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I ride.
I rider to Gondor
to answer the beacons.
I ride to fight
for lord and land.
I ride to my fate.

I fight.
I fight fearlessly.
I slay many foul orcs.
I fight;
there is hope for victory.

I hear.
I hear in the air the cry of the Nazgul.
The foul Black Riders of the sky have come.
My steed reers and throws me in terror.
I fall to the ground.

I crawl.
I crawl dazed on the ground.
The Nazgul's cries fill the air.
I crawl;
an orcs silhouette appears before me.
Its sword is raised,
raised to kill.
It is my end.

The blade falls,
death has come.
I hope the sword will be swift!

I languish here on the ground in pain.
Never shall I rise again.
At least, I won my honor.
I die for lord and land.
But I die far from home.
Farewell forever I bid my beloved Rohan.
And I close my eyes forever,
hoping, knowing,
one day victory will be won.
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