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Title: Cold Night Reviewer: tinara Signed
Many thanks for the update!
Kick Glorfindel so that he goes back to Lindir and talks some sense into that elf, especially should he recall his "talk" with Laiglas!
Mh, somehow I cantīt believe that Sauron loves Lindir, he is just useful. But till now you havenīt given many clues what Sauron is plotting - perhaps there is some feeling left?
I donīt know if I should like or despise Silmo - in the beginning he was so ... (loss of convenient word), but now he seems really concerned for Lindirs relation with Glorfindel (and he keeps his hands off of Lindir).
And when will Linden finally see what a crap her brother is! At least I believe she likes Lindir andGlorfindel - she heard Laiglas talk and saw what it did to Glorfindel, why did she not intervene, or goes to talk with Lindir!
Update soon, please.
You donīt have to answer all questions now, Iīm sure all will be revealed in due time. :-)

Author's Response: Oh, you are welcome. Thank you so very much for your detailed response. :) I appreciate it. I agree with you re Linden... and Lindo for that matter. They need to work out their priorities and take a bit of action. I am working on an update - am about halfway so far. Hopefully I will be able to post it soon. I'm a little swamped at the moment, though, unfortunately. @_@ Thanks again, Tinara. *huggles*
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Title: Cold Night Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
O.O I read Tinara's review, and was shocked by your reply. I hadn't even considered Laiglas liking Lindir in that way!
Poor Lindir. What a mess.
Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Aww, I spoiled the surprise for you!!! *hugs* Laiglas does like Lindir in that way and you'll see more of their developing relationship very soon. :) Thanks, Gemini. So glad you're still following and enjoying this story.
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Title: Silver Fire Reviewer: tinara Signed
Great how the story is developing. I canīt shake the feeling, that Laiglas wants Lindir for himself - some chapters ago the scene between Laiglas and Lindir and now his words to Glorfindel...
I also wonder about Saurons behaviour - was he angry about the ork having some "fun" or because so many "useful servants" died or did he expect the orks to treat Lindir differently? I also wonder what now Ranas fate may be - fast death or especially cruel life?
Please update soon, Tinara

Author's Response: *claps* Keep that feeling; you're spot on about Laiglas. As for Sauron, he was not angry, he just thought that he would be better off with the orc dead and replaced by someone else. The orc was a liar, corrupt, incompetent, using an elf for his own purposes... a far from loyal servant. I wonder what Rana's fate will be too. Haven't decided on it yet. Happy you're enjoying the story so much. Thank you, tinara! :)
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Title: Silver Fire Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
O.O Laiglas is evil! it merely ignorance? Hm...

Author's Response: Well... Laiglas isn't really evil or ignorant... he saying what he's saying for a purpose. More to come! Hee. Happy you enjoyed it, Gemini. Thank youuu! :)
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Title: The Pit Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
RE: My last review: I was just worried you'd think I'd gone off the story ^_^ I'm glad I had this to read at the end of my performance, because I feel very mad and ashamed that I didn't get my monologue right :( But this fic cheered me up, as always :)
I found this chapter quite interesting, the relationship between Lindir and the other captive elves is fasinating to read!

Author's Response: *smiles* Ah, as I said, you're a sweet one. *hugs* Sorry to hear that you mucked up your monologue a bit. Oh well. At least it's over, eh? Happy this fic could cheer you up. Thanks, Gemini!
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Title: Blackmail! Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Sorry I haven't reviewed! I've got rehersals until Sunday, so I still cant review for a couple more days. I would review now, but I'd probably have my school account blocked for looking at "inapropriate sites" !

Author's Response: Oh, no problem, Gemini. There's no need to apologise (but you're awfully sweet to do so!). *hugs* I assumed you were buried under work. :) All the best with the rehearsals and the performance (assuming a performance follows the rehearsals). Thanks for letting me know, darling.
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Title: More Milking Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
XD Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Hee. Thanks, Gemini. Happy you enjoyed it!
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Title: More Silence Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
:D Great chapter! I REALLY love the flashbacks... They are what make the fic seem so alive, so real!
One question: I notice rape in your warnings. Is this refering to the creature back in chapter (3?) (4?) or is something else going to happen. I also noticed "incest" is that to cover the *Cough* Feeding, or is it something else?
Love this fic!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Happy you enjoyed this chapter so much. I love writing the flashbacks for this story; they're a bit of escapism from the drudgery angst that's going on in the present. Hehehe. The rape refers to events that are still to come. Incest refers to feeding... and... something else. Hee. So glad you're still enjoying this story so much. Thank you so much, Gemini! *hugs*
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Title: Silence Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Poor Lindir, he's completely torn...
I am curious about your warning at the beginning of the fic "Minor involved" Was Lindir a Minor when Sauron first slept with him, or is the Minor someone else (Personally, I would guess it was Laiglas...Something shady about him)

Author's Response: Lindir is torn indeed. Glad I managed to convey his torn-ness successfully. Yay! Re the "minor involved", you're spot on about Laiglas. Lindir was an adult when Sauron first slept with him. I also used the warning to cover myself for feeding-the-baby-milk scenes. :) So happy you are still enjoying the story. Thanks, Gemini! *hugs*
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Title: Traitor Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
O.O Gods, what DID Glorfindel think at that point...Eep...
Not sure I understand HOW Sauron managed to attach the rings to Lindir... But great chapter!

Author's Response: We'll see what Glorfindel thought in the next chapter, hopefully. *is still writing it* And more on Sauron's skill later. :) So glad you enjoyed it so much! I was determined to have Sauron and Lindir get it on for this 100K chapter so I was afraid there might be some iffy plausibility issues. More outrageous than usual, anyway. Hee. Thanks, Gemini!
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Title: Captured Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
O.O Uh-oh!
Fascinating chapter! Loved it!

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed this chapter. I'm unused to writing about battles and battle violence. ^^; Thank you, Gemini. And next chapter = more than 100K! Whee!
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Title: The Courtroom Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
So now Glorfindel knows... How will the trial go now?
I look forward to your next update, even if it takes a while to do it!

Author's Response: Does he? Or does he just think something is odd and he's not thinking/seeing right? Maybe find out next chapter, which should be up soon. Thanks so much, Gemini. Glad you're still enjoying the story.
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Title: Morning Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
I think Lindir's cookoo. Who wouldn't love Glorfindel over Sauron?

Author's Response: Well, they're both strong, handsome, and powerful, eh? Hehehe. Maybe Lindir likes a little bad in his relationships. *kidding, slightly* So happy you're still following and enjoying the story. Thanks, Gemini. x
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Title: Truths Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
O.O So...Which one DOES Lindir love more I wonder... And what IS going on with Sauron's children? This is all getting deeper...

Author's Response: Who does he love more indeed? Whoever he loves, he'll have to make some changes to continue a relationship with them in the future, that's for sure. Thanks, Gemini. Happy you're still enjoying the story. *hugs*
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Title: The Courtroom Reviewer: tinara Signed

I wonder whose son Glingal is. Lindir had his condition removed after Gloredhel, or so I understood. Is Glingal Laiglas son? Iīm confused - but Iīm sure you will enlighten the matter in time. The relationship between Laiglas and Linden and Lindo is as well very intriguing. Do the two have a will of their own? One wonders. Take your time in continuing the story, I will wait patiently for updates (if it doesnīt take too long :)).


Author's Response: Glingal is the youngest son of Glorfindel and Lindir. Elrond did try to remove pertinent parts of Lindir's reproductive organs after Gloredhel was weaned, but they grew back (thanks to having a live creature in there). That's why Lindir had to undergo so many operations under Elrond. Linden and Lindo do indeed have wills of their own, but they're not yet comfortable enough with who they are to assert themselves. Laiglas always knew who he was and never shirked from it. Linden and Lindo lived in denial. Now they're looking towards him for leadership. Will update soon. Wrote the next chapter only yesterday. So glad you're still enjoying the story. Thanks, Tinara!
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Title: Feeding In That... Manner Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Aw, poor Glorfindel! He's gonna be so upset! And poor Lindir...
O.O VERY interesting chapter...I hadn't even thought about how he'd wean the elflings...I assumed his nipples would produce milk as well... *Shudders*

Author's Response: Oh? Hee. I'm kind of surprised that you hadn't already guessed the feeding method considering I've referred to it (admittedly vaguely) a few times in previous chapters. No nipple feeding for my MPreg elves. Just the belly effect. ;) Anyway, so happy you're still enjoying the story. Thanks, Gemini.
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Title: Dog Walking Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Somewhere you've put, "The dog glared with it's eyes." You don't need the ' in it's.
*Claps* Nice chapter!

Author's Response: Fixed! Thanks, Gemini. I appreciate it. So happy you are still enjoying the story.
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Title: Confessions Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Poor Lindir...I feel so sorry for him...

Author's Response: Whee! Mission accomplished! Thanks, Gemini. Happy you're still enjoying the story. *hugs*
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Title: Afterwards Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
This fic rocks!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. Happy you're enjoying it. :)
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Title: Seducing Lindir Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Great chapter :D

Author's Response: Thanks! *hugs*
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