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Title: enter Beleg Cuthonion Reviewer: belegcuthalion Signed
Amazing! Please update! The only thing that I can say to improve it (other than it looks like it MIGHT be heading down the Mary-Sue path but heck only two chapters are up) is that it's Cuthalion...
Date: 19/06/10 - 08:50 pm [Report This]
Title: the prolouge Reviewer: elfenears Signed
really good start
can't wait for more
samoyed is soo cute, i have one and would take him on my adventures but he probably wouldnt be much use bit spoilt

Author's Response: You have a sammy?? That's unfair. As soon a I get a dog that's what I am going to get. I think they are the greatest. Thank you for the review.
Date: 17/01/07 - 05:35 am [Report This]
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