Reviews For The City
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Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed [Report This]
Date: 30/12/06 - 07:24 pm Title: Chapter 1

It sounds like a spin off of a darker side of "When you step out onto the road, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."
I like it! You're a great writer & I hope you continue. I'm always looking for more good writers on this site.

Author's Response: Thanks! While I was writing this I was thinking less about a journey and more about the irony of city life, but new interpretations are always exiting to hear! I'm glad you like my writing, and thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Bein_Fuin Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 24/12/06 - 01:09 pm Title: Chapter 1

Very well written. Well done. Oh and before I forget, Merry Christmas!!! xx

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed [Report This]
Date: 24/12/06 - 12:26 pm Title: Chapter 1

Hm.. Sounds like something I'd write, although my favourite topic is the end of the world.. It's a fasinating subject really, mortality, the way we're destroying ourselves and everything around us..

Author's Response: Yeah, that's what really inspired me- the city is such a paradox, the way we crowd close together and yet nobody meets each others' eyes and acts so afraid of each other. Very interesting.. Thanks for the review and Merry Christmas! :]

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