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Title: Let Me Sleep Reviewer: Daewen Signed
So let me sleep, just let me sleep, retreat into my dream world of epic fantasy.

You like Evanescence don't you?
Date: Oct 27 2009 08:26 am [Report This]
Title: Let Me Sleep Reviewer: Sharpe_and_Harper Signed
I'm sorry to hear about your struggle, but I'm happy to hear that you're doing better.

I have to say, that because I dance, I've seen and heard of a lot of people who struggle with anorexia. It's a sad thing, but the truth is that we are all beautiful, because that's how God made us. So remember, you are a beautiful person, with a lot of talent.

I hope I helped a bit. Hang in there! ~God bless

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! This helped a lot more than you might think. It's been one of those days where the anorexic part of my mind started to bother me again, and your review has helped give me that extra bit of strength to override it. So thank you! Sorry if I'm weirding you out...
Date: Nov 30 2006 12:42 pm [Report This]
Title: Let Me Sleep Reviewer: Aerlinniel Signed
You're welcome!


Author's Response: No probs.
Date: Nov 27 2006 06:48 pm [Report This]
Title: Let Me Sleep Reviewer: Aerlinniel Signed
This is really good! I love it!

You shouldn't be afraid to express yourself through poetry; it really helped me. It took a lot for me to post 'Stalker' but when everyone revewed my songs I felt so much better. Like there are people in the world who are caring and kind. You're one of them.

And anyways, who cares if you are fat? It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, but who you are on the inside.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! Comments like these always cheer me up so much! I guess there's one line people misunderstood though...the fat one...I'm not really fat. I'm actually slightly underweight. I guess I'm feeling up to explaining this now...I struggled with anorexia for a while, I just didn't want to tell people that before cuz I was worried everyone on the site would think I was a freak or something. A lot of this poem comes from my experience of anorexia, though I tried not to make it too blatant. Anyway, you are really the nicest person and your reviews always make me smile! Thank you so much, and I'm really glad you enjoyed this.
Date: Nov 26 2006 03:26 pm [Report This]
Title: Let Me Sleep Reviewer: Bein_Fuin Anonymous
Oh wow! This is incredible! Our souls could meet or something. Keep it up! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you! You can identify, then? To be honest I wasn't even sure if I should put this poem up, because it's quite personal. I like it though (well, as much as I ever like my own work) because I feel that it was one of the few times I've been able to capture my own emotions accurately. Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it!
Date: Nov 26 2006 02:44 am [Report This]
Title: Let Me Sleep Reviewer: Sweetie Signed
*sucks in breath sharply* ouch.
Fat girl in the mirror? I bet your beautiful! And if I could write like you do, I sure would be good enough! Your making me cry again...


Author's Response: Thank you! Your reviews are always so encouraging. I have a tendancy to be very self-critical, and it's very rare that I meet my own expectations. It means a lot that you think my writing is good. Thanks so much for reviewing!
Date: Nov 26 2006 01:04 am [Report This]
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