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Title: Of Trips And Hospitals Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
lol, like how Beregond's story opens like the movie.
I'm guessing some of the hospital scene was from the manga, as it's different in the anime.
I feel so sorry for Havoc and Beregond! Poor guys *Huggles them*

Author's Response: Beregond saw the movie too. :-p You're right; a couple of scenes are from the manga, since I couldn't miss the opportunity of Ed freaking out rnAnd... call me evil, but that's just the beginning of what I have in store for the two fellas.
Date: Oct 15 2007 08:09 am [Report This]
Title: Red Glow Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
This scene has always been one of the most dramatic for me. You did a really good job describing it!

Author's Response: Thank you. I love that scene too, and I really wanted to do it justice. ^_^
Date: Oct 07 2007 07:13 am [Report This]
Title: Soul Of The Guardian Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Thanks for updating! I love this ep! Although the best ones are the last ten!

Author's Response: Yeah, I like those too, they're the most tense ones, I think. Although I'm afraid it will take a long time before we get there with this story... *uhoh*
Date: Sep 16 2007 09:11 am [Report This]
Title: The Truth Behind The Truth Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
*Gasps* Beregond has a role to play? Has he got something to do with the secret behind the secrets? (I should know what the FMA secret behind the secrets is, but that part is filled with action and I lost key details :D)

Author's Response: You'll find out as you read. ;)
Date: Sep 05 2007 11:29 am [Report This]
Title: God's Ways Reviewer: DarkDreamer Signed
O.O Wow. That was kinda freaky... but I still enjoyed reading it! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: And you haven't seen anything yet. *uhoh*
Date: Aug 25 2007 05:15 pm [Report This]
Title: God's Ways Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Nice, very LONG chapter, lol. Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Ask and you shall receive. ;)
Date: Aug 25 2007 06:18 am [Report This]
Title: Conclusions Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Wowies! I wonder what will be uncovered by the hypnotist. Great couple of chapters! Keep up the hard work!

Author's Response: Get ready, 'cause you're in for a few surprises - good and bad. ;)
Date: Aug 09 2007 08:41 am [Report This]
Title: The Sunken City Reviewer: DarkDreamer Signed
O.O ... wow. that's all I can really say right now.

You've done an excellent job in writting this! You're a genious! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks, I will do my best. :)
Date: Jul 30 2007 11:48 pm [Report This]
Title: Friday Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
*Glances around for the next bit* Aww... I was enjoying that! I love this story! The connections between Middle Earth and FMA are especially intriguing. I never noticed the connection between rings of power and stones! Please please please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm keeping them coming as fast as I can. ;)
Date: Jul 09 2007 10:18 am [Report This]
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