asking myself how did Minas Tiriith vanish, where are the Dwarves? What did Faris see? I'm just reading it all again actually, lol. And the looming '' apocalyptic '' feel of this world just increases the tension.

Author's Response: Oh, my God, that's interesting! I'm really going to have to find an atlas now.
Date: 28/01/08 - 05:07 am [Report This]
Title: Faris Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I was looking at an Atlas and wondered if the Zagros were the Ephel Duath and the mountain range north of Tehran, the Elburz Mnts, were remnants of the Ered Lithui and the Caspian Sea was the Sea of Rhun [ or the Black Sea, depending on how much the geography was changed ]. An orc skull? It would make sense if that region had been Mordor or close to it . There's also a Salt Desert north and the Barren Desert further south, which made me think of Lithlad and Gorgoroth. Yes, you've got me looking at Atlas' now, and it was 6.30 a.m.! You are wonderful at just '' teasing '' the reader with hints and winding the tension up and keeping us gagging for more! Thanks for that update - with bells on!

Author's Response: I'll have to look at this atlas, but I did have the idea that Mordor was in this area. I'm so glad you're still following this story; your reviews mean a lot to me.
Date: 28/01/08 - 02:29 am [Report This]
Title: Faris Reviewer: Ria Signed
With every chapter, you keep my interest piqued. This is a truly original tale.

Faris seems like a Faramir figure, and not only because of the coincidence of sound between their names.

Author's Response: Hmmm...this is actually the first time I noticed the similarity of their names. But yes, I wanted to make Faris into somebody like Faramir or Beleg Cuthalion--brave, loyal, and truly dedicated. He's meant to almost be a contrast with Robert Tilton who, despite his original enthusiasm for Gandalf's work, goes the wrong way about expressing his enthusiasm--i.e. ignoring his family's displeasure--and, in the end, loses interest completely because he feels that "his job is done."
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Title: Storm and Shooting Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
This is such an enthralling story, I was so thrilled to see you'd updated so I could read it first thing! So what is in the Zagros Mountains? O.o. Excellent!

Author's Response: You'll find out.
Date: 19/01/08 - 12:26 am [Report This]
Title: The Wraiths in the Rock Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Did I mention how much I love this story, by the way? I'm still re-reading it d:-)

Author's Response: You did, many times. :) I'll be updating as soon as I can.
Date: 10/01/08 - 10:54 am [Report This]
Title: Madness Reviewer: Nieriel Signed
I like how you are writing this as a story...I somewhat expected a more documentary-style work, but this is very good so far, I like it.

Author's Response: Thanks.
Date: 03/01/08 - 06:25 pm [Report This]
Title: The Wraiths in the Rock Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Re: You asked about the North Coast of Scotland. If you google image North West Scotland, there are plenty of pics showing how lonely it is. [ There are actually lovely beaches but the water is always darn cold even in summer ] and lots of different coast, from 400 foot cliffs to sand beaches, rocky shorelines as you spoke of, so no, there's any sort of beach there and I could really see the hobbit's being there.

Author's Response: Okay; thanks.
Date: 26/12/07 - 01:20 am [Report This]
Title: The Wraiths in the Rock Reviewer: Ria Signed
That's a sad way to see the hobbits at last. How do they know that those are the last hobbits in the world, though?

Author's Response: I suppose I shouldn't have said "know," but "feel." Because you're right that they wouldn't know for sure. I can change it pretty quickly.
Date: 24/12/07 - 11:26 pm [Report This]
Title: The Wraiths in the Rock Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Aww, poor things! :( And I was wondering where they would go. Tom Bombadil's, of course.
The north/north west coast of Scotland is ideal, some of it is incredibly wild and not accessible by road even now, and the very north is the domain of the serious hikers and walkers, so it would be a good '' last place '', to go, even now it's very, very lonely - but cold and bleak. They're going to need a lot of care and good food. I'm really glad you have updated this, I've been waiting in anticipation! Wonderful and engrossing!

Author's Response: Thanks. Anything I got wrong in writing about the north coast of Scotland, though?
Date: 24/12/07 - 03:39 pm [Report This]
Title: Peredhil Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I love the way Elladan and Elrohir are portrayed in this story ( and they have not even been in it much ) I feel it slanders them horribly to have them written of as : '' Oh, we are jolly japesters, let's pour honey down Estel's breeches, hur, hur, hur, and now let's fart to the tune of the Lay of Leithien. '' Argh! I also love the idea they stayed behind, since I can find no real evidence that they did not, or any that they chose to be counted among men and die as Arwen did - though people have different opinions. They seem just as I always envisaged them. ( You don't have to respond to all my reviews, it must be a pain in the bum! )

Author's Response: Quick comments: Elladan and Elrohir being portrayed as the Weasely twins of Middle-earth pisses me off too.rnAnd I have a weird sense of humor, but I'd love to hear somebody fart to the tune of the Lay of Leithian.
Date: 11/12/07 - 07:05 am [Report This]
Title: The Elf's Tale Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
It reduces me to tears to think of Maglor like this, having to beg and survive and just dwindling, and so alone :( With such a past, a heritage, so tragic and so wondrous, to come to this - I can quite imagine it too. I don't like to, but reading this, I can, with great clarity. So well written. I wanted to take him home, give him my home made chicken soup, run out for a couple of good bottles of wine and tuck him up in the spare room. I can imagine my partner. Me: '' He's Maglor so of FŽanor and he's staying here for a bit. '' Kev: '' Oh, right. 70 quid a week rent. '' Me: '' I'll give you such a kicking in a minute, I'll pay his bleeding rent, tightar*se! '' Kev : '' Ok. You think he'd like to play LOTRO? '' Me: O.o [ That would all be true ] I so hope Maglor goes home. His lonliness and displacement comes across so poignantly, you have captured it so incredibly well.
Date: 11/12/07 - 03:31 am [Report This]
Title: The Last Words of the Little Folk Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I was trying to work out who these men were, they sound a little like the '' Beaker People '' who came to England in about 2500 BC, and were the builders of the barrows which dot the landscape here in Wiltshire. I remember doing this in history. They became rulers over the original inhabitants, and they worked in bronze for weapons such as bows and spears. They came in from the continent, although there have been many such influxes throughout history. Which I am now going to read about. [ When you've got me digging into my history books, you've thoroughly hooked me d;-) ] At any rate, I love the fact that this story does blend Tolkien history with our own '' known '' history.
I am aching to know how Minas Tirith was destroyed, '' swallowed by darkness ''.
Date: 11/12/07 - 01:58 am [Report This]
Title: The Dirty, Crumpled Plane Ticket Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Well, Molly went up in my estimation, she's growing up a little. Poor Maglor, probably the character which touches me most in all of Tolkien's works, I am so glad you put him in this story. A lot of people focus so much on LOTR alone, and do not read any further and miss so much! It did just occur to me this must be a busy time for you, just before Christmas, but I hope you have time to continue with this because it's just a hell of a tale, each chapter pulls me on, and I am feeling the emotions of the characters, frustration, excitement, sorrow, anger, the lot. Brilliant. I have no stories on my favorites , so this is going to be the first one. I have not the faintest idea why it's not more read as it hands down beats any story that combines Middle-earth (in any way ) with the modern day, and comes at it from such an intriguiging and in-depth angle. How many of us would not be thrilled ( and stunned ) at finding the '' history '' of Middle-earth was real and be involved in looking for it? Wouldn't we be completely driven almost mental by not having the resources, by the fact that there are so few records, ( and some probably hidden by the archeaological community, b*stard's always brush under the carpet things which don't fit, it's a monolithic institution! ). There are records from 4,000 years ago + of course, but things take years to be properly researched and a lot of the time it is '' lucky '' finds like the Rosetta Stone, or Schleimann believing in the literal existance of Troy when the establishment thought it was myth, which brings things to light. I was considering the task which any-one would have in finding traces of people from that long ago, and it's daunting. Even if you had the backing of every archaeological institution in the world, and access to museums, the Bodleian Library in Oxford ( where it's said Tolkien discovered ancient writings ) and also access to places in the Middle east which are in turmoil and often travel is * inadvisable *. All these things have come across in this story, but , Eru knows how, you have blended * now * perfectly with the mysticism and beauty of Tolkien. Gandalf, Maglor, Elladan and Elrohir stand out as who they are, they are not awkwardly inserted, they do not sound like modern era people, even though they are not using '' antique '' speech modes. You get a sense of who they are, the age behind them, the history, which contrasts wonderfully with the young people like Alex and Katie. It's also incredibly realistic in the tensions that it evokes, especially among the Tilton family, and this is so true, and so authentic, it would happen. People go through self doubt, despair, depression, elation, anger, bitterness, uncertainty, and they would, yes. ( I'd still give that Adele a good ding around the ear, several times! Po-faced, pinch mouthed academic twonk. ) You have completely avoided the '' Indiana Jones '' trap where things go far too smoothly and launch almost at once into SFX drama. I don't know how you do it, but you definitely have a '' story-tellers '' talent, and as they say, a lot of people can write, but being a story-teller is on a different level entirely. Tolkien was one, and it's much rarer than being a good writer. One of my English teachers told me that you can teach any-one to '' technically '' write well, but you can never teach talent, it exists or not. I so hope you have the time to carry on with this! How this story got '' lost '' I will never know ( although I did think you only did the MS parodies until very recently .If ever there was a hidden gem it's this. Perhaps since it's not a romance, or set at the time of the LOTR, people bypass it, which is damned shameful imo. Well done! I realy look forward to more, when you have the time!

Author's Response: The MS parodies are much easier than this. Most of the time, when I'm writing a parody, it's not very hard. The reason this one gets updated so slowly is that I always am very nit-picky about my chapters.
Date: 11/12/07 - 01:24 am [Report This]
Title: The Betrayal Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Ooh, woman, I would tear the face of you for that! Even if it was a vagrant - which she knew damned well it was not. Pity Alex is a good mannered young man and not me, as Adele would have got such a smacking!
Date: 11/12/07 - 12:37 am [Report This]
Title: The Elf's Tale Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Dear, dear Maglor, I always tear up thinking of him.
The things we say when we've had a few, Alex, lol, whoo dear. And as for Tilton, ditch the missus and the selfish daughter, mate, some things are more important. ( lol, you can tell I'm so into stories when I start advising the character's d;-) )
Date: 11/12/07 - 12:32 am [Report This]
Title: Little Bones Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I can almost imagine going to somewhere that smells '' clean ''. That's a lovely, subtle bit to put in. Few people would realize that. In developed countries we mostly don't notice pollution unless it's intense, but if I go say from this town to relations in North Wales, the difference is marked and to breath truly clean air...that would be remarkable. The mass grave gave me a chill, :(. Excellent, let me read on.
Date: 11/12/07 - 12:11 am [Report This]
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