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Disclaimer: See Chapter 1.

Dreamer: xFanarix
Told in the first person

I suffer sleep paralysis, so I nap in the afternoon, which is often, and if I stop fighting it and drop back into a doze (never a deep sleep), the characters I write of come and talk to me. I can see the bedroom, even the clock and the time, and hear external noises, but the characters are right there.

They discuss the stories and some of them, Vanimórë especially, always sound quite amused by me. It's as if I am not up to par, but they're making the best of it. They are the most vivid dreams imaginable, and the characters, from canon to O/C, are just as real as if my partner had walked in to talk to me.

It's when Vanimórë says to me words to the effect that: '' But YOU are the dream which we dream, did you not know? '' I think '' Arg. ''

This is, of course, a combination of complete Tolkien obsession and the sleep paralysis which I have had since being on a course of anti-depressants yeas ago. However, it's a fairly good side effect ,(lol) and I quite like it, until I get told that I'M the dream, and I think ''Ok-ay: time to wake up, missus! :-). Too much of that and I'll be back for more mad pills!"

It would be rather good if they were ''hot'' dreams, but no, I get discussions or my leg pulled, typical!

Thanks, xFanarix!
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