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Title: The Greatest Torment Reviewer: chenlina Signed
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Date: Apr 09 2017 10:47 pm [Report This]
Title: The Greatest Torment Reviewer: Daewen Signed
You're welcome. I always like stories that leave a haunted feeling. Would you please read and review my fanfictions?
Date: Oct 30 2009 08:15 am [Report This]
Title: The Greatest Torment Reviewer: Daewen Signed
I especially like the last line. The seas at Alqualonde are red. Very sorrowful.

Author's Response: Hi, Daewen. :) Thank you for reviewing my story, "The Greatest Torment." Actually, I'm not sure now since it's been so long, but I think I have to give my mother partial credit for the last line. At least, for the way the last few lines were arranged for maximum impact. Anyway, I'm glad that you liked it. :) ~ Still Anonymous
Date: Oct 29 2009 07:28 am [Report This]
Title: The Greatest Torment Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Still Anonymous, I love the grasp you have on these First Age characters. They are far more enthralling than those in the LOTR, I think and the Silmarillion is my greatest love. It's such a small part of the Tolkien fandom, but perhaps because of that I have rarely read any badly written stories. I would still like to read more, however, since there is so many gap fillers which could be written, apart from anything else, simply offered the fanfic writer on a plate.

A wonderful piece. Thank you very much.

Author's Response: Hello, xFanarix! Thank you very much for reviewing my story and putting me on your Favorites List! I tend to compulsively worry that my stories are bad (not just bad, at that, but most awful and terrible travesties), and mentally dissect them, so it cheers me up immensely to get a review like this. I love "The Silmarillion," too, and relatively recently acquired "The Lays of Beleriand" and "Unfinished Tales." (They are preciousss, to us, yesss.) I think the characters in LotR are excellent, too, but it's a lot harder to write them because there is so much bad (or, at least, OOC) fanfiction floating around about them that our understanding of their characters has been greatly confused and diminished. "The Silmarillion" becomes a breath of fresh air in the Middle-Earth fandom. There are definitely some really great characters there, too. It also helps that people who actually enjoy "The Silmarillion" are book fans and not movie fans, and, therefore, tend to have a much better grasp of what they're doing. I think "The Leithian Script" by Philosopher At Large may have had the best characterisations of any Silm fanfic I've ever read. (It makes me feel like a fumbling idiot. And I am not an idiot. Fumbling, now . . .) ;) I'll probably end up writing more Silm fanfic at some point. I seem to be an addict. (I'm sure you can understand.) ;) ~Thank you (and you're welcome), Still Anonymous :D
Date: Jun 30 2008 08:46 am [Report This]
Title: The Greatest Torment Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
As I have **Still** not read the Silmarillion, I cannot appreciate this as much as I should like.

However, I think you are a very talented writer, so keep up the good work!!

**Still** meaning that the book has disappeared under mysterious circumstances

Author's Response: Hi again, Nazgrrl!rnrnNo, I have not died. No, I am not ignoring you. Yes, I do appreciate your reviews. Alas, a great evil befell me. It had to do with my hard drive making this little "kaput!" noise and disappearing in a puff of shiny smoke. (Not literally, of course.) I'm sorry I didn't answer before.Thank you for reviewing.rnrnI extend my condolences that you haven't gotten to read the Silmarillion yet. You have been deprived. (And I may be being a little melodramatic, but I'm definitely *not* being sarcastic.) I've lost my copy of the Silmarillion, too, and I suspect I've put it in a very safe place where I can never lose it, and promptly forgot about it. This happens periodically. I love the stories in the Silmarillion. It's not the sort of book that I sit down and read from start to finish, but I read jump back and forth at different times, seeing how all the threads weave together. Tolkien was terrific at world-building. Of course, he spent 50 yrs. or so at it, so I'm not surprised. I did my best here with Maedhros (and I'm glad you seemed to like this), but I know that I am not ready to do the Silmarillion justice. There is so much depth there! You can read it and read it and still not get it all. Occasionally, I run across a fanfic I think does it justice, but rarely (I'm afraid I have a *very* exacting standard).rnrnHere's hoping you still remember what this is about! :)rn~Still Anonymous
Date: Jan 11 2008 03:01 pm [Report This]
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