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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is only the second romance I have ever written with Haldir, so if it sucks, let me know. But please don't be too harsh! ;-)

~Mel This song is Copyright 2007.
When Manwathiel reached Haldir’s talan, Haldir was just emerging from it. He was not wearing his border uniform, but his armour; his sword, quiver and bow strapped onto his back overtop a grey cloak.

Haldir was going to war, and that scared Manwathiel more than anything.

“Haldir!” she cried, and ran towards him.

He turned at the sound of her voice, and was caught off guard when Manwathiel threw herself into his arms. Haldir had known it was her from her voice, the sound of it coupled with the image of her face often presenting themselves in his mind. What he had not expected however, was her voluntarily touching him and holding him close to her. Had she not demonstrated on several occasions that she found it distasteful and refused to engage in such activities? But her body felt good against his and he folded his arms around her as he felt her sob against his chest.

“Manwathiel…” he trailed off when she looked up at him. Her face was streaked with tears and her eyes were red. He had never before seen her cry and he suddenly was at a loss for words.

“Promise me you will return,” she said quietly.

Haldir gazed at her for a while, wishing he could ease her pain. But he could not lie to her.

“I cannot promise you,” he said softly. “But if the Valar protects me I will return.”

He slowly lifted a hand to her face and gently rubbed the tears off one of her cheeks.

“Know that I fight not only for Lórien, but for you as well.”

He lowered his head cautiously, and when she didn’t recoil, he kissed her. His lips moved over hers and he pulled her tightly against him, deepening the kiss. He made the most of the moment, for he knew it could be his last with her. His tongue delved in her mouth and he sunk a hand in her dark brown tresses, smiling faintly as he felt Manwathiel’s hands slip around his neck.

At length Haldir drew back reluctantly. After so many months he finally held Manwathiel in his arms, finally had kissed her, finally felt the softness of her hair, and he had to leave her. Leave her for a period of time that could very well be an eternity.

“I wished to bring you nothing but joy and happiness, but now I am only causing your pain,” Haldir said, stroking one of her cheeks. “Forgive me.”

“No, forgive me,” Manwathiel said softly, fingering one of his braids. “I should have given in to your advances sooner.” She traced his jawbone with one finger. “Much sooner.”

“But that is the past, Manwathiel, and it is not wise to wish things were so that will never come to be. Embrace what the future may bring if you can. Promise me that.”

“I will try,” Manwathiel replied. “If Fate spares you then I will surely embrace you when you return.”

Haldir smiled, and then kissed her fiercely and passionately before letting go of her.

“You have my love.”

“And you have mine,” Manwathiel answered, and let her tears flow freely when he was out of sight.

A/N: I chose the name 'Manwathiel' because it meant 'pure.' I felt it suited the character perfectly because she supposedly had never been kissed or touched by any other male before Haldir.
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