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Title: The Trunk In The Corner Reviewer: chaotic binky Anonymous
Hehehe i like your Melpomaen - he is such a little trouble maker and will deny the whole lot the next morning i expect lol Hugs Binky x

Author's Response: Well what else should one expect from a nephew of Erestor? Hehehe. Glad you enjoyed the story, Binky. Thank you. *hugs* x
Date: Mar 24 2007 09:06 am [Report This]
Title: The Trunk In The Corner Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
*Blushes* I didn't guess what was in the trunk until Lindir opened it up... *Gasps* Maybe the innocent part of my mind has returned!

Author's Response: I tried to make the contents of the trunk as mysterious as possible, so I'm glad I managed to pull it off! I feared that, considering I'd already posted "Encyclopedias, Toys, and Locked Doors", that it would have been obvious. Evidently not so. Hee! Thanks, Gemini. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Date: Mar 23 2007 02:46 pm [Report This]
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