Difference Between Wrong And Right by jessiemai
Summary: Slash. Ecthelion/Oropher. Young trainees from Doriath are sent to Gondolin and vice versa every few years to create ties between races and so on. Of course, at some point, a scandal is inevitable.

Warning, includes mildly underage sex but it is with consent. I will give this a rating of NC 17 as I don't know what my crazy little mind will come up with.
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1. Greetings by jessiemai

Greetings by jessiemai
Author's Notes:
I once tried a random pairing generator and came up with this. Of course, a perv like me wonders how this happened. A picture quickly formed of forbidden love. Be warned people, with me ANYTHING could happen in the next few chapters.
Step out the front door like a ghost into a fog,
Where no one notices the contrast of white on white.
And in between the moon and you, angels get a better view,
Of the crumbling difference between wrong and right.

Counting crows


“Glorfindel!” A dark haired elf was stood outside his friends quarters. Honestly, ‘Fin knew that they were to meet the young trainees from Doriath but as was usual in the morning, his friend was displaying roughly the same amount of physical vitality as a slug. He plucked at his sleeve impatiently; King Turgon would hardly be pleased if they were late.

“Fin, I swear, if you do not show yourself now I will go alone!” Suddenly the door was pulled open and Ecthelion pulled back startled. Glorfindel smiled, that scapegoat smile that never failed to reduce all maidens within a leagues radius to mush, not that Ecthelion was any different. A study in contrasts, they were however fast friends and there was little they could not tell the other. As they strode quickly through the corridors towards the large courtyard of the palace of Gondolin, they began to discuss the youths they would be teaching.

“Supposedly they’re mainly archers but there are a few promising swordsmen among them”. It had become a tradition that a small group of warriors from the Hidden City and Menegroth would exchange places for a few years in order to experience other teaching methods and gain a feel for another culture. Politically, it also strengthened the bonds between the two though all new recruits were blindfolded a while before reaching the respective realms.

Upon reaching the courtyard, they were greeted by other captains and teachers who had congregated there. The boys would be staying in comfortable barracks together, to help with any homesickness and make sure they were well cared for. They would be split into groups, each of which would have a specified guardian and the two lords skimmed the pages of their groups for any of the troublemakers they had been warned about.
“No, I’m lucky this year. You?” Glorfindel grimaced.
“Not so lucky, no.” Ecthelion spared his friend a sympathetic smile before they turned to find their “tribes” as many of the captains had dubbed them. For the most part, the place was in pandemonium, with young warriors everywhere. Ecthelions eyes skimmed the crowd ruefully as he debated the best way to locate the Elves in his group. A voice momentarily rose above the rest, confident but not pompous.

“’Tul, you’re next. After Celon look, that’s it. Um..Thoronion? Thor-Oh, there you are. After Tulus.” Ecthelions eyebrows rose in amazement. Each small group elected a captain from among them but generally the group ended up clustered around them questioningly until he was extremely flustered and it took their assigned guardian up to an hour to sort them out. And here was a group of Elves who were calmly and quietly waiting for instructions and obeying without comment.

Suddenly, the dark haired elf started. Tulus? He quickly flicked through the names on his sheets. Yes, there it was. So this was his group? He decided to watch the little group for a while, to see what other tricks they had up their sleeves. The captain had organised them into a line, one behind the other; again unheard of. One of the boys straightened slightly.

“Oropher?” The captain raised his head from the papers he held and tucked an unruly strand of hair behind a delicately pointed ear.
“Aye, ‘Ran?”
“Does it say who our mentor is?”
“Mm...Lord Ecthelion I think.” He checked. “Aye”
Ecthelion decided that now was the time and stepped quickly up to the group.
“Indeed. B company I assume.” He smothered a smile as the blond started and respectfully saluted, the rest of the group following his lead. “Aye, my Lord”.

He took a moment to study the boy, noticing the slender frame that was evidence of distant wood elven heritage and though he was about average height for his age, reaching Ecthelions shoulder, he seemed taller. His most striking feature was his eyes, deep emerald green but looking closer, many different colours that changed for no apparent reason. Aye, he was a comely lad. He’d have to watch some of the more unscrupulous students around this one.

“As you all know, I am your mentor. You all know what that entails and after I have shown you around I will also show you the places you can usually find me.” He smiled. “I sincerely hope each and every one of you enjoys your time here.”


The number of smothered yawns was incredible. Ecthelion was glad they were coming to the end of their tour and quickly ushered the boys into the barracks. “I will see you all in the morning. Remember where to find me if you need anything.” The last to enter the building was Oropher and Ecthelion gently caught his arm. “Oropher. Tomorrow will be a day of rest, for all of you to recover your strength, but I think we should meet at some point. As captain, you will have different duties to the others and I would prefer that you were ready for them.” A sleepy smile graced the youngsters features. “Aye sir. What time?” Ecthelion considered the elf in front of him.
“You’re tired. Meet me in the library at midday then.”
“As you wish, sir” Oropher hesitated. “Goodnight my Lord.”
“Goodnight Oropher. Sleep well.”
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