Reviews For A Kitchen Disaster
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Reviewer: ArwenAragorn Signed [Report This]
Date: 18/11/09 - 11:42 pm Title: Mission: Traumatise

I knew someone HAD to write something about Eowyn's cooking..I mean, that stew in The Two Towers looked..ah...oh, never mind.

I was expecting something like that by the end, but my guess was Legolas, not Aragorn. I thought after that bad stew he would have sided with poor Faramir.

Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/02/08 - 06:32 pm Title: Mission: Traumatise

It kinda reminds me of my own culinary disasters as I've recently discovered that i actually CAN'T BOIL AN EGG! Apparently "anyone with half a brain can do it!" and its "sooo easy!". Well, not for Talking Tree it isin't! Oh, anyway; cool fanfiction! I like it!

Author's Response: Haha. You're better than me, actually. I don't even KNOW how to boil an egg. Thank goodness I'm still in my early teens. I'd starve!

Reviewer: Elvithien Aranel Signed [Report This]
Date: 16/01/07 - 12:40 pm Title: Mission: Traumatise

lol! that was great! i loved it=)
*looks over Eowyn's parts and cracks up* so like me, lol

Author's Response: So like you? Well, you know what? If I ever get within a one-kilometre radius of you, I'll scream and run in the opposite direction as fast as I can!

Reviewer: ArwenUndomiel Signed [Report This]
Date: 14/01/07 - 04:31 am Title: Mission: Traumatise

Which bits are too modern? Well, words like 'yeah' don't really seem to belong. Also all the contractions(is that what they're called? Can't remember) like you're. They didn't abbreviate things so much back in those days. If you look through the books, they don't really say you're. Well, some colloquial language is used by the Hobbits, but men (particularly of Gondor...and especially in high-up positions like steward) talked far more formally.

Also, when Aragorn says 'Hasn't anyone ever told you..." sounds a tad off. According to the way he spoke in the books, he would be more likely to say 'Has nobody ever told you...".

There. Hope that helps. And like I said, this is a pretty good story, and for a first fic it is excellent!

Author's Response: Thanks! I really appreciate it.

Reviewer: ArwenUndomiel Signed [Report This]
Date: 14/01/07 - 04:00 am Title: Mission: Traumatise

For a first story, that was pretty good! I like the idea, and I found it really funny. However, my one criticism is that a lot of the language used, particularly the dialogue, is a little too modern for the setting. Aside from that, this is really good. I hope to see more of your writing soon!

Author's Response: Which part of the dialogue was too modern?

Reviewer: Ria Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/01/07 - 01:59 am Title: Mission: Traumatise

Well, that does end in disaster . . . I notice Arwen manages to stay far away from the kitchen. I bet Strider's a pretty good cook, though.

Author's Response: Oh, you really think that? Maybe I'll write a story to show you JUST how wrong I think you are!

Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/01/07 - 07:11 pm Title: Mission: Traumatise

Good question, who DID tell him to be early? Poor poor Faramir.

Author's Response: *defensively* There's nothing wrong with being punctual!

Reviewer: BookLuva7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/01/07 - 09:24 am Title: Mission: Traumatise

That, *gasp* was so *gasp* Funny!!! Plz write more! This is great! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! The thing is, I've run out of ideas!!!

Reviewer: faramiriel Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/01/07 - 10:19 pm Title: Mission: Traumatise

oh that was hilarious!!! a couple of words left out here and there, but other than that it was good.

is this a response to the challenge "Culinarily Challenged," or did it have nothing to do with that? If it is, you should submit it.

anyway, I loved it!


Author's Response: What were the 'couple of words'? Just wondering so I can write something better next time. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: iggybaby Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/01/07 - 03:42 pm Title: Mission: Traumatise

hee hee hee! It's absolutely hilarious! I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks SO much for the review! Unfortunately, I am like TOTALLY DEVOID of ideas right now!!!

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