Arwen's Song *The Halls of Healing* by KestralSurion
Summary: My own continuation of that song we only got to hear briefly in the Extended ROTK dvd.
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1. The Halls Of Healing by KestralSurion

The Halls Of Healing by KestralSurion
Author's Notes:
DISCLAIMER: I own none of the original verses to the Halls of Healing track in ROTK.
With a Sigh
You turn away
With a deepening heart
No words to say
You will find
That the world has changed
And the trees are now turning
From Green to Gold
And the Sun is now fading
I wish I could hold you

The Dream will fade
Like Ice on Stone
And the Night's dark shade
Bring heart's cold chill
A stranger day
I have never seen
Since Eldar times
And the Stars do hide their light
From East to West
And my breath is now stilling
I wish I could hold on

The Paths ahead
In silent morn
Beneath my feet
No Gondor's horn
I still go on
To death and song
Through mist and sea
And my path is now becoming dark and cold
And the stars no longer guide
I will go on as death creeps

The Silver Lights
In night led sky
Silver moon o'er head
Sleeps by and by
A song of hope
Echos 'round the water
Reflecting stars
And the night breaths shallow tones in evr'y hour
And the moon falls into dawn
I feel inside the song grows
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